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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Having won a copy of Sweet Paul's new book, Angela will not only be able to compare her recipes with Paul's but also be inspired by the many fun DIY projects he shares. Congrats and enjoy your new book!


GIVEAWAY: Design Inspiration Book

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I'm always fascinated to know the inspiration behind the creation of things, particularly when it comes to design. Fortunately, the international creative firm Hangar Design Group has recently published a book showcasing a narrative in images of the creative process of the group's many design projects. "Ideas not Airships” opens a window onto the creative inspiration which has consistently inspired the studio’s thirty-year project. It is a bird’s eye view on their passion for design and for the freedom of the formal research that guides it. A representative view not so much of the many works generated – spanning the areas of graphics, architecture, web design and interior design – but of the creative process underlying each one of these. Today you're in luck. You can now win a copy of this phenomenal book by entering this giveaway sponsored by the Hangar Design Group. You'll have FOUR chances to enter by following the instructions after the jump. 

Congratulations to Katrien for being the lucky winner of this fantastic book. Enjoy!

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A Brain for Books

Karim Rashid is known for his imaginative and futuristic design style. Everything that he creates has a unique twist on reality. These phenomenal bookends are no exception. The Knowledge in the Brain, based on a 3D representation of his own head, can be a fun addition to any contemporary bookcase. Even when not holding up your books, they are a wonderful accessory by themselves. For more funky bookends, go here.

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GIVEAWAY: Chicago Spaces

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People are always in search of decor inspiration to make their pads more beautiful and stylish. An easy and accessible way to get decorating ideas and smart solutions is through books, especially when they include work from various interior designers. The editors of Chicago Home + Garden magazine have done just that for us, publishing Chicago Spaces, a gorgeous coffee table book showcasing work from big name designers such as Nate Berkus and Alessandra Branca. The book features Chicago homes, not just in their entirety, but also focusing on specific rooms. With 224 pages of eye candy, “this gorgeous coffee table book is devoted not only to showing these dwellings in all their splendor, but also telling the stories of how they came to be.” Chicago Spaces is a must for any design-lover, and certainly one who loves Chicago. If you want to be one of the first ones to get a copy of this fab book, then you must enter our giveaway, made possible by the kindness of the editors.
Good luck to all!

Congratulatios to Jess for being the winner of this week's giveaway.

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Style Without Rules

Interior design has been undergoing a shift. The rules for decor are being replaced by a more personal and practical approach as people are taking decorating into their own hands. Now there is a publication that celebrates this movement and encourages everyone to inject their homes with personal touches and whimsy. Christiane Lemieux, founder and creative director of the recognized Dwell Studio, has published her first book UNDECORATE: The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design. It's a book for modern dwellers who don't have a lot of time or money to spend decorating their nests, and shows how real life and stunning design can coexist in their home. It's all about “mixing fine antiques with your collection of Cher Barbie dolls; leaving temporary party decorations up for years because they just somehow seem right; wedging antique columns into a suburban house, or parking your cars in the living room,” explains Lemieux. Here's a sneak peek at some of the gorgeous photography inside UNDECORATE — which by the way were taken without a stylist. Enjoy!

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Literary Timepieces

I'm always on the lookout for cool and talented individuals in the blogosphere whose work inspires others (including myself). The other day I came across the fabulous blog of Swedish freelance photographer and graphic design student Hilda Grahnat. I instantly fell in love with the freshness and originality of her posts, particularly the gorgeous photographs she takes herself. While exploring her blog, I found her shop where she sells these nifty clocks she makes out of vintage books. Aren't they neat? I thought you would get a kick out of them. Actually all the wonderful goodies in her store are made by her very talented hands. So make sure you pay her blog a visit to treat yourself. Keep up the good work Hilda!

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My top 10: Bookcases

Are you one of those bookworms with volumes of best sellers and magazines, but with no special place to keep them stashed? These buddies that keep you entertained day after day deserve better than sitting on big piles around your pad. Here are some of the front-runners on my list of favorite bookcases in the market. They're different and fun, and some unexpected. Also, if you've always liked the look of a formal library and cannot afford to have one, you can get the look with this very nifty Bookshelf Wallpaper — a fun twist for any room. Happy reading, in style!

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IKEA's Secrets

They have done it again! The Swedish company just came out with IKEA The Book, a 450-page account of their products and the creative minds behind their designs. Written by Staffan Bengtsson, the book takes you behind-the-scenes and digs deep into some of the secrets behind their success. It's a pictorial treat that shows some of their earlier designs and tells the tale of how IKEA came to be the international design phenomenon it has become. Unfortunately, the publication is not available in the U.S. but if you must own a copy, you can purchase it online at the Sweden Book Shop for about $60.

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