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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Merging Sensibilities

Yesterday, was a day for walking and more walking. It was about exploring Budapest's many gorgeous neighborhoods and attractions. While strolling through one of trendiest parts of town, I spotted Menza, an úber cool and modish restaurant frequented by a young and hip crowd (and apparently the place to see and be seen). Although its name refers to canteens from the Socialist era, its interior design and cuisine provides a more sophisticated take on the past, fine tuned to match contemporary sensibilities by merging the savoir vivre of modern downtown restaurants with the relaxed atmosphere of Budapest's 1960s coffee bars. The fare was delicious, but the decor and ambiance even more so. It was a mix of 1970's chic with a casual contemporary flair.

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Instant Impressions

There's no excuse to live with boring empty walls, especially with all the hassle-free products available that add instant coolness to them. Blik, the world’s first removable wall graphic company, produces really unique, different, and a lot less permanent solutions than wallpaper or paint. Their latest ones are these self-adhesive fabric tiles that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. You can choose from a variety of patterns, but if you decide you want to create your own, they can easily reproduce it for you. You can also check their amazing line of wall decals here.

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Dress Up Your Walls

Wall covering companies are revolutionizing the concept of the wallpaper, Italian company Wall & Deco being one of them. They're always at the forefront giving us fresh alternatives and original designs to make our walls sing. With their new collection Life, Wall & Deco is bringing the old mural concept to a new high. This collection has left behind the classical repetitive patterns of years past. The new look is all about unconventional and oversized digital images meant to create a bold statement. I'm a firm believer that wallpaper is an easy way to bring lots of pizzazz to any space regardless of its size. So it's time to stop staring at those empty walls and give wallpaper a chance. — especially these. Happy Friday!!

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Temporary Pizzazz

Wallpaper is a trend that will still be huge in 2011, mainly with the big surge of companies coming out with new prints and fun alternatives like Tempaper. This vinyl coated self-adhesive wall decor was created out of the frustrations of set decorators in New York City who didn't have a source for temporary wallpaper that could be easily repositioned. So for them Tempaper became the apparent solution to many design problems and a fun option to decorating homes. Although not your typical wallpaper, it is printed with traditional techniques and state of the art materials to bring a classic look and feel of conventional wallpaper. It's ideal for those living in rented places where you can add some razzle-dazzle to your walls without being permanent. I recently used it in a client's home and it's phenomenal!

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Wallpaper has been around for centuries, but in vogue, on and off. However, we had not seen the surge in popularity that it has had in the last couple of years since the 70s. Thankfully, this new renaissance has no traces of that era. Nowadays there is something for everyone. I took a look at this amazing concrete-like wallpaper and a had to do a double take.

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