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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Browse inspiring bedroom design, then outfit your own bed furniture, convertible sleeper sofa ordaybed with designer bedding sets and a decorative pillow.



Building Blocks

If you've always dreamt of owning real estate in New York City this might be your opportunity to do so. Well, al least figuratively. You can Build Your Block with Patrick Chirico's collection of pillows printed with images of iconic Brooklyn buildings. Become an urban planner by picking and choosing as many buildings and colors that best match your decor to give your home a touch of Gotham. His inspiration came from the delis, brownstones and abandoned buildings he used to walk by in his neighborhood in Brooklyn. The best part of it is that you can get your hands on one of  these hot properties without having to get a mortgage and pay sky high maintenance fees.


Living In Harmony 

I guess you might have noticed my weakness for everything Midcentury. It is a style rich in design that never gets old. No matter its age, a Midcentury piece of furniture will always look current and will fit seamlessly in any decor. That's why this exquisite flat renovated and designed by Mikel Irastorza had me at hello. He's known for injecting harmony, balance and sensitivity into his projects by fusing the old with the new and adding sophistication in every space he designs. The guest bedroom has a very welcoming feeling with its soft tones and delicious textures perfect for a midday nap. His use of pendant lights over the nightstands is a great idea to keep them clutter-free, and serve as the perfect frame for the bold photograph by Korean artist Kyungwoo Chun that hangs over the bed.

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Home Contained

One of the most read and popular posts I've published so far is one about container living. As a matter of fact, it is one of my favorites since it shows how something so raw and unattractive as shipping containers can be transformed into beautiful living spaces. So when I spotted this amazing home I didn't think twice about sharing it with you. This beauty, in Kansas City, Missouri, is actually a prototype conceived and designed by former toy accessory designer Debbie Glassberg in hopes of making container houses an affordable alternative. The Contained Home was built mostly by putting together five metal containers, creating 2,600 square feet of unbelievable living and entertaining space.

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My top 10: Umbrella Stands

The forecast in New York calls for rain showers for most of this week, a sign Spring has finally arrived. So I thought this would be the perfect time to dedicate a post to my favorite umbrella stands. There's no need to have dripping and soggy parasols sitting by your entry door when you can find so many chic and fun stands out there. Besides adding character to your foyer, these containers will also help protect your beloved floors and keep them puddle-free. Any favorites?

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Divide And Conquer

While looking for different ideas to divide the space in a studio apartment, I found these phenomenal panels by German company Koziol. They're an innovative and unusual concept of organic-shaped polycarbonate tiles that link to each other to form a superb decorative partition. These dividers offer a kaleidoscope of possibilities and allow you to design panels according to your cravings and needs. You can choose from a variety of shapes and colors to create a division of any size. They're a very original and adaptable solution to separate spaces in your home without blocking the view. If you're drooling over these and think you have the perfect place for them, you can buy them here and here. Enjoy your Saturday!

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An Enchanted Experience

For me traveling is the best way of discovering exciting new things and renewing my perception and love for design. In places like the Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore, I would have plenty of visual stimulation by simply touring its four magnificent floors. The design of each level was commissioned to four of Singapore's award winning design agencies. Each story was conceptualized with a different theme. ‘Industrial Glam’ is the theme for the first floor — a juxtaposition of the surrounding’s setting and contemporary design designed by Asylum. The second floor, by Phunk Studio, is all about ‘Eccentricity’ where color and neon lights are protagonists. Is it just Bland and White?’ Well, that's the theme for the third floor of the hotel. Here, you're greeted by black corridors and enter into the contrasting white rooms to discover Origami and Pop-Art works by DP Architects. Last but not least, the top floor, conceived by fFurious, presents the guests with friendly monsters in each room that offer a different vibe and fantasy-filled experience — hence the name ‘Creature Comforts’.  According to hotelier and owner Loh Lik Peng “visitors or guests to Wanderlust will reconnect with a small part of their childhood and once again, be enchanted with what made them want to explore the world”.

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Island Dreams

It's wonderful to see people's dreams come true, especially when it comes to a remarkable home in the island of Ibiza called Never Never Land. Its lucky owner always had the idea of building his dream vacation home in this Spanish paradise without causing major effects on the terrain. Architect Andrés Jacque made his dream a reality by designing a web of stilts to support the multi-modular home in order to minimize any distress on the landscape. But if that wasn't enough, he also decided to preserve the trees in the plot by incorporating them into the design and have them cut across the floor and ceiling — literally bringing the outside in. I'm loving the wonderful mix of bright colors, specifically the yellow green used throughout the house (the same color I used as accent an my pad). How about that gorgeous soft aqua? I would have never thought of painting the whole place that color, but I think it works beautifully. It gives the house an air of serenity and freshness. This is definitely a home to escape to, relax and be one with the environment. If I left you craving more details about this amazing project, you can read this article recently published here.

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Coolness At Work

Skype's spirit of innovation has spread to their new and improved U.S. headquarters in Palo Alto, California — a world-class office designed by architecture and interior design firm Blitz. The über cool 54,000 square feet space is a highly functional yet creative workplace designed to encourage interaction and spontaneity among Skype's 250 employees. A simple palette and restrained use of finishes unifies the open-plan workspace. The unique design of the different areas is meant to motivate people to collaborate, contemplate and concentrate — resulting in a workplace they want to inhabit and enjoy using. This also gives Skype and edge for recruitment and retention. Not a bad place to go to work everyday. Right?

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