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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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To celebrate Cinco De Mayo I thought I would take you on a virtual getaway to Mexico City. And what better place to stay that at the chic and colorful Condesa DF Hotel  — located in the historic district of Condesa, hence the name. Its happy design, by interior designer India Mahdavi, merges the bohemian spirit of the neighborhood with a fresh and modern style. A vibrant turquoise blue it's quite the perfect color to set off the rich wooden and cowhide textures in the hotel's lobby and bar—where I think we would toast with a couple of margaritas to the occasion. Cheers!

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The countdown for Thanksgiving has started and with it comes the endless list of preparations and decision-making for the special day. Whether deciding which menu to serve or how to decorate for the occasion, it's always fun to give your home a personal touch. Although it's a very traditional and family-oriented holiday, it's always good to infuse fresh ideas when it comes to setting the table. These stunning photos by the talented Line Klein for Alt magazine will spark some cool and out-of-the-box ideas for your tabletop. Dare to mix and match when setting up the table: mix styles, patterns and colors of your tableware to create a statement. This will definitely add a unique flair to the celebration.

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• Written by guest blogger Margaret Jules

Your level of indulgence in luxuries is decided by your budget, and giving a new look to your home could be one of those luxuries. Whether an internal or an external makeover, the project might range from painting the walls of your house, to new flooring, and even buying new furniture for your dining room or living room. So if hiring an interior designer is your splurge of choice, then you must take a closer look at your budget so you can get what you need from your designer. However, there are various factors which could help you define your budget. Here are a few tips that will help you get there.

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I can't think of a place I'd rather be right this minute than in this dreamy and secluded refuge in the middle of the Caribbean. I'm already lounging in that gorgeous bar sipping on a delicious cocktail and ready to catch some rays in this picture-perfect heaven.
La Banane, located in the heart of a spectacular coconut grove in the island of Saint Barts, is the ideal spot to relax and take in every single detail that makes it so special. With a fusion of tropical chic and island sophistication, each corner of the hotel is exquisitely designed. The clever mix of furniture and accessories makes the decor stylish yet cozy. OK, I'm sorry but I have to leave you now so I can keep enjoying my imaginary mini-vacation at this spectacular retreat.

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Heart to Heart

With only three weeks left to Valentine's Day, it's time to start making plans to celebrate this lovely day. Besides spending quality time with your sweetheart or dear friends, these hearty and affordable gifts ideas are a lovely way of showing them how much they mean to you.

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This breathtaking loft is absolutely heavenly, a place to worship white and simplicity. Zen is the perfect word to describe the home of fashion designer Johanne Riis, who had the vision to transform a former warehouse into this incredible five-story multiple space where she now lives and works. The basement houses her atelier, the ground floor is where her shop and showroom are located, and the remaining three floors are dedicated to the living quarters. Without a doubt, there's a deep feeling of peace and serenity that surrounds all the areas, which are always changing thanks to the ingenious furniture solutions she created — like using ten individual tables to form one larger one for the dining room. Although most of the spaces are bathed in white, the sparce use of red and black tell the perfect story.

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Lofty Vision

What used to be cluttered with boxes, tools and metalware, is now an open and bright space that houses this gorgeous loft in the heart of Madrid. Interior designer and owner, Rocio Galatas transformed a former street-level hardware store into her dream home, maintaining the essence of the industrial feel she so wanted in her decor, by keeping the polished concrete floors and the exposed beams of the warehouse. Her rather distinct choice of furnishings makes her pad dynamic and interesting, especially with her clever mix of textures, artwork and exquisite accessorizing. What I love most, is the different seating vignettes Rocio created throughout the whole space. Although she used a diverse selection of seating —all very unique I might add— they all works great together.

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GIVEAWAY: Chicago Spaces

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People are always in search of decor inspiration to make their pads more beautiful and stylish. An easy and accessible way to get decorating ideas and smart solutions is through books, especially when they include work from various interior designers. The editors of Chicago Home + Garden magazine have done just that for us, publishing Chicago Spaces, a gorgeous coffee table book showcasing work from big name designers such as Nate Berkus and Alessandra Branca. The book features Chicago homes, not just in their entirety, but also focusing on specific rooms. With 224 pages of eye candy, “this gorgeous coffee table book is devoted not only to showing these dwellings in all their splendor, but also telling the stories of how they came to be.” Chicago Spaces is a must for any design-lover, and certainly one who loves Chicago. If you want to be one of the first ones to get a copy of this fab book, then you must enter our giveaway, made possible by the kindness of the editors.
Good luck to all!

Congratulatios to Jess for being the winner of this week's giveaway.

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