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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Slumber Party

What do these adorable poufs remind you of? To me they look like cute little snails crawling through the floor. Right? They're designed by Dutch artist Aleksandra Gaca for Casalis. The comfy Slumber Pouf is made in a three-dimensional elastic fabric and it's highly flexible. It conforms to your body when you sit on it and spring to its original shape when you get up. These durable cuties are made with high-quality Kid Mohair, and best of all, they're washable. What a fun way of lounging while adding a great touch to a room.

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Pink Swan

“The Swan chair is a perfect mix of organic modernism and pop art and my goal in this design was to address both of those qualities by making a poppy allusion to the female form,” says Jonathan Adler of the inspiration for his Pink Swan project chair. SUITE New York has invited nineteen world-renowned designers to create a personalized version of Arne Jacobsen's iconic Swan chair for the second installment of the project. The chairs will be auctioned off on October 1-31, 2011 on with proceeds benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. What a fun project for such a great cause. Here are some of my faves.

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A Bench With a Twist

No need to throw away those old chairs in the garage. How about giving them a new lease on life by transforming them into a neat looking bench, just like the Brooklyn-based furniture company 31 & Change did? They create one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture with a twist, a wink and a smile in mind. Each of their creations is hand-crafted with American hardwoods and built in their Brooklyn studios. Founder Kurt Lenard's graphic design background influences the colorful nature of their work. I love how their pieces have their own unique graphic expression, whether seen through the wood grain, the juxtaposition of color or the combination of materials. Brilliant!

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My top 10: Outdoor Seating

How you feelin'? HOT HOT HOT! Yes, it's time to be out in your backyard, or terrace, enjoying this marvelous summery weather. So why not treat your outdoor space to a little style with these chic and modern thrones that will most certainly add a touch of sophistication and make you feel like the queen, or king, of the outdoors. Here are some of my favorites. I hope they'll be yours too.

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New York Design Week: ICFF

Last Saturday I spent most of the afternoon strolling through New York Design Week's main event. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair, or ICFF, brings together designers from around the world to showcase their new products and connect with fellow creative minds. It's the perfect place to find newcomers as well as the more established names in the furnishings design universe. While browsing through the exhibit, I was thrilled to see, and touch, many of the pieces already showcased here in TheDesignerPad. There was plenty of eye candy everywhere, but one of the things that caught my eye was the amount of new and innovative lighting made with unexpected materials in very creative ways. It was definitely exhilarating to see new and young talent jumping on the design bandwagon with a different and fresh approach. Here's a taste of the things I loved most in the show.

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Colorful Flourishes

As you're getting ready to beautify your outdoor space and start looking for fun pieces to brighten it up, here are some whimsical chairs for you consideration. Inspired by the designs of traditional wrought iron fencing, the Versha Chair is designed by British artist and designer David Le Versha. Their playful backs and lovely colors make it hard for me to choose a favorite. They're so cute, they put a big grin of my face. By the way, these might also be a great choice to add some fun to your kitchen table. Oops, I almost forgot. These beauties are brought to you by the one and only Anthropologie.

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Reclaimed Thrones

Neato! Adam Barron, an Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati, created this super chic Reclaimed Seatbelt Chair from a steel rod frame and seatbelts he collected from a local junkyard. What started as a school project, ended wining him first prize at a contest which challenged participants to design a product using reclaimed auto parts. His design incorporates three of five Japanese design principles: humor, craftsmanship, compactness, asymmetry and simplicity. The chair is handmade in New York and, because of its nature, each chair is one-of-a-kind.

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Lost City Found

If you're a Mid-Century design aficionado, Lost City Arts is a recently found treasure to drool about. Established in 1982, this mod emporium is recognized internationally as a leading source of restored and original 20th century design furniture, lighting and accessories. Its owner, James Elkind, travels around the globe in a hunt for dashing gems to sell in his Manhattan shop. Named “Best Mid-Century Modern Furniture” by New York Magazine, the fabulous “City” is truly the place to discover unique and rare pieces. I really had a blast navigating throughout their fantastic collection. So here's a sampling of what you can expect to find in their impressive showroom.

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