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There's really no excuse for having boring, empty walls in our homes, especially with the wide variety of new cool products that makes it easier to easily add a bit of glam to a room. The fab Swedish company Photowall has made it even easier for us now with their environmentally-friendly wall murals and canvas prints. Their super fun and varied collections offer a big range of motifs for every taste.They've also invited designers and illustrators to create exclusive wall mural collections that are to die for. One of my favorites is from Swedish illustrator and graphic designer Albert Sjöstam whose unique, masculine style translates into these über graphic wall coverings influenced by symbols and ethnic patterns. But if you're willing to let your creativity run wild, you can even create an original mural by submitting your favorite photo and have converted into a customized wall print or mural—and most definitely a conversation piece for your home.

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Magnetic boards always come in handy to keep mementos, notes and inspirational clippings organized in one place. But when it comes to buying one its almost inevitable finding the same old boring ones. Now that's a thing from the past thanks to these eye-catching Magnetic Wallpapers by Groovy Magnets — a fresh and cool twist to the classic magnetic board. The charming animal drawings won't go unnoticed wherever  you decide to use them. They will look great whether used for posting your favorite pictures or just by themselves.

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Are you afraid of commitment, a serial mover or a renter at heart? Then this removable wallpaper is the perfect solution for you. If you're dying to give your walls an instant makeover without much effort or breaking the bank, this stylish creation by Chasing Paper will do the trick. It's a DIYer dream come true as it can also be used to add a touch of fabulosity to any surface like furniture, appliances and even to create unique artwork. Your imagination is the limit.

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Wall coverings have made a surprising come back and are a great and easy way of adding pizzazz to any room. But wait. You don't have to limit yourself to the inside of your home anymore as Italian home decor company Wall&Deco has recently come out with a fabulous collection of exterior wallpaper. The weatherproof wallpapers offer large geometric and whimsy designs that will make your outdoors sparkle . If you're worry about installation, don't. They're applied just like any traditional wallpaper. I wonder what's next.

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If you're looking to add a little interest to your empty walls, but you're afraid of making a commitment to wallpaper, I think I found a playful solution just for you. How about creating your own abstract artwork with these super graphic and fun wall tapes by Japanese company Sincol x mt. You can mix and match different patterns and colors from their extensive gallery, and because of their translucent quality, your options are endless. Cool, right?

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I'm amazed by how many products and finishes in the market imitate reality. For instance, this gorgeous collection of wallpapers by English company Mineheart look so, so real that you almost need to get up close to find out if it's wallpaper or the real thing. You can add the look of the classic deep buttoned Chesterfield sofa to a wall, create a bright elegant white paneling feel reminiscent of stately homes to your living room, give the look of exquisitely ornate metal panels or feature painted white wooden planks with nail holes for a minimal shabby chic look with these über realistic wall coverings. They're printed on to the finest quality fabric-backed textured paper making them suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Which one is your favorite? Mine? I don't know. They're all so cool, I'm having a hard time choosing.

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Paper is a versatile material with many uses, but it's not limited to writing, printing, drawing or packaging. It can also be used to make beautiful things to decorate your home with. These lovely vignettes shot by talented Dutch photographer Hotze Eisma will give you a few clever ideas on how to give this ancient material alternative uses. For instance, you can create a one-of-a-kind pendant lamp for your dining room by applying torn sheets of white glossy paper on a wicker basket, and complete the whole story by using brown packing paper as a table runner.

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A Theme From The Past

Representing four decades of distinct design styles, this wallpaper collection by Graham & Brown celebrates great British creativity. The collection includes four designs that take its inspiration from a different decade. Inspired by the 1930s glittering glamour, Deco Diamond takes its cue from the era's emerald onyx ornaments and enamel kitchenware. For any mid-century modern fan, Grid is Mad Men 50s chic, combining the decades graphic print influences with a watercolor palette and influenced by the classic British 'caff table tops of the era. Celebrating all that's great about the swinging 60s, Loopy Lines heralds from the free-flowing style of the time and the modernist movement. And finally, Do the Stretch embraces a bold design and groovy colors that capture the 70s glam rock stars and science fiction mania with a hint of space odyssey. But no matter which decade is your favorite, any of these awesome patterns will bring back the fabulousness from yesteryear.

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