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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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A Visionary's Dream

This 1930 textile factory in the banks of the Rhine River (19 miles from Cologne, Germany) was brought to life, after almost disappearing in ruins, by visionary entrepreneur Tilman Paas. After falling in love with the property, he led the rehabilitation of the 300,000 square-feet complex. While the project was taking place, Paas installed an iron foundry and a carpentry shop in the smokestack to be able to tackle the larger jobs. Only 3,200 sq. ft. of the building was assigned for his living quarters, and the rest was allotted to offices, meeting rooms and a private space he rents to a friend. The access to the main house is through a polished iron gate that leads to the multilevel living space

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A Table To Inspire

Image © Gemma Comas

Last week I got a sweet email from one of my readers in search of some inspiration for table settings. She loves to entertain A LOT and is always looking for fresh ideas to style her tables. Luckily, she likes to mix things up - French, modern, floral… name it. It's funny she asked me since I also enjoy playing with my table settings. Although I'm more of a white-palette kind of guy, I often find myself advising clients to be adventurous when entertaining. I think it's always fun to have a variety of styles, shapes, colors, textures and heights to play with. Your tables should always reflect your style and it's ideal to start with a theme or inspiration — this will dictate the direction to take and give your table a cohesive look. So I've put together five themes to show you how imaginative you can get when dressing up your tables. Remember, it's always better to start with all your options and then edit down, but the key is to have a ball. So my dear Monica, I hope these vignettes will inspire you to let your creative juices flow. Happy entertaining!

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Candy-Colored Pizzazz

Renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid's designs are all about bright colors and fluid organic shapes, and his first hotel project is no exception. The very cheeky Hotel Semiramis in Athens, Greece represents his aesthetics to the fullest. In a city known for its famed past, this hotel's design is one of the future. With rich lollipop colors and energetic decor, Rashid has created a young and very seductive alternative for the modern traveller in search of style and luxury. All the guestrooms and public areas are filled with some of his trademark colors: light pinks, greens, oranges and subtle tones of yellow. He also used his signature curvy shapes as unifying elements that sweep through the hotel's interiors, generating a very soft and sensuous mood. I think he was also very clever to use colored plexiglass to add a little playfulness and transmit an energetic atmosphere. Having the opportunity to stay here must really be a sweet treat. Not bad at all for his first hotel project.

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A Summer Cottage in The City

I'm telling you, one can find just about anything through Craigslist. Even this 1899, 2-story carriage house that German architect Thomas Warnke was lucky to find in the listings. After much frustration looking for a home he liked, he turned to the infamous Craigslist where he saw an ad for what would become his nest in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn, NY. The fact that the property was in need of some TLC was the selling point for him. Being an architect, I'm sure he wanted to create something very special by putting his personal touch. The idea he had was to make this property a contemporary version of a vacation cottage in the city since he couldn't afford to own a Summer home. Basically, that's how his design concept for his home came about — and was very well done indeed.

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The Kids' Zone

Designing rooms for kids is a fun challenge. We have to remember they also need a space they can call their own, feel stimulated in and let their imagination run wild. Of course, it needs to be fun and comfortable at the same time, while always keeping their safety in mind. Remember to use pieces of furniture designed for their age and with longevity so they can grow up with them. Storage, storage, storage is key so they can put away all those cherished toys they can't live without. Fortunately, color is no longer a limitation as there are plenty of options and materials out there that are kid-friendly. And guess what? White is not a scary color for a kid's rooms anymore. Space permitting, try to keep the playing and sleeping areas somewhat separated so their beds don't become part of their playroom. Ok, enough said. Now I'll give you time to enjoy these beautiful rooms and get inspired.

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Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY- The Winner

to Jennifer Rice-Clarke for being the lucky winner of our Valentine's Day Giveaway.
I hope you'll enjoy this gorgeous print and would love to see a picture of the special place where it will be living. Cheers.


Dress Up Your Walls

Wall covering companies are revolutionizing the concept of the wallpaper, Italian company Wall & Deco being one of them. They're always at the forefront giving us fresh alternatives and original designs to make our walls sing. With their new collection Life, Wall & Deco is bringing the old mural concept to a new high. This collection has left behind the classical repetitive patterns of years past. The new look is all about unconventional and oversized digital images meant to create a bold statement. I'm a firm believer that wallpaper is an easy way to bring lots of pizzazz to any space regardless of its size. So it's time to stop staring at those empty walls and give wallpaper a chance. — especially these. Happy Friday!!

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Parisian With a Twist

By far this is one of the kookiest homes I've come across. The very unexpected mix of elements in this Parisian home is simply amazing. My love for unusual artifacts and furniture has me drooling over all the eye candy in this pad. It almost feels like walking into a modern art gallery, that's why it took me a while to realize this was actually someone's home. The more I looked at the pictures the more intrigued and fascinated I became. I wanted to know the concept behind each piece and its story.

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