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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Now that Summer has 'unoficially' started I'm in a very colorful mood. So to celebrate the warm season and its bright hues I felt this stunning posters were the perfect eye candy for today. This collection of Colorful Cities by graphic designer Yoni Alter were inspired by the cities' iconic skyline and landmark architecture. You can check if your favorite city in represented by visiting Yoni's online shop.

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Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I guess because it's a time for renewal and for getting our homes ready for the warmer seasons. While attempting to do some Spring cleaning I came across these old frames I had bought a few months back. So in order to spruce things up a bit I decided to take them out of seclusion and give them a fresh new look. With couple of paint testers and blue tape I created some cool looking artwork for my bedroom wall. You can see the whole process and how great they turned out here.

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There's really no excuse for having boring, empty walls in our homes, especially with the wide variety of new cool products that makes it easier to easily add a bit of glam to a room. The fab Swedish company Photowall has made it even easier for us now with their environmentally-friendly wall murals and canvas prints. Their super fun and varied collections offer a big range of motifs for every taste.They've also invited designers and illustrators to create exclusive wall mural collections that are to die for. One of my favorites is from Swedish illustrator and graphic designer Albert Sjöstam whose unique, masculine style translates into these über graphic wall coverings influenced by symbols and ethnic patterns. But if you're willing to let your creativity run wild, you can even create an original mural by submitting your favorite photo and have converted into a customized wall print or mural—and most definitely a conversation piece for your home.

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I've seen many interpretations of city maps, but these colorful and graphic renderings are one of my favorites. Created by self-taught artist known as Jazzberry Blue, these gallery quality giclée prints are a great way of having a piece of your favorite capital on your wall. The color combinations used are quite unique and unexpected. They're different and super fun! If you love this style, you will also love the rest of this artist's body of work that you can find here.

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I've always believed the difference is in the details, a creed I live by as a designer. They say everything about ourselves and often are a wonderful way of adding traces of our personality into our homes. For me, art is a great instrument to do just that. But when it comes to choosing the right piece of artwork, most people feel intimidated by the challenge. Thanks to the internet and the high demand for original pieces at affordable prices, different alternatives have been emerging to make this process quite painless. While surfing the web the other day looking for pieces for one of my projects, I came across Saatchi Online — a terrific resource for cool and unique artwork by emerging artist from around the world. It's a rather neat way of showcasing and selling their pieces and giving art lovers insider access to their talent. I truly fell in love with their whole collection, but particularly with the work of these photo montage artists. Whether a first-time buyer or a serious art collector, you can now buy amazing originals and prints from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks of your mouse. How cool is that?

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Nowadays, there's no excuse for having boring blank walls in your home. Adding a dash of pizzazz to a room is as easy as 1-2-3, especially with the help of these fun vinyl decals by Urban Decals. They instantly give personality to any wall without the hassle of painting or stenciling. The best part is that they can be easily removed whenever you're ready for a change. They come in a matte finish which makes them look more like paint. So if you're dying to spice up that dull wall in your room, you're luck. Our friends at Urban Decal are sponsoring this giveway giving you the chance to win $50 TOWARD THE PURCHASE OF ANY OF THEIR DECALS. How sweet is that? Now hurry and enter to try your luck by doing the following:

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I can't get enough of this beautiful series of prints by Spencer Harrison of Happy Studio. His minimalist interpretations of everyday objects, both in form and colors, is what makes them so fun and whimsical. All 100 prints in the series are also available as iPhone cases, throw pillows, laptop decals, t-shirts and totes. But if 100 are not enough for you, he comes out with a new design every week. They're so sweet that I'm having a hard time to choose my favorites. But here are some in my list.

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In celebration of family, love and life BODIE and FOU commissioned one of my favorite English artist Kerry Layton to create this bold and graphic Family Hearts print as a gentle yet beautiful reminder of what is important in life: family. Each print has the phrase LA FAMILLE... C'EST IMPORTANT inscripted to remind us how dear our families are. Don't you just love it? Happy weekend!

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