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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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It's time to do some serious digging with these stylish gardening tools made with the same materials used in aircraft construction and Nascar chassis. They're not just pretty but sustainable too—all leftover steel is recycled and reused to maximize materials and minimize waste. I love their beautiful and streamline design!

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Is your home styled to a T to welcome the New Year? It might be time to rejuvenate your decor with a lively, radiant, lush Emerald green–chosen by Pantone as Color of the Year for 2013. Most often associated with brilliant, precious gemstones, the perception of Emerald is sophisticated and rich. Since antiquity, this luminous, magnificent hue has been the color of beauty and new life. The jewel-like tone will create a luxurious feel in any room. Just add a splash of it with accessories or small pieces of furniture to infuse a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation to your home. Here are some stylish, on-trend accents that will help you create your own Emerald City. Watch out Oz!

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I've fallen madly in love with this charming farmhouse in Rhinebeck, NY. Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown of TsAO & McKOWN Architects took on the renovation of a former tenant farmer's cottage and extended it with a screened porch to turn it into their 1200 square-feet weekend retreat. It truly came out beautifully. I applaud their decision to paint the interiors of the house, including the floors, in a creamy white— with the exception of a couple of walls in the foyer which they painted  pea-green for contrast and interest. The simplicity of the original architecture plays wonderfully with the rustic and mid-century modern furnishings and their collection of eclectic flea market finds. If you ask me what my favorite feature of the house is, I'd have to say the dark gray they picked to paint the exterior. It's simply perfect.

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Accessorizing your home is the most fun part of decorating—at least it is for me. With those special details you can show your style and personality in your home. That's why I love finding pieces that you can customize to make your own, like these Albert clocks by Sven Stornebel Design. The back panel comes off giving you the opportunity to decorate the interior of the clock as you wish. Very cute!!

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I've seen a slew of interesting products made out of recycled paper, but never thought I would come across an MP3 speaker made of paper pulp. But Wu and Chin Wang from Balance Design Studio have actually come up with Pulpop—a USB rechargeable doughnut-shaped speaker that uses vibration technology to intensify the sound through the surface on which it stands, as well as through the hollow space inside the loop. Just think, you can now enjoy listening to your favorite iTunes playlists while being environmentally and design conscious. What a groovy idea.

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Are you mad about color but find yourself doubting how to inject it to your living room? Well, doubt no more. Here's a quick guide from our friends at House to Home that will demystify color for you. If you're in a monochromatic mood, mix textures, patterns and different shades of the color of your choice to add interest to the room. Also, with the large variety of fun wallpapers available to us now, you can pick a feature wall in your living room and use a colorful wall covering to create a focal point. One last but important tip: don't be afraid to be bold as bold can be a good thing. Dare to use combinations of colors you might have never thought of using. Accent pieces are a great way to introduce this color-blocking concept. Are you feeling adventurous now?

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Sometimes it is the simplest things that are the most beautiful. It just takes a splash of good design and a drop of creativity to create that one piece that screams perfection. The Flask falls into that category. This limited-edition pendant lamp, designed by Florian and Sebastian, Schneider impresses through its simplicity. All it takes is a metal lampshade, an electric cord and a bulb and voilà, you've got a super chic fixture for your home. Flask was designed to hang either straight down or on a 90° angle, and it comes in white, sulfur yellow and mint green. Happy Friday!!

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House of Blues

Today, we're taking a day trip to the south of Brazil to visit this stunning flat in the city of Curitiba tastefully designed by Studio Guilherme Torres. This 1,600 square-feet apartment is filled with impeccable details and unique pieces of furniture — some designed by the architect himself. “The base for the decoration was the fusion of polymer cement, minty and blue colors and the use of a whole wall covered in pinus, a wood that has virtually no commercial value in Brazil. Another high point of the project was to expose the structural column right in the entrance door, composing a beautiful set with the dinner table.” Torres' daring choice of textures and materials, combined with the soothing color palette, makes these interiors quite provocative. To keep it interesting, he saved most of the color for the living areas, while using black and white for the decor of the master suite. I'm always blown away by the work that comes out of this remarkable Studio. You might also remember this captivating bachelor pad by this same Studio I posted back in October.

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