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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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A White Christmas

By the time you read this I'll be in Barcelona, where I'm going to be spending the Holidays with family. But before I embarked on my trip, I wanted to share these delightful images from Scandinavian homes decked out in white Christmas decor. I simply love how effortless and beautiful the adornments look. This is proof that less is more and you don't need to over do it in order to create such a wonderful and festive ambiance — just perfect to enjoy it surrounded by family and friends. Feliz Nochebuena!

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Winter Whiter-land

Wintertime has officially made its grand entrance! By now, our homes are filled with shaggylicious textures, fluffy throws and soft down pillows to make our pads toasty and comfortable. But what a better way to embrace those long and cold days of the season than with warm winter whites. They're a great way of lifting up our spirit and help us enjoy this beautiful and peaceful time of year. Happy Winter!

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Delicious sophistication

One of my favorite treats in the world is finding a place that sells great macarons. When I came across the pictures of this luscious white gem filled with the multicolored confections, I flipped over two of my fave things: macarons and white interiors, together in one space. What else could I ask for? In the last couple of years, I've noticed a boom of these French delicacies popping up in several stores. Back in 2009, Theurel & Thomas opened its doors in San Pedro, the most affluent suburb in Monterrey, Mexico. It's the first store that specializes in macarons in that country. The flawless bright interior is the absolute best backdrop to showcase these sweet confections. Also, the way they chose to display them is exquisite, and the packaging, impeccable. The whole concept was created and designed by the Mexican Agency Anagrama. The boutique-like store is a contemporary twist of and old French patisserie. Now I have another reason to pay a visit to Mexico.

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Artful living

If you ask any art collector what his or her ideal home would be, I'm almost positive this outrageously handsome loft is it. The Collector's Loft, in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, was designed by Dutch architectural team UN Studio. Their design concept explores the interaction between a private gallery and living space. They decided to replace some of the existing windows for floor-to-ceiling glass panels to frame the spectacular skyline views the city has to offer. The sensual curves of the walls serve as backdrop to their splendid collection of art, as well as separating the living areas. For flooring, the designers chose 1½ feet wide planks of douglas fir to maintain the right proportions. And of course, with almost 6000 square-feet of open space, minimalism was the way to go.

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A ceramic affair

Yes, I know I'm a junkie when it comes to crisp white interiors, result of my obsession with cleanliness (and no, I didn't have to pay a therapist for this diagnosis). But in this case what captivated me about this glorious space is that the architect, Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez, used ceramic tiles as the leading element in this project — hence the name Ceramic House. His idea was to create a continuous space and to have unobstructed flow between the open rooms and different levels. The layout of this attic apartment in Madrid maximizes space to perfection, creating a roomy and luminous space to relax in. One of my favorite things about this home is the love affair between the cold ceramic tiles and the warmth and richness of the wooden décor — what a perfect romance!

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A dynamic duo

David Delfin (left) & Gorka Postigo (right)What's the result of putting a fashion designer and a architect-turned photographer under one roof? A mind-blowing, amazing, unreal, sexy and impeccable loft in the middle of Madrid. This home is an obvious expression of David Delfin and Gorka Postigo's (AKA Studio) innovative talent. The openness of this space doesn't only allude to its amplitude but also to the honesty of their style reflected in their nest.

The seamless white space is the perfect setting to display the magnificent collection of Gorka's work and that of other renowned photographers such Diane Arbus, among others. Every piece of artwork they own is desirable, but I would give ANYTHING to have all eight baby busts (above) in my house.


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Moooi: beautiful

I have always been a huge fan of Marcel Wanders, Dutch designer and one of the masterminds behind the outrageously creative design company MOOOI, which means BEAUTIFUL in Dutch - they decided to add an extra O because it's extra beautiful. The original store is located in Amsterdam, but as of yesterday the British capital has the amazing pleasure to house the first permanent showroom and UK headquarters. 

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White not?

Image courtesy of Nacho Polo

Yes, yes I know, we're way into the second week of September and the style fairies out there are telling us to forget about anything and everything white. But guess what, I don't subscribe to that philosophy. To the contrary. I'm a huge fan of Mr. White and a firm believer that we should always welcome him into our homes as he lends us a beautiful canvas for us to design with. So my friends, don't be afraid of the light and embrace the brightness that a white filled room can bring. I've been so inspired by these gorgeous space designed by renowned Spanish interior designer Nacho Polo (first two images) that I will be giving my wooden floors a much needed coat of paint...guess what color.

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