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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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The Brit invasion

A couple of weeks ago I went to see Rain on Broadway, a great tribute to The Beatles that took everyone back to the time when all you needed was love. It was so infectious that it put me in a British state-of-mind. So here's my little homage to the land of crumpets, afternoon tea and fabulous Queens and Kings. This royal trend of using the Union Jack motif in home decor has been around for some time — and as we can see it's still going strong. My guess is because it evokes nostalgia and memories from wonderful trips abroad. It's all so abso-bloody-lutely cheeky!

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I don't have to turn my head to notice the latest fascination with owl decor that has been popping up everywhere. This nocturnal creature has quietly become the design inspiration for a diverse collection of accessories for your home  — in a very interesting range of interpretations. This novelty has come and gone through time, but this recent reincarnation seems to be most playful. From lamps, throw pillows, sculptures to even wall art, bringing any of these adorable pieces into your nest will add, for sure, a dash of fun.

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A lacy twist

In my recent visit to Antwerp, I stayed at the very hip Hotel Banks. The two things I loved most about this place were the daily happy hour, with free drinks and delicious tapas, and the cool decor throughout. But the screens used to divide the different areas in the lobby really caught my eye — I had never seen something like them. They were inspired by the region's well-known ancient craft of lace making and combined with industrial chain-link fence. The intriguing fusion of these two patterns created an amazing look.

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A sunny disposition

Image by Richard Powers

Rich, bright, sophisticated and warm. No, I'm not talking about the perfect soulmate, but the attributes that describe the versatility of this magnificent hue. Being one of the most popular choices when it comes to decorating, Golden Glow (my second choice from the Pantone Fall and Winter selection) is a mood lifter as it's said to help the brain work better. It comes in an array of tones, from an intense gold to softer all depends on your personality. Wherever you fall in the spectrum it will absolutely create a fresh and welcoming environment. It is definitely a fun color to live with and a ray of sunshine for your home – especially for those long and gloomy winter days we don't look forward to.

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Alphabet nook

Image by Mel Yates

Designers have always been inspired by everything around them, especially by the most ancient of things. The alphabet is no exception. Your ABCs and 123s have been, for the longest time, graphic shapes used as point of reference to create a vast amount of things, even soup – my favorite as a kid. Letters and numbers are designed with such precision and proportion that no matter how we use them, they will be a bold statement. Whether printed on paper, painted on a wall, silk screened on fabric or even made into furniture, these graphic representations can add an element of surprise and nostalgia. And what better example that this flavorful wood flooring (top) made from recycled whiskey barrel casks by McKay Flooring in the UK. Cheers! This fad of typographic decor won't be erased any time soon

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Bird watching

Don't worry, no need to run! These feathered creatures are not here to get you. To the contrary, they are the latest craze in home accessories. They're not your typical Limonge figurines, but this new generation of objects d'art will be a conversation piece in any home, for sure. I personally think this wallpaper from Trove is formidable, it will bring the unexpected to any room. But hello, don't transform your home into an aviary. A couple of these lovebirds will be enough to introduce some harmony into your life. Happy Fall!

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