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The No-Rules Approach
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by Christiane Lemieux 



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Calming Beauty

As we celebrate Mother's Day here in the US, and other countries around the world, I wanted to give you something especial to indulge yourself on the occasion. And what better treat than some of Melanie Acevedo's heavenly interior images from her exquisite portfolio. Sit back, relax... and enjoy! I wish all the fabulous mothers out there a very exceptional day :)

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Paris By Colors

Flâner is French for strolling with no destination in mind, simply for the pleasure of it. That's how Evan and Nichole Robertson, of Little Brown Pen, captured these darling images of Paris. They see the City of Light as pops of color against a backdrop of worn grays, weathered whites and muted browns. “We love how seemingly unrelated details with a similar palette play off each other and tell a story,” they explain. If you want to bring a little bit of their Paris into your home you can buy these captivating photos in a variety of sizes here. Nichole, the artist behind the lens, also has a wonderful blog that chronicles Paris through her creative eyes... It's a visual feast!

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Through The Lense Of: Simon Bevan

Photographing interiors is not an easy task, especially when trying to capture the essence of a space. But for London photographer Simon Bevan, it comes naturally. His interiors portfolio is absolutely dashing; every single image seems to tell the seductive story behind each room he photographs. His compositions are exquisite and every shot is filled with curious details. His work speaks for itself.

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Challenging Design

I'm a huge fan of the Danish housewares design company Normann Copenhagen. I love their simplistic aesthetics and the way they challenge conventional design rules. They like to think of it as “putting on a pair of glasses and seeing the world in a different way”. I'm thrilled to have recently discovered their blog, and on it these fun kaleidoscope-like compositions showcasing some of their products. Aren't they genius? They immediately remind me of these. Enjoy!

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Urban Totems

I was captivated by the alluring beauty of these images by Parisian photographer Alain Delorme. Taken in the streets of a highly colored Shanghai, Totems depict local men perched on their bikes or pulling a cart stacked to the top with a variety of household items. From chairs and empty cabinets to cardboard boxes, these traveling piles soar like moving sculptures through a city of hope and change. So I hope you enjoy these magical photos that show the urban side of Shanghai through an artistic lense.

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A Splash of Spring

Today I'm heading back home from a few days in Miami where the weather was absolutely dreamy. It was nice to trade jackets and gloves for sunglasses and shorts — a much needed break from a long and cold New York Winter. This change of scenery, and weather, made me look forward to the warmer days of Spring. So what better way to welcome this joyful season than with these inspiring and stunning images from the amazing portfolio of photographer Johnny Miller. The use of color in his imagery is uplifting and beautiful. It's like a breath of fresh air. 

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Demystifying Paris

We've always known Parisian women to be icons of elegance and sophistication. But haven't you often wondered how this fabulousness influences the way they live? French photographer Baudouin uncovered this myth for us. Through his unique essay “Les Parisiennes,” he captured a variety of Parisian ladies, from unknown backgrounds, in their homes going about their lives. He gives us a more realistic and contemporary view of Paris and its people — in this case les femmes. “I have made it a point that all photographed women had been born, raised and educated within the city of Paris. Those are the ones who naturally carry the Parisian culture without the desire to become Parisians.” For me, these images are a real treat since I've always been a big admirer of the City of Lights. They have given me a much desired peek inside Parisian homes, and allowed me to see how their decor is an extension of their personalities and how varied their styles are. C'est magnifique!

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Playing with food

Don't you remember your parents always telling you to stop playing with your food? I do, many times. Especially when I saw these pictures that brought back some fond memories. These clever compositions made with fruits and vegetables, by Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner, are simply delightful. The little creatures —from his Cafe M, Beirut series— can easily be part of a Dr. Seuss tale. They're crafted so beautifully, they look almost animated. If his work seems familiar, it's because Kleiner also shot the unique images for IKEA's cookbook Homemade is Best. I just can't have enough of his innovative style, so I thought you might get a kick out of it too. I hope you're having a fab weekend!

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