When Should You Use Elastomeric Paint? (Pros, Cons & Pricing)

Are you wondering what you should use elastomeric paint for? It’s important to choose the right type of paint for the surface you’re working on if you want it to last. So, when should you use elastomeric paint? Elastomeric paint should be used when you’re painting stucco and masonry. This is one of the best … Read more

How To Fix Peeling Paint (+ What Causes The Flaky Paint)

Your living room looks gorgeous with the paint color you chose. Everything went fine at first. But suddenly, the paint is peeling, and you have no idea why.  It could have been the paint, the surface that the paint was applied to not being cleaned properly… Several factors can make paint start to peel. The … Read more

Home Depot vs Lowe’s Paint (Quality & Pricing Compared)

Are you planning on painting your home? You may have an idea of what colors you want, but it’s a different story when it comes to brands. Home Depot and Lowe’s carry some of the best-selling paint brands in the US. Which store is a better choice for buying paint? Home Depot carries Behr’s, PPG, … Read more