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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Sweet Joy

I have to confess I'm one with a sweet tooth, and cupcakes are one of my ultimate weaknesses. There's something luscious and alluring about them that make my mouth water. I'm not surprised Mim Design got inspired by their delicious beauty to create this sweet cupcake store in Melbourne, Australia. “Joy Cupcakes prides itself on using all natural ingredients, and in turn the interior design reflects that ‘natural’ feel using warm timbers, soft colors and hand crafted materials. The product was to take centre stage, with the interior as a complementary backdrop to the product and the ‘Joy Cupcakes’ brand. The store, like the project objective, was to install a sense of joy and happiness,” explains the design firm. To enforce the product and the brand of the decor, they had most of the furnishings custom-made, including the fun cupcake-shaped pendant lamps, stools and tables. What a lovely placee to indulge your eyes and palette.

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A Fresh, New Mentality

Galleries can sometimes be a little unwelcoming and intimidating. That's why the approach for the gorgeous Haaz Design and Art Gallery was to create a cozier and inviting space where you can enjoy and absorb the beauty of their collections. Located in the trendiest shopping district of Istanbul, “Haaz is a source for great refinement and enjoyment, offering a curatorial collection that celebrates the best, brightest and most beautiful in the world of design and art.” I've noticed this new gallery concept is spreading fast, I guess because people feel more comfortable in these kind of environments. It's almost as if they want to take you through someone's home — of course, someone with lots of money and impeccable taste :) All the vignettes are done splendidly, giving the spectators great inspiration and ideas for their own homes. I want EVERYTHING!!

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GIVEAWAY: Vintage Sculptural Pieces

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One of the things I enjoy most when visiting new places is finding unique stores with local flavor. Every time we go upstate New York to visit our friends Debbie, Chris and little Willa we do our routine stop at one of our favorite shops in High Falls. I remember the first time we walked into High Falls Mercantile, a fine antique and home furnishings store in the Hudson Valley, we were captivated by how charming the whole place was staged. It was very welcoming and everything looked beautiful. Its owners Larry Ruhl and Jeff Serouya always do an amazing job putting together an exquisite selection of home decor and artwork from all over, which changes all the time. Part of their mission is to find odd and unique objects that add a fresh dimension to the store, which opened back in 2004.

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My Top 10: Eco Totes

Image via Deborah MacLeanc

On my first visit to Paris, the City of Lights had me at “hello”. I remember everything being monumentally beautiful, the people dashing and the food to die for. But as the trip progressed, one thing struck a chord: every Parisian would waltz out of the supermarché carrying these fabulous and trendy shopping totes that were not your typical plastic sacs we were used to in the States. After a couple of days, I knew I had to get my hands on at least one. The curiosity was killing me. But my friend, whom I was staying with, filled me in on the scoop. Apparently, this phenomenon of eco-friendly, reusable shopping totes we are now seeing in the U.S. had been the norm in the Old Continent for a while. Go figure

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