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Can you guess what these are? I know, the popsicle stick sort of gives it away. But I bet you had never seen a popsicle so incredibly genius as these. The KYL21 is a new take on the classic popsicle—a real masterpiece of avant-garde cuisine. The molecular design popsicles are created by Berlin designer and chef David Marx. Unfortunately, they're not available for everyone, just a few lucky attendees at fashion shows, film premieres and VIP parties in the German capital. But be patient since this über cool dessert will hit the market next Spring. Yumm! I can't wait!!



For all the chocoholics out there this one is for you! I just couldn't resist the temptation and had to share this super cool project by Swiss photographer Ramses Schweizer. He concocted Chocotone, a make-shift Pantone color guide using a diverse variety of chocolate bars. He used the letters C for chocolate, N for nuts, H for honey and G for grapes, ultimately completing a sweet palette of 25 delicious tones. Do you have a favorite? Yummm!!



It seems it was only yesterday when we were clicking our champagne glasses to ring in 2012. I can't believe June is already here and Summer is fast approaching. So if you haven't started getting ready and are in the mood for those lazy Summer days, Sweet Paul has the perfect motivation for you. His much anticipated Summer issue is here full of food, chockablock with crafts, and stuffed with style. “The issue is going to give you a ton of charming, unfussy, and doable projects, ideas, and recipes that are sure to make this summer truly special for one and all,” assures Paul. The digital edition is available now and can be downloaded for free here. But if you rather enjoy browsing through the gorgeous pages of a printed edition, a limited run will be available exclusively at U.S. Anthropologie stores and online here starting June 15, 2012.  So this weekend you can sit back and relax, with laptop or iPad in hand, and enjoy another scrumptious Sweet Paul treat.

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If you have a sweet tooth like me and an adoration for beautiful photography, you're going to fall head over heels in love with these delicious Pantone Tarts by French artistic director Emilie de Morello. Her passion for food, color and photography inspired her to create Griottes, an amazing blog where she shares her recipes and other things from around the kitchen with the most original and creative images. As we all know, the first thing that attracts us to food is the way it looks and is presented, and Emily truly masters this special craft. I absolutely enjoyed browsing through her amazing work, and I'm positive you will too.

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Aren't you glad it's Friday!! I certainly am, my friends. It's been a week of running around, a great deal of subway rides and lots of back and forth making sure the final touches of my present project go as smoothly as possible (more details to come once I'm finished with it). This weekend I plan to relax and do close to nothing, except devour the new issue of Sweet Paul Magazine that's out and about. The Spring issue is chuck full of great decorating ideas, savory recipes and loads of DIY projects for the whole family. So set some time aside this weekend to take a peek and enjoy this very sweet treat. Thank you Paul for yet another gorgeous edition.

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New Destination: Eataly

Having people in from out of town always gives us a chance to explore a little deeper the wonders NYC has to offer. They usually come with a list of things to do, and for us its quite the opportunity to finally take the time to visit new places we've always wanted to check out (but didn't have the time to go). Our second stop of the day was Eataly (clever name, right?), the city's ultimate destination for food lovers to shop, taste and savor everything Italian. The 50,000 square-feet paradise houses several restaurants, a year-round rooftop beer garden, a cooking school and a retail market offering 700 exclusively Italian wines, 400 diverse varieties of regional Italian cheeses, the best fresh and dry pasta, fresh produce and many, many, many more yummy Italian delicacies. So if you're planning to pay this city a visit, I highly recommend putting Eataly on top of your list of places to go to. Or if you're a local, this is one of the new hits in town where to enjoy some great Italian delights. Of course, after having a wonderful lunch in La Pizza & Pasta restaurant, I couldn't stop myself and bought a divine Panettone and an exquisite Burrata cheese. Simply delish! Here is a mouth-watering sneak peek... Enjoy.

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Playing with food

Don't you remember your parents always telling you to stop playing with your food? I do, many times. Especially when I saw these pictures that brought back some fond memories. These clever compositions made with fruits and vegetables, by Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner, are simply delightful. The little creatures —from his Cafe M, Beirut series— can easily be part of a Dr. Seuss tale. They're crafted so beautifully, they look almost animated. If his work seems familiar, it's because Kleiner also shot the unique images for IKEA's cookbook Homemade is Best. I just can't have enough of his innovative style, so I thought you might get a kick out of it too. I hope you're having a fab weekend!

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A Food Fest

Thanksgiving always revolves around delicious food. It's about sitting around the dining room table in the company of family and friends while countless mouth-watering dishes parade down the room. All week long, everyone has been talking about the yummy recipes they would be concocting for their family celebration. So in honor of this magnificent yearly feast, I want to dedicate this post to, yes, FOOD. So as a treat to you, I want to give you a tasting of the gorgeous work from one of my favorite food photographers Anna Williams. But before I go and get ready to take the train to my friends' house in Upstate New York (where I'll be celebrating the holiday) I want

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