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Why have a regular wall clock when you can have a colorful, ever-changing time piece on your wall? British designer Duncan Shotton creates "products that engage users emotionally, promote happiness and ensure people love what they’re doing, wherever they are and whoever they're there with." And the Colour O'Clock is no exception to his rule. It's a fun piece that changes color as time passes by. Love!

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Accessorizing your home is the most fun part of decorating—at least it is for me. With those special details you can show your style and personality in your home. That's why I love finding pieces that you can customize to make your own, like these Albert clocks by Sven Stornebel Design. The back panel comes off giving you the opportunity to decorate the interior of the clock as you wish. Very cute!!

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One of the many finds that caught my attention at ICFF this year, were these fun eco-friendly, handcrafted cardboard and paper wall clocks made by Tendo Studio. The Amarillo Clocks´ colorful hands break up the concentric rings and angles that look almost hypnotic, creating a fabulous design ideal for homes and offices. The hands are totally customizable. You get to choose from orange, green, blue, white, red or yellow so they can match perfectly with your decor. Aren't they fun?

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Inspired by radial geometry and symmetry found in architecture and textiles from cultures around the world, design studio LeeLABS has created Para Clocks—a stunning collection of clocks that combines the raw beauty of concrete with a digitally derived structure. LeeLABS has also joined KickStarter in hopes of raising enough money to build a design app that will allow anyone to customize their own Para Clock. How cool would that be? If you want to learn more about these neat clocks and watch a video about their project you can go here.

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My goodness, I can't believe how fast time is passing by. It seems it was only yesterday we had to turn our clocks back for Daylight Savings Time. And yes, it's time again to turn them clockwise to make up for the hour we gained last Fall. The only downfall is the 60 minutes of much needed beauty sleep we sadly lose tonight (a double bummer!). That's why I felt it was appropriate to dedicate today's post to these good-looking wall clocks by David Weatherhead & GOOD for Thorsten van Elten. The minimally designed Primary Clocks are made from solid Douglas Fir with a screen-printed clock face and German Quartz mechanism.

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Before I give you the juicy details on this wonderful DIY project, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your awesome support in Apartment Therapy's Homies contest. Even though TheDesignerPad didn't make it to the finals of this fierce competition (big sigh), it came in at a proud #8 on a list of hundreds. However, it was a very gratifying experience and an wonderful opportunity to discover cool and inspiring new blogs. So I encourage you to take a few minutes to browse through the list and vote for your other favorite blogs here. Okay, now back to this amazing and very easy project I came across in Briggs.

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Clock Wise

Here's to a passionate duo of woodworking and design professionals who work from home to create these one-of-a-kind time pieces. Everything started with one small and unforgettable clock, but as they became inundated with requests to make more, they decided to start their little Toronto-based enterprise known as Clockeee. Made of durable birch plywood with water-based lacquer stain, they have created four different collections: Industrial, Summer, Zen and the most recent, Life. Clokeees are fully customizable to your needs and made with the environment in mind. Neato!

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Literary Timepieces

I'm always on the lookout for cool and talented individuals in the blogosphere whose work inspires others (including myself). The other day I came across the fabulous blog of Swedish freelance photographer and graphic design student Hilda Grahnat. I instantly fell in love with the freshness and originality of her posts, particularly the gorgeous photographs she takes herself. While exploring her blog, I found her shop where she sells these nifty clocks she makes out of vintage books. Aren't they neat? I thought you would get a kick out of them. Actually all the wonderful goodies in her store are made by her very talented hands. So make sure you pay her blog a visit to treat yourself. Keep up the good work Hilda!

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