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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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One of the things I loved most about my trip to Amsterdam a few years back was the amazing variety of design and concept stores around town. It was really hard not to stop and peek in to see what each had to offer. It was a shopping paradise for the design aficionados. Actually, a new gem was recently added to this marketplace. The brand Yaya recently opened their flagship store in the Dutch capital and from what I can see in these pictures it's to die for. Designed by Dutch stylist and interior designer AnoukB, the decor has an eclectic/industrial look to it that gives the shop a casual flair that's rather delightful. Hmm, I've always wanted a reason to go back to Amsterdam, and this might be it. Wouldn't you agree?

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I just came back from a wonderful long weekend in upstate New York celebrating Thanksgiving. It really was a terrific and relaxing getaway full of great food and special moments in the company of loved ones. Every time we spend time in the countryside we crave more and more having our own country nest. We tend to explore the small towns in the area and enjoy discovering all their fun shops. However, we can't help paying a visit to a handful of home decor and lifestyle store that we simply love. One of them is Nest located in the beautiful Delaware River community of Narrowsburg, New York. Splendidly curated by Brazilian native and owner, Anna Bern (former art director for W and design director for Vogue magazine), Nest is a dreamy haven filled with country contemporary products ranging from bed and bath, decor, furniture, clothing, accessories and jewelry. Everything in it is right up my alley, particularly the eclectic mix of furnishings I always envision in my dream country home.

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This past weekend was a one for celebrating. I went up to Boston to help my best friend celebrate his birthday—we spent a couple of days eating, drinking and catching up. But of course, we had to fit in the mandatory leisurely stroll through the city's charming streets in search of cool finds. While exploring the historic neighborhood of Beacon Hill, and to escape the soft drizzle of an overcast Sunday afternoon, I stepped into GOOD, this marvelous boutique filled with a divine selection of accessories and unique furniture pieces. It was the perfect ray of light to brighten up a gray Fall afternoon. The shop is perfectly curated with an effortless and sophisticated look to showcase the eclectic collection of treasures, mostly one-of-a-kind pieces from artisans from around the country. So on your next trip to Boston, GOOD is definitely a spot you can't miss if you're a design addict like me.

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We can easily recognize a Starbucks from miles away, especially here in New York where there is one in every corner. But not in this case. I'm loving the new vibe architect Kengo Kuma gave this Starbucks coffee house in Fukuoka, Japan. He definitely did away with the cookie-cutter shops they're known for. With simple wooden beams that extend from wall to ceiling, Kuma created a web-llke structure that gives an intriguing and magical feel to the space. I'm all for extending this far-out concept to other Starbucks around the world. I definitely see myself enjoying my double macchiato in a place like this.

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Tastefully Casual

After eighteen days, four cities, four different languages and three currencies, I'm back from my European adventure. Actually, I've been back for a few days, but it has taken me some time to get back into the groove of things. But now, I'm ready to share with you a few treats I discovered. One of the things I enjoy most about traveling is experiencing a city like a native and finding hot and trendy spots frequented by locals. Baldaszti's Grand is one of them: a beautifully styled eatery in Andrássy Avenue, one of Budapest's main tree-lined boulevards where you can find big-name designer shops, the Opera House and several of the city's museums. This lively, cosmopolitan bar and international bistro kitchen is a wonderful place to enjoy an assortment of the world’s leading gourmet products and a wide range of Hungarian specialities with amazingly friendly service. The decor is rather casual with a sophisticated flair. I particularly loved the inventiveness and simplicity of the pendant lights intertwined through branches, and the cozy lounging area on the second floor. It was the perfect spot to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon after hours of walking.

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A Fresh, New Mentality

Galleries can sometimes be a little unwelcoming and intimidating. That's why the approach for the gorgeous Haaz Design and Art Gallery was to create a cozier and inviting space where you can enjoy and absorb the beauty of their collections. Located in the trendiest shopping district of Istanbul, “Haaz is a source for great refinement and enjoyment, offering a curatorial collection that celebrates the best, brightest and most beautiful in the world of design and art.” I've noticed this new gallery concept is spreading fast, I guess because people feel more comfortable in these kind of environments. It's almost as if they want to take you through someone's home — of course, someone with lots of money and impeccable taste :) All the vignettes are done splendidly, giving the spectators great inspiration and ideas for their own homes. I want EVERYTHING!!

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I Scream For Style

There's nothing better than a delicious gelato cone on a hot summer day. It always brings me back to the days when my parents would take us for this yummy treat every Sunday afternoon, of course, given we were good that week. But things have changed since. Ice cream parlors are no longer what they used to be. Some are now trendy and sophisticated spots like the gorgeous Podka Gelato in London, offering a special gelato experience. The branding company Vonsung was responsible for the ultra minimalist and monochromatic space where all the color and taste comes from the luscious gelato. Isn't this a rather stylish way of bringing these frozen treats back into our lives? I absolutely think so.

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Lost City Found

If you're a Mid-Century design aficionado, Lost City Arts is a recently found treasure to drool about. Established in 1982, this mod emporium is recognized internationally as a leading source of restored and original 20th century design furniture, lighting and accessories. Its owner, James Elkind, travels around the globe in a hunt for dashing gems to sell in his Manhattan shop. Named “Best Mid-Century Modern Furniture” by New York Magazine, the fabulous “City” is truly the place to discover unique and rare pieces. I really had a blast navigating throughout their fantastic collection. So here's a sampling of what you can expect to find in their impressive showroom.

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