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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Stylish Trash

No more messes while sorting your trash and recyclables. This towering trash can is the answer to your prayers. Created by French industrial designer Constance Guisset in collaboration with Grégory Cid, the TRI3 is a garbage station of sorting with three different canisters. The top bin is for regular trash and includes a handy bag dispenser; the middle one is for packaging, plastic, etc.; and the bottom one is for discarding glass. The best thing about it is that there is no need to get your hands dirty as it has three pedals at the bottom that open each of the containers. Neat-o!

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Up In The Air

I love coming across things that revive wonderful childhood memories and experiences. When I was around 8, I remember using the shed in our backyard as a hideaway and a pretend treehouse where I spent hours playing with my friends. So when I saw this wonderful treehouse, by German company Baumraum, flashes from the past came to mind. The company is dedicated to creating wonderful aerial dwellings among trees where one can play, work, relax, escape to or simply daydream. The King of the Frogs, as they named this particular one, hovers above a reflecting pond in a small private garden in Münster, Germany.

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Neatly Done

Being the neat freak that I am, I always get excited to find new furniture that's been designed to keep things tidy. The Oslo-based Jenk Design Office had people like me in mind when creating the Slope Desk, a beautifully crafted piece with incorporated storage compartments to keep everything neatly put away when not in use. Besides preventing clutter from accumulating, the subtle angle of the desk top also provides a more ergonomic working surface. This is definitely my kind of furniture.

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Luxe Nomadic

By looking at these beautiful images you're probably thinking today's post features a small, but stylish studio apartment. Not so! These are the interiors of a renovated 1969 Airstream trailer. Interior designer and owner Rachel Horn took Moroccan and Persian design as the inspiration for the decor, which she likes to call “Luxe Nomadic.” This compact, 180-square-feet trailer is proof that lack of space should not stop anyone from having a swell-looking space, giving to the word trailer new meaning. Enjoy your weekend!

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A Small Parisian Jewel

As you know, good things come in small packages, like this 540 square-feet Parisian flat designed by interior architects Manuel and Agnes Bonnemazou Cambus from Element. The original layout was compartmentalized and poorly distributed, the reason why the two roommates who share the pad sought professional guidance to help them maximize their tiny space. Every inch of the apartment has been optimized by incorporating custom storage that keeps the pad clutter-free and only leaves the essential objects visible. Color was also key in making the apartment look more spacious. With a palette ranging from purple and blue to gray and taupe, the designers played with contrast to create depth. Another neat solution was to divide the living and sleeping areas by raising the hallway floor. Like I always say, space should never stop you from living très chic. Happy weekend :)

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A Smooth Shell-ter

Is it a spaceship or a Lady Gaga transporter? The answer: none of the above. This cocoon-like structure was built as an extension to a home and designed by Belgian architectural firm dmvA. What started as a timber frame, the Blob VB3, as they called it, ended as a smooth egg-shaped mobile construction. It has all the basic features for someone to live in: a bathroom, kitchen, a bed and several niches that serve as storage. The nose of the pod opens up to let the light in, also functioning as a porch. Unfortunately, this über cool and far out habitat was rejected by local building regulations. Too bad!

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Stack Them up

I don't know about you, but I love my magazines and I'm finding it harder and harder to part ways with them. But because of lack of space, I can't afford to keep them for long. That's why I'm digging this new storage system by Njustudio, a young, alternative design firm located in Coburg, Germany, known for its simple, sophisticated and subtle ideas. With the Hockenheim Stool you can stack your periodicals and magazines in style plus enjoy a cool and clever seating piece. You have the option of getting it in newspaper or magazine size. Stack up, sit down and enjoy your reading.

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A Mini Command Center

Ideal for small spaces, this Apple-inspired ultra slim desk is a minimalist console table for your laptop. The Mini Milk desk, part of the Milk series by the Copenhagen-based Søren Rose Studio, is mounted so that it leans against the wall. The stylish and elegant desk was cleverly designed with three functional storage compartments to hold your iPad, plug your iPhone and conceal anything else you might want out of sight. Great for neat freaks like me.

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