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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Shades of Beauty

Who said gray is boring? To the contrary., it is an elegant and versatile color that's making waves in the decorating world. If you find you're intimidated by color, but would like to get away from those generic white walls, gray is an ideal transitional color. However, it can be rather stressful choosing the right shade. It all depends in the kind of mood you're looking to set in the room. A neutral color by nature, gray is the perfect backdrop for any other color pop. Here are some stunning images by Swedish photographer Petra Bindel for inspiration. Have a super duper weekend!!

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Optical Illusion

If Halloween wasn't the inspiration behind these fabulous installations by UK born artist James Hopkins, they sure are timely now. The series of compositions named Vanitas (Latin for Vanities), consist of household objects strategically arranged on bookcases to form the image of skulls. He really did an amazing job hunting down the right items and slightly altering others to achieve his vision. Talk about being imaginative and seeing things beyond their everyday use. These pieces are insanely cool!

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A Powerful Scheme

I've always felt that using black and white in home decor is a sure way for creating strikingly elegant and sophisticated interiors. if you're looking for drama and want to create a bold statement in your home, this powerful and basic combo is the ticket. Some might find it boring for the lack of color, but surprisingly it's quite the contrary. Think of white as a blank canvas and black as the outline of a drawing that you can fill in with pops of color whenever you feel the need. As a matter of fact, this is the design story I used when decorating my 500 square-foot New York pad, and it worked perfectly for me. Besides, one of the great benefits of this color scheme is its versatility with most decorating styles. If you're still not sure about embarking on a black and white adventure, and to prove my point, here are some stunning interiors from the talented photographer David Prince's body of work.

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Room for Pampering

The bathroom tends to be the smallest room in the home, but one that is often neglected when it comes to creativity and design. Whether a powder room or a full bath, it should reflect who you are. Your bathroom should be a little oasis and room where to pamper yourself everyday, so why not make it special and heavenly. With the amount of fabulous fixtures, fun tiles and fantastic accessories choices at your reach, there's no reason why you can't have the bathroom you have always wanted. It's all about having fun and thinking out of the box, the sky is the limit. Here are some dreamy bathrooms for inspiration photographed by the talented Mel Yates. Happy Friday!

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Through The Lense Of: Jonn Coolidge

Yesterday, I treated you to the wonderful tour of the home of interior and lifestyle photographer Jonn Coolidge, but today I thought it would only be fair to to share with you some of his dashing work. It was in the world of interior photography and design that he felt the perfect communication as a graphic designer and photographer. His clients include Tom Ford Internaitonal, Gucci Group and West Elm, among others, and his work has been published in shelter magazines like Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home and Veranda. So here's some eye candy I hope you enjoy :)

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Swedish Delight

I've always loved the Scandinavian design sensibility. It has an unparalleled eye for simplicity and composition that's unique. So let's start this last week of July with a little eye candy from Swedish photographer Karl Anderson. His jaw-dropping images capture the quintessential Scandinavian spirit I'm talking about. Droll, drool, drool!

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Bigger Than Life

You're probably wondering why I haven't posted the last couple of days, but I've been swamped with a project that has been taking most of my time. But no worries, I'm back with your daily dose of inspiration. This time with a fabulous product by Dutch designers Eric Sloot, Paulien Berendsen and Roel Vaessen. Ixxi is a fun system that allows you to create your own photo enlargement, or photo collage, in any format possible where your imagination and budget are your only limit. Whether using your own family portraits or iconic artwork from their image bank, you can create a fantastic masterpiece to dress up your walls in four easy steps — also a great solution for a room divider. The possibilities are endless, and it's a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite images in a rather grand scale

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A Day in The Park

Some of my favorite sources of inspiration for my work are European shelter magazines. I can never get enough of their innovation and I'm always delighted to see how they push the editorial envelope in their editorials. While drooling over the pages of the February/March edition of Maison Française magazine (one of my ultimate faves), I was enamored by these incredibly surreal images by Coco Amardeil. The story features designer furniture and decor to illustrate the trends for Spring 2011. The photo shoot took place in France Miniature, a miniature park tourist attraction in Élancourt, France, featuring scale models of major French landmarks and monuments. I think they were so clever to play with the difference in scale to give the furniture a monumental role over the miniature models.
Great fun!!

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