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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Whether granite countertops, a custom kitchen island, or built-in wine storage are new kitchen musts, discover thousands of kitchen designs to help make your dream come true.
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Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY- The Winner

to Jennifer Rice-Clarke for being the lucky winner of our Valentine's Day Giveaway.
I hope you'll enjoy this gorgeous print and would love to see a picture of the special place where it will be living. Cheers.


Dress Up Your Walls

Wall covering companies are revolutionizing the concept of the wallpaper, Italian company Wall & Deco being one of them. They're always at the forefront giving us fresh alternatives and original designs to make our walls sing. With their new collection Life, Wall & Deco is bringing the old mural concept to a new high. This collection has left behind the classical repetitive patterns of years past. The new look is all about unconventional and oversized digital images meant to create a bold statement. I'm a firm believer that wallpaper is an easy way to bring lots of pizzazz to any space regardless of its size. So it's time to stop staring at those empty walls and give wallpaper a chance. — especially these. Happy Friday!!

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Parisian With a Twist

By far this is one of the kookiest homes I've come across. The very unexpected mix of elements in this Parisian home is simply amazing. My love for unusual artifacts and furniture has me drooling over all the eye candy in this pad. It almost feels like walking into a modern art gallery, that's why it took me a while to realize this was actually someone's home. The more I looked at the pictures the more intrigued and fascinated I became. I wanted to know the concept behind each piece and its story.

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Living In 500 Sq. Feet • Living Area 

Hey guys, I'm back with more behind-the-scenes on our small pad's renovation. On a previous post, I covered the juicy details of our kitchen's transformation so today it's all about the living and dining areas. So here's the scoop. Since the original floor plan of the apartment was very boring simple, we had to get quite creative. After opening up the kitchen we were left with a square canvas to work with. The challenge: create three specific areas in the space, one for living, one for dining and a small home office. The solution: building an L -shaped partition that would not only separate the living from the dining area, but also hold our much needed closets, serve as a bookcase and create a hallway to the open bedroom.

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My top 10: Stools

Being one of the earliest forms of seat furniture, the stool is a key piece to have in any home as it provides extra movable seating. Its origin is lost in time, although it is known to be one of the earliest forms of wooden furniture. This basic household item has gone through many transformations and nowadays some are even considered pieces of art. You shouldn't underestimate their design value since these little guys can be a wonderful accent in any room and add that extra touch you're looking for. Also, stools are ideal for pads where square-footage is limited as their size allows you to be creative and use them in unexpected ways. It's amazing the range of stool designs you can find these days so I had a hard time narrowing my choices. But after much deliberation, I've come up with my new faves to share with you.

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Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY

Updated on Feb 18, 2011 by Registered CommenterEduardo

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! So how are you planning to celebrate this lovely day? I'm celebrating it by showing my utmost appreciation and giving you back some of the love with my first-ever giveaway. While looking for something very special to showcase, I came across these lovely and special prints by a Bulgarian artist/designer. Her inspiration comes from her old Bulgarian-English dictionary she brought with her when she moved to the U.S. 20 years ago. These little pieces of art have some history as the canvas for the prints are recycled from this treasured book that has been in her family for three generations. After all these years she has decided to give these pages a new life by “composing, creating and printing every thing she loves and thinks is beautiful” on them.
The giveaway is below the jump.

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Room To Dream

For me one of the most important rooms in a home is the bedroom. It's your true sanctuary where you allow yourself to dream. The bedroom should be a reflection of you as it's the last room you see before falling asleep and the first when you wake up. It's very important to be surrounded by objects dear to your heart that will help you start your day with a sunny disposition. Comfort, softness and warmth are key words to have in mind when decorating your room in order achieve your dream retreat. Whether you like bold colors or muted ones, here are some seductive rooms that can inspire a new look for your boudoir —and make it the perfect haven to enjoy a good night's sleep.

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A New Spin on Feng Shui

Based on the Feng Shui principles of Yin (private and closed) and Yang (public and open), Feng Shui expert Liu Ming was looking for a balance between his personal and professional life in his 1,100 square-foot live/work loft in Oakland, California. Ming was in desperate need of more space for his growing Feng Shui classes. He was often forced to move around his desk, closets and other hefty personal furniture to accommodate over 30 students. That's when he hired architect Toshi Kasai, owner of the architecture and design firm Spaceflavor, to help him. Mr. Kasai solved this dilemma by designing The Cube, a compact mobile dwelling unit that allows Mr. Ming to freely reconfigure the loft so he could teach his popular classes while honoring his personal realm. The structure provides him with the sense of coziness he was in search of and allows him to keep his personal activities of study, sleep, and meditation to a compact, eight-foot cube.

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