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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Tears of joy

I was blown away by these gorgeously fun glass globes that will definitely be a conversation piece in your home. Hand-blown from recycled glass stock, each piece is handmade, one at a time, by Justin and Andi at Esque. These Wall Tears are sold as a set of three. They come in a variety of colors including White, Cream, Red, Orange, Pink, Chartreuse, Gray, and Turquoise. Every tear is unique.


Fashionable stays

Every September, New York Fashion Week brings to the city an atmosphere of glamour and fabulosity. Everyone and anyone in the fashion community (or not) flocks to the Big Apple to witness the latest creations the dictators of style present to the world. It is why I decided to dedicate this post to fashion and the influence it has in our lives, even where we sleep.

What does Christian Lacroix, Giorgio Armani, Diane von Furstenberg, Missoni and Phillip Tracey have in common besides being fashion power houses? They're now lending their magnificent talent to the world of interior design and creating chic and luxurious cribs for you to crash while traveling around the world. It's so evident that each one of them has translated their fashion philosophy and style into these unique boutique hotels.

If you have the chance to stay at the Hotel Le Notre Dame in Paris you'll see les chambres are as eccentric as their creator, the infamous Christian Lacroix.

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Wallpaper has been around for centuries, but in vogue, on and off. However, we had not seen the surge in popularity that it has had in the last couple of years since the 70s. Thankfully, this new renaissance has no traces of that era. Nowadays there is something for everyone. I took a look at this amazing concrete-like wallpaper and a had to do a double take.

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Sitting pretty

This gorgeous award-winner chair is not only beautifully designed but also eco-friendly. Alex Whitney’s ‘Pennyfields’ chair is made out of metal and embodies the sustainable nature of bamboo. This innovative design will be launched at the beginning of the London Design festival, on the September 20. Kudos Alex.


White not?

Image courtesy of Nacho Polo

Yes, yes I know, we're way into the second week of September and the style fairies out there are telling us to forget about anything and everything white. But guess what, I don't subscribe to that philosophy. To the contrary. I'm a huge fan of Mr. White and a firm believer that we should always welcome him into our homes as he lends us a beautiful canvas for us to design with. So my friends, don't be afraid of the light and embrace the brightness that a white filled room can bring. I've been so inspired by these gorgeous space designed by renowned Spanish interior designer Nacho Polo (first two images) that I will be giving my wooden floors a much needed coat of paint...guess what color.

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The things eye see

Hola! I hope you had an amazing Labor Day weekend and a safe trip back if you were lucky enough to get away to some far and exotic destination. As for me, not so much. I've been working nonstop for the past few weeks gathering a boatload of photos and information to be able to finally publish my new design and (life) style blog TheDesignerPad. I'll be giving you daily postings with my observations and ideas about design, interiors, art plus many more life enhancing subjects that will INSPIRE YOU to beautify your life and make it a bit more stylish. Hence, the theme of this post.

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