How to Paint a Fiberglass Door (Prep, Coating, and Paint Type)

Painting your front door is an easy and cost-effective DIY project that will instantly transform the exterior of your home. It is currently trendy to paint your front door in a bright color. Ready to give your entranceway a pop? Then it’s time to paint your fiberglass door! You can easily paint your fiberglass door … Read more

Should You Paint Your Basement Walls? (Why & Why Not)

Last week I walked down into my basement and took a look around. It looked boring and run down. I use the space for family activities and laundry, but it was still looking a little rough. I’m not a fan of concrete, so I thought maybe I would paint the walls, but I recall being … Read more

What Are the Best Ways to Paint Rubber? 

Rubber is everywhere, and there are infinite uses for this versatile material that’s been around since at least 1,000 BCE. The earliest rubber was natural rubber from a South American tree. Today, man-made synthetic rubber is produced using crude oil, and it makes up most of the rubber materials we use throughout our everyday lives.  … Read more

How to Prepare Walls for Paint After Removing Wallpaper

Whether you’re moving into a new home and need to remove old, tired wallpaper, or you’re just looking to update one of your existing rooms ditching wallpaper for paint can be a big job. Removing wallpaper can be tough and tedious, and if you’re not careful, you can cause quite a bit of damage that … Read more

Should You Caulk Before or After Painting? (We Tried Both!)

One of the most effective ways of sealing cracks and holes in wall surfaces is caulking. When painting a room, you may notice that the caulking is old, stained or not covering the surface as it once was. But the million dollar question remains: Should you caulk before or after you paint?  While this is … Read more

Flat Paint vs Eggshell: Which Is Better Ceiling Paint?

The debate between flat and eggshell paint is determined by if you want a more pigmented finish or a glossy finish. But should you use flat or eggshell paint on the ceiling? Flat paint is better than eggshell paint because experts recommend flat paint be used on the ceiling. Eggshell paint isn’t often used on … Read more