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Symbolic of its name and minimalist decor, White 1921 is the first boutique hotel for the world's leading luxury brand Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy  Set in St. Tropez’s mythical place des Lices, the exclusive hotel offers a mere eight rooms and suites, each divinely decorated in a chic and modern style. A selection of eclectic objects and splashes of colour here and there give each chambre its unique personality. If you've fallen in love with the place and you're already planning your trip to St. Tropez, you better hurry and book soon as the luxe inn is only open through October 7th. How exclusive is that? BTW. I'll be going up to Boston this weekend to help my best friend decorate his newly rented pad. So if you want to take a peed of the progress, follow me in Instagram (@thedesignerpad). Have a designful weekend!

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This charming, yet stunning boutique hotel is the perfect setting for a dreamy getaway. Part of the St. Micheles’ convent built in the XVII century, Capri Suite is a two-room inn located in the heart of the ancient village of Anacapri in the Italian paradise island of Capri. ZETASTUDIO Architects made some incredible design calls when putting together every single space in this lodge. A fresh and breezy color palette of blue and yellow pulls the whole seaside theme together deliciously. What about those modern and groovy furnishings in that old setting? It's over-the-moon fantastic. Capri is sounding really good right now!

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As you might know by now, I'm a hopeless junkie for the simplistic beauty of Scandinavian style—the reason why I've always wanted to go to the place where it all started and experience first hand the coolness of Nordic design. So guess what? A week from today, my dream will come true as we cross the pond for a much anticipated visit to Copenhagen and Stockholm. Did I tell you I'm up in the clouds of excitement? While doing my homework of searching for neat places to stay, one that caught my eye was the stunning STAY Copenhagen. A former hub for the city's creative elite before the renovation, the Apartment Hotel offers 12 different spacious and fully-equipped apartments types designed with comfortable Scandinavian minimalism by Danish furniture company HAY. In all honesty, I wouldn't mind spending a few days in any of these dreamy and fantastic pads while in the Danish capital.

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There isn't a better place to find great inspiration for bedroom decor than beautifully designed boutique hotels. This recently opened gem in the center of Oslo, Norway, has plenty of eye candy to stimulate your senses. The interiors of the Hotel Grand Central are divinely designed by architects Lars Helling and Ajas Mellbye with murals by artist Ariel McMillion. The rooms in particular are brilliant. They're all spacious with lofty ceilings and decorated with lots of wit, style and a little rock-'n'-roll attitude. The designers conceived different themes for the guest rooms. Although they all enjoy that Scandinavian flair, each rooms has its own personality—some are whimsical and eclectic where others are more minimal and monochromatic. So take your pick. Which one better fits your style? I'm having a hard time choosing since all of them have plenty to love.

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Please, come in and let's take a peek at this fabulous hotel suite in Mykono's Andronikos Hotel. Designed by KLab Architecture, the Cocoon rooms (perfectly named) are characterized by fluid forms and natural curves often seen in the local architecture. The concept was to create a sexy and relaxing space to calm the mind and spirit of their fortunate guests. The integration of organic elements like the pebbles on the floor and bamboo accents were cleverly mixed with the clean and minimalist look of the suites. I bet staying in one these Cocoons will feel like resting on a soft white cloud above the Aegean Sea.

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Somewhere between soul and Art Noveau, the stunning Hotel Wiesler enjoys a privileged location in the dynamic center of the charming city Graz, Austria. The hotel consists of five former guesthouses converted into what the Wiesler is today. But between 1945 and 1954 the building was used a accommodation for British Army officers until it got renovated again into its original splendor in 1986. The successful combination of beautiful vintage fixtures and modern design symbolises the philosophy behind the new Wiesler—a surprising and exquisite choice of detail which makes this hotel so special. All 21 refurbished room offer plenty of space for new thoughts and an unforgettable stay.

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Just like its Parisian sister, the new urban-chic Mama Shelter Hotel has opens its doors to welcome tourists in search of a unique and trendy retreat in Marseilles. Designed by no other than Philippe Starck, the 27-room hotel is more than a place to stay but rather a one-a-kind experience. There isn't a corner in this locale without the trademark Starck splash of humor and surprise. His signature cornucopia of contrasting styles is what makes Mama Shelter far from dull. Papa likes!!

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If you like to feel and live like a local when traveling, this funky new style of accommodations might be your ticket. Plus One Berlin is a stylish, ecological hotel space in an exciting yet still non-touristy neighborhood of Berlin. Besides enjoying its cool and innovatively designed rooms, the recently opened hotel gives you the opportunity to be the 'plus one' of a well-connected and knowledgeable local of your choice. That's right. You get to pick from a group of 28 locals of different nationalities, professions and interests, who have been chosen for their knowledge and passion for the city. They will give you one-of-a-kind insight into Berlin's life and help you discover a side to the city that only a local would know.

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