Complete Walk In Closet Dimensions Guide (All Shapes)

Are you worried that your new closet won’t be big enough? Well, stop right there, we’ve got you covered! In this article we’ll discuss the different types of walk-in closets and which ones are on the small side, the large side and go over a few luxurious options as well.

Before we start discussing the different types of closets, you’re probably curious about what the average closet size is.

The average size of a walk-in closet is about 5’ (60”, 152 cm., 1.5 m) x 7’ (84”, 213cm, 2.13 m).

What size is too Small?

Even though the average walk-in closet is 5’ x 7’, you’ll find some dwellings have walk-ins slightly smaller.

4 x 4

Walk-in closets are rather small compared to the average size. Closets of this size are usually enough room for one person. There are usually shelving on both walls, so while you can step into it, you’ll feel a little smug.

5 x 5

The next size up is 5’ x 5’. Closets of this size are a bit larger than the previous size. In a walk-in of this size there’s usually shelving on opposite walls. One person can comfortably fit in there, and not feel cramped as there’s more space to comfortably walk around in.

Small Walk-In Closets

Don’t let the word ‘small’ catch you off guard. Most walk-in closets would be considered on the smaller side, simply because most housing in the USA is built for the lower and middle classes. Same with other places like the UK and AUS/NZ!

 Down below you’ll find the dimensions of most master bedroom walk-in closets. So, you’re probably wondering, what are the dimensions of a regular small walk-in closet?

Small Closet Dimensions

The average size of a small walk-in closet is typically around 24” (61 cm, .61 m) X 84” (213 cm, 2.13m) without any shelving.

Most walk-in closets come with wired shelving lined along the walls. This usually takes up most of the space, leaving about 4’ (48”, 1.33 m)  x 3’ (36”, 1 m) of walking space.

Tat being said, however, not all walk-in closets come with shelving installed. You can purchase wired shelving at most hardware stores (such as Lowes, Home Depot, etc.).

Small Closet Shapes

Now that you’ve got somewhat of an idea of what a small walk-in closet may look like dimension-wise, it’s time to discuss the different shapes small walk-in closets may be.

Most small walk-in closets are going to be a square shape, but some closets come with shelving or even built-in cabinets on the wall. The most common shapes the shelving can make are either an L shape or a U shape. You’ll be happy to know that these closet sizes are perfect for most!

L Shape

The L shape will have a little bit more walking room since only two of the walls will be covered with shelving. This allows you more space to place things like a shoe rack, clothes hamper, etc. while giving you enough shelving space to hang up your clothes.

U Shape

The U shape, however, will be a little bit more cramped as three of the four walls will be covered in shelving. If you require more shelving, this is perfect for you. You’ll have a lot of shelves to hang your clothes on and place miscellaneous items on the shelving bed.

You won’t have a lot of room to place anything on the floor, but this shouldn’t be a problem for those who don’t have much stuff to lay down.

Large Walk-In Closets

Moving onto the next size up when it comes to walk-in closets, we’re going to discuss the different dimensions of larger closets.

You’ll typically see these sized closets in upper middle class to upper class housing. Larger size walk-in closets are perfect for those who have a lot of stuff or are trying to fit multiple people’s things in one closet!

Large Closet Dimensions (with Island)

The typical size of a larger-sized walk-in closet will run 13’ (156”, 396 cm, 3.96 m) x 13’ (156”, 396 cm, 3.96 m) without shelving.

It goes without saying that a closet this size will have multiple rows of shelving and may possibly have built-in drawers or cabinets.

With Island

Most large-sized walk-in closets will probably have an island in the center of the room. If you’re unsure of what an island is, it’s basically a large-sized table screwed into the floor that a lot of people use to display their valuables.

The average size of an island is 3’ x 5’ and it’s usually in the center of the room. This means you’ll still have plenty of walking room in your closet, as well as extra space to place your valuables!

Large Closet Shapes

Since these walk-in closets are quite large, you can several different kinds of shaped closets. Much like the smaller closets, you’re closet walls will be in the shape of a square, and you can have an L shape and U shape shelving. But you can also have a closet that is a near-complete square.

L Shape

The L shaped closet is just like the small walk-in closet shape, only it’s much bigger. You’re shelving will be a lot longer as there’s more space along the walls.

You’ll have plenty of room to hang up your clothes and also have room for things like a shoe rack. Who knows, maybe your closet will have a built-in shoe rack!

U Shape

Our next shape, much like the small closets, is ideal for those who need more shelving than free space. With the U shape you get three walls with shelving built onto them. Since it’s a larger closet, though, you’ll have plenty of walking room since most shelving juts out about 1 ft.

If your closet has an island, though, you might a little cramped, but still have enough room to walk around.

Square Shape

Out third and final shape you’ll most likely come across is the square shape. Even though most closet walls are already in a square shape, you most likely won’t have a full square shelving situation, and the same can kind of be said for this shape.

Since your closet is a bit bigger than the small walk-ins, you’ll have more room on the wall that the closet door is on for shelving. Now, this won’t be a complete square since you can’t put shelving in the doorway. You could, but that would be impractical.

Having a square shape will definitely make the closet more cramped, especially if you have an island. If you don’t have one, though, you’ll find you get the best of both worlds. You’ll have a bunch of shelving and walking room.

Luxurious Walk-In Closets

Our last closet size is usually reserved for the wealthiest of the wealthy typically, but it’s fun to see the possibilities these kinds of closets can provide.

You’ll find that the dimensions can vary greatly for closets this size, so keep that in mind when visualizing these spaces.

Luxurious Closet Dimensions (with Island)

As mentioned above, the dimensions of these luxury walk-in closets can vary greatly from house to house. However, you’ll find that these dimensions will be greater than 15’ (180”, 457 cm, 3 m) x 15’ (180”, 457 cm, 3 m).

With Island

In these luxurious walk-in closets, there will almost always be an island somewhere in the closet. These can typically range from 7’ (84”, 213 cm, 2.3 m) x 5’ (60”, 152 cm, 1.66 m). There will be plenty room to walk around.

A lot of luxury closets are found in mansions and mega-mansions. Most people who live in these types of houses have a lot of stuff they need to put in their closets. That’s why a lot of these closets have built in shelving (solid materials, not the slated pieces found in the sizes mentioned above) and specialized cabinets for certain items and pieces of clothing or accessories.

Luxurious Closet Shapes

There are several shapes these kinds of closets can take. Much like the small and large closets, you can find these in the L shape, U shape, and square shape. But you can also find these kinds of closets in circle shapes and miscellaneous shapes (meaning that they don’t have a specific shape.)

Circle Shape

Since the L shape, U shape, and square shape don’t need any more elaboration, we’ll going to discuss the unique circle shape.

Now, when we say it’s a circle shape, we’re talking about the walls. Even though most closets will have a geometric shape (like a square or rectangle), luxury walk-in closets can sometimes take a circle shape.

It’s hard to say the exact measurements, but you’re most likely going to have more than 250 sq. ft. of space, as well as unique shelving lining the walls.

The island will most likely be in the center to back of the closet, giving you plenty of room to walk around.

Miscellaneous Shapes

Our final variation of luxury closets is the miscellaneous shapes they sometimes have. Since they’re a lot bigger and are often customized by the homeowner, it’s impossible to give exact dimensions of this type of closet.

But what we can say is that these closets are usually fitted to the homeowners needs, meaning that the amount of shelving and cabinetry is totally up to the buyer.

Comparisons and Conclusion

Check out the table below for a more comprehensive look at the different types of closets and their average dimensions.

Type of Closet        Ft.        In.       Cm.     Meters
    Small        3 x 7    36 x 84   91 x 213    1 x 2.3
    Large     7 x 10   84 x 120  213 x 304 2.33 x 3.33
 Luxurious    15 x 15  180 x 180  457 x 457      5 x 5

In conclusion, whether you’re wondering about what size is big enough for you or what measurements are usual for different types of walk-in closets, hopefully this article helped you get an idea of what to expect.

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