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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Nope, don't get any funny ideas. I'm not in the market for a baby chair or baby anything for that matter. But saw this beauty while browsing the net and thought it deserved to be featured here today. It looks very futuristic, but believe it or not the Baby Chair 616 was designed back in 1965 by Ben af Schultén for Finnish company Artek. Hmmm, don't you wish you were a baby again to enjoy this fine piece of furniture?

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A few weeks back a received a very delightful phone call from one of my dearest nieces (and avid reader of TheDesignerPad) to let me know she's was expecting. Believe me, I was thrilled beyond belief to hear the great news. Ever since, she's been begging me to dedicate one of my posts to kids rooms so she could draw some inspiration for the baby's nursery. Since she doesn't want to know the sex of the baby, it might be harder for her to decide on a concept, color palette and look. But I know these fun and beautiful rooms I found in Scandinavian Deko magazine will give her some sweet ideas to start decorating her little one's nest. I know it has taken me a while Keke, but I finally got around to doing it. Enjoy and happy baby decorating! xo

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Kidding Around

Thanks to Irene, I spent the weekend cooped up at home catching up with my favorite TV shows,  — of course in the company of yummy comfort food. One of the shows I enjoyed the most was HGTV's Home by Novograts, where design gurus Cortney and Robert took up the not-to-easy challenge of decorating a rather small room for triplets. Not having many opportunities of designing kids spaces, I forget what a blast it is to work on these kind of projects. So looking at how much fun they had, I got inspired to find these great images by Swedish photographer Pierre Wester and styled by the talented Camila Julner. Decorating for kids is all about letting the imagination run wild to reflect the kid's personality. There are so many great options to choose from that they sky is the limit. You can even splurge and give your kids a taste of the classics made for their scale. Remember, it needs to be a space they can call their own.

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Newborn Style

Designing spaces for the little ones is a lot of fun, the only limit is your own imagination. It's all about creating a fantasy world to be enjoyed by everyone, not only the kids. So why not start with unpredictable pieces like this adorable cradle by Portuguese company Murmur, who are known for their beautiful and flawless craftsmanship. You're probably wondering if the crooked legs are stable enough for a cradle, but its design meets the safety standards in Portugal. Their Cabaninha line also comes with a changing table that you turn into a bookcase later on. Sweet!

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The Kids' Zone

Designing rooms for kids is a fun challenge. We have to remember they also need a space they can call their own, feel stimulated in and let their imagination run wild. Of course, it needs to be fun and comfortable at the same time, while always keeping their safety in mind. Remember to use pieces of furniture designed for their age and with longevity so they can grow up with them. Storage, storage, storage is key so they can put away all those cherished toys they can't live without. Fortunately, color is no longer a limitation as there are plenty of options and materials out there that are kid-friendly. And guess what? White is not a scary color for a kid's rooms anymore. Space permitting, try to keep the playing and sleeping areas somewhat separated so their beds don't become part of their playroom. Ok, enough said. Now I'll give you time to enjoy these beautiful rooms and get inspired.

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Eco-friendly Since Birth

I'm so psyched to see how green design is inspiring furniture companies to get behind the great concept of sustainability. The very innovative French company Castor & Chouca has come out with a high-end green collection of furniture from infants to juniors. They've worked together with pediatricians, nurses and mothers to create a line inspired by innovations in the medical field and futuristic design. The company uses sustainable raw materials such as bamboo, linen, organic cotton and recyclable components. I really like the versatility of the pieces and the multiple uses they have. They're really worth the investment as their idea is for the furniture to last and not to be thrown away —so your bambinos can grow up with them. They believe in a universe where ecology, health, security and well-being are inseparable. How cool is that?

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A Kid's Castle

Back in my childhood, I guess my love for home and design was starting to become noticeable. I remember pretending to build a makeshift house by hanging sheets over the dining room table in order to create my own private refuge. It used to be my sanctuary where I would play with my favorite toys, and maybe, invite a couple of my closest friends. But how times have changed! After drooling over these incredible kiddie cottages, my make-do tent house is put to shame. These über cool and fun structures, by SmartPlayouse, are authentic designer pieces inspired by contemporary architecture. Don't I wish they had existed back then!

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