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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Distorted Percerption

This weekend is quite special since we have the pleasure of having family visiting from out of town. And of course, we've been running around showing them some new cool places. The first spot on the agenda was this über fun coffee shop (that I had heard about) inspired by the nearby New York Public Library at Bryant Park and designed by Nemaworkshop. As we walked in D'Espresso, it felt as if we were in the middle of the set of the movie Inception or Alice in Wonderland as the place gives the impression of being turned on its side. The finish materials were inverted: the herringbone-patterned oak "flooring" becomes a wall, the bookshelf-printed tiles become the floor and ceilings and the lights on the "ceiling" protrude horizontally out from the wall behind the counter. The owner of the 500-square-foot coffee shop is planning to open other locations around Manhattan and other major cities, and the next one will be designed upside down. I can't wait to see how they manage to do that. Stay tuned for other new cool finds in the big city. BTW, the coffee was also worth the visit.

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Please Rewind

One of the things I enjoy the most when I travel is to discover new and unique little shops that offer never-before-seen treasures. In my three short days in Antwerp, Belgium, I found many stores that caught my attention, but one in particular stood out for its approach to green living — it was the perfect marriage between ecology and design. 

Everything in Rewind has been created using recycled goods and materials in a very clever way, and of course without compromising their aesthetics. The store works with sixty designers and artists from across Europe and often organize exhibitions for artists working on recovering materials or re-thinking their surroundings in an ecological manner. I was really amazed how ingeniously some of these materials were transformed in such beautiful and unique pieces, and they have nothing to envy their high-end counterparts.

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Wish You Were Here

Christmas in New York is one of the most especial in the world as the city transforms into a Winter Wonderland every year. Right before Thanksgiving you start feeling the festive air in every corner of town. But for me, one of the staples of the Season is the famous Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows on the Fifth Avenue block between 57th and 58th streets . Ever since I moved to Manhattan, I look forward, with anxious anticipation, to the reveal of these magical and inspiring displays. This year, Linda Fargo and David Hoey, heads of the store's presentation team, were inspired by fantasy travel to faraway places. Hoey describes them as as a mix of unexpected arrivals and departures influenced by Roman mythology and the movies — the reason for their name "Wish You Were Here."

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Moooi: Amsterdam

In my recent trip to Amsterdam, one of my must-visit places on my list was the famous Moooi store and gallery. To feel like locals, we rented bikes and headed to one of the oldest part of town where this hot spot of interior goodies and unique gifts is located. When you first come in into the building, also housing Dutch designer Marcel Wander's headquarters, you're welcomed by the beautiful Raymond lamp and stunning mosaic tile floors.

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Delicious sophistication

One of my favorite treats in the world is finding a place that sells great macarons. When I came across the pictures of this luscious white gem filled with the multicolored confections, I flipped over two of my fave things: macarons and white interiors, together in one space. What else could I ask for? In the last couple of years, I've noticed a boom of these French delicacies popping up in several stores. Back in 2009, Theurel & Thomas opened its doors in San Pedro, the most affluent suburb in Monterrey, Mexico. It's the first store that specializes in macarons in that country. The flawless bright interior is the absolute best backdrop to showcase these sweet confections. Also, the way they chose to display them is exquisite, and the packaging, impeccable. The whole concept was created and designed by the Mexican Agency Anagrama. The boutique-like store is a contemporary twist of and old French patisserie. Now I have another reason to pay a visit to Mexico.

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Thank God is Friday (Next)

Before leaving to Amsterdam I had made a list of places I wanted to visit. Being my first time in the charming Dutch capital there were plenty of things I wanted to do and see. In my busy agenda I had a couple of design stores I had to stop by before coming back home. I had read about Friday Next, a new concept store that offers a surprising blend of furniture, fashion and delicious food. And since I'm a huge fan of all three, I HAD to go.

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Moooi: beautiful

I have always been a huge fan of Marcel Wanders, Dutch designer and one of the masterminds behind the outrageously creative design company MOOOI, which means BEAUTIFUL in Dutch - they decided to add an extra O because it's extra beautiful. The original store is located in Amsterdam, but as of yesterday the British capital has the amazing pleasure to house the first permanent showroom and UK headquarters. 

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