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A Fly On The Wall

There's no need to swat this adorable bug off your wall as it will protect you and your family from danger. Any idea of what it is? It's a photoelectric smoke alarm designed by Finnish designer Paola Suhonen for Jalo Helsinki. This cute little insect, called Lento, will not only enhance the safety of your home but will also add a touch of whimsical originality to your decor. There's no need to take out your tool box to install Lento. Thanks to 3M tape, it will only take a few seconds to start enjoying  the company of your little friend. So forget those boring and unattractive smoke alarms on the market and get one of these lovable flies here.

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Curate Your Space

Thanks to digital printing, and people like Stephanie Pesakoff, access to unique an affordable artwork is now within our reach. For sixteen years Stephanie has discovered, encouraged and fostered the talents of top illustrators, artists and designers, bridging art with commerce. Now she introduces Stampa, an online gallery of beautiful images from her exclusive roster and beyond, to help transform your home or office into a stylish interior. Every week a new series by a new artist is added to the collection, but only made available for four weeks. The prints are made digitally using archival inks and substrates and are hand embossed with the Stampa logo as a sign of authenticity.

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Cute As a Bunny

Decorating with taxidermy is a trend that's been buzzing for some time. There are plenty of options available to keep the spirit of this trend alive. I for one love this popular accessory and as a matter of fact have a couple of versions on my walls. I'm always fascinated by all the creative taxidermy interpretations designers come up with, like this adorable kit by French paper artist Chloe FleuryWith just a few folds and a bit of glue you can give dimension to this lovable rabbit head. Not in love with brown and beige? Not a problem. You can contact Chloe via email to request a kit in other colors.

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Hanger, Hanger on The Wall

Image via apartment therapy

Hanging artwork in your walls is never an easy task. First, you need to consider how to frame your art, which in its own can be pretty daunting and expensive. Then, you start debating where and how to display your pieces. But there are fun and inexpensive alternatives that you can do and still accomplish an impactful arrangement on your walls. One clever idea, is to use wooden or metal pant hangers to display your collection of prints and posters. This will give you the flexibility to arrange them on the wall without much hassle. Below are four suggestions for hangers you can use for this quick Saturday project. Have fun!! BTW, don't forget to enter this week's giveaway here where you can win a fabulous Judy Kaufmann print to add to your art collection.

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Tracking Time

The year is almost gone and we can almost hear the new year ringing at the door. So if you haven't already bought your 2012 calendar, BlueAntStudio has come out with their traditional free downloadable version (here) filled with cool mid-century furniture illustrations. All you need to do is click, download and print. However, if you want to be green and don't feel like using extra paper, they also have a computer desktop version that youi can download here! Thank you BlueAntStudio, this is very cool!!

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What a Hoot

Wow, can you believe it's almost 2012? There are only twenty days left before we ring in the new year and start working towards our resolutions. So what better way to start than with this adorable illustrated Owl Calendar by Stacie Bloomfield  from Gingiber. Inspired by Fall colors, Stacie is an illustrator from Arkansas who loves to doodle and is in the midst of chasing her lifelong dream of being a fulfilled artist. Well, she's doing pretty well at accomplishing that... wouldn't you say?

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A Green Holiday Tradition

As the countdown to Christmas begins, it's time to start getting in the holiday decorating mood. For those space-challenged apartment dwellers like me, these Christmas tree die-cut wall decals are ideal since they take literally no space. No more watering a dead tree, no more fire hazard, no more vacuuming up pine needles well into April. Finally, a truly green Christmas tree has been created by celebrated artists like Jacob Hashimoto, Kayson & Savage, Phoebe Washburn and Christopher Daniels, among others. These life-size, vinyl trees can be applied directly to the wall by either removing the paper back or simply pinning it — the perfect gift for those who have everything. Are you dying to get your hands on one? You can order them online at Arware Editions.

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GIVEAWAY: Cutting Edge Stencil

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Are you looking to spruce up your home for the Holidays? Wall stencils are an easy, fast and fun way of adding some spark to any room and an emerging hot decorating trend that is getting more and more popular as DIY decorators discover the ease and versatility of stenciling. They're a great alternative to wallpaper especially since you can do it without the hassle and mess of wallpaper installation. Another plus to stenciling is that you can personalize the design by choosing any color combination to match your decor. Cutting Edge Stencils is a wonderful source with an amazing and diverse selection of wall stencils designed by professional faux finishers and decorators. And today, they would like to share their love and expertise with TheDesignerPad readers by sponsoring this giveaway, where a lucky reader will take home one of their gorgeous creations (follow the instructions below to enter). BTW, they also have a helpful step-by-step video that walks you through the simple process of using their stencils. Happy stenciling and good luck to all!

Congratulations to Malka
for being the lulcky winner of this giveaway!

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