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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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A few months ago I was hired to stage this spacious 2-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The look they were going for was modern, urban and sophisticated. That wasn't hard as the inspiration was right in front of me: the breathtaking views of Manhattan seen from every room in this pad. My mission was bring the urban scape inside and citify the mood of the decor. Hence my restrained color palette of black and soothing shades of gray—one of my favorite color combinations. My challenge was to make these tones (which many people consider severe) iook inviting and serene. As a matter of fact, this palette automatically makes any room look modern and sleek. The trick is to play with textures, patterns, volumes and the right accessories to add interest and soften the whole look. Ah, and don't forget to add a little touch of metallic to brighent up the space, it works like magic.

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As the proud owner of a prop house for the filming industry, Alketas Pazis has one of the most amazing collections of mid-century modern and industrial antiques ranging from the 1900‘s to the 1950’s. Having one of the most extensive collections in Greece, he focuses on a more exclusive European segment of the avant-garde modern movement. The eclecticism of his pieces is what makes his collection so unique. Can you imagine living surrounded by these fabulous treasures? Well, as a matter of fact, this is how he lives, in this residence/showroom that houses his remarkable compilation inspired by public spaces of the past. This is just a sampling of his extensive collection to whet your appetite, so don't hesitate to go here to see more.

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A Feast For The Eyes

Style, distinction, warmth and personality are the four main ingredients to the newly opened boutique hotel in Paris' 8th Arrondissement. Interior designer François Champsaur was the creative mind behind the redesigned interiors of the stunning Hôtel du Ministère, just five minutes walk from the famous Champs Elysées. His choice of materials is delightful, especially the mix of wood, marble, rich fabrics and very graphic carpet that gives just the right touch of fun. Paris anyone?

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A Theme From The Past

Representing four decades of distinct design styles, this wallpaper collection by Graham & Brown celebrates great British creativity. The collection includes four designs that take its inspiration from a different decade. Inspired by the 1930s glittering glamour, Deco Diamond takes its cue from the era's emerald onyx ornaments and enamel kitchenware. For any mid-century modern fan, Grid is Mad Men 50s chic, combining the decades graphic print influences with a watercolor palette and influenced by the classic British 'caff table tops of the era. Celebrating all that's great about the swinging 60s, Loopy Lines heralds from the free-flowing style of the time and the modernist movement. And finally, Do the Stretch embraces a bold design and groovy colors that capture the 70s glam rock stars and science fiction mania with a hint of space odyssey. But no matter which decade is your favorite, any of these awesome patterns will bring back the fabulousness from yesteryear.

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Timeless Simplicity

I always find myself falling head over heels in love with spaces that are simple yet rich in so many ways without trying too hard. Take for example this divine old farmhouse located close to the beaches of Prado in Marseilles, France. Interior designer Maurice Padovani orchestrated the three-step renovation of the house. he removed the partitions between the rooms to guarantee the freest flow between the spaces, unifying them effortlessly. In this sea of calm neutrals, every piece of furniture and accessory were exquisitely selected and showcased to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The most amazing feature of the house is the staircase leading to the mezzanine, built from a folded, single sheet of raw steel. Bravo to Maurice for a great job designing such a timeless home.

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California Cool

This airy and spacious ranch is the beautiful result of two creative minds working in sync. Interior designer Charles De Lisle and architect Ian Moller teamed up to revamp this 50s beauty and infuse vitality and modern sophistication into it. The layout of the Summer house is cleverly designed to accommodate welcoming vignettes of furniture in order to make it feel like the ideal family gathering place—and where we can appreciate the dashing blend of old and new. Moller's palette of materials showcases an earthy mix of terrazzo, western red cedar, locally-produced custom tile work and contrasting steel details. By far, the William Wurster Ranch is in its perfection, a great example of “California Cool”.

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A New Operatic Star

Paris always has something new and fabulous to offer. When I read about the recent opening of L'Opera Restaurant in the Palais Garnier, I knew right away this was a mandatory stop in my four-day visit to the City of Lights. The project took 136 years in the making, since it was originally part of the "final draft" but never came to completion. Finally, Charles Garnier's dream came a reality when this magnificent space opened its doors this year with an ultra modern design orchestrated by architect Odile Decq. After seeing a phenomenal production of La Source by the Paris Opera Ballet, having dinner here was the perfect compliment to a wonderful evening. Inside, the space is divided into three different areas: the hall, the Martini lounge bar and the mezzanine –all surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling undulating veil of glass. Frankly, it was an absolute treat to dine in a space full of history and with such remarkable contrast between the old and the new. This restaurant is a wonderful addition to what already is an unbelievably breathtaking building.

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New York Glam

With impressive views of New York City's skyline, this magnificent loft by husband and wife design duo Bob and Cortney Novogratz offers a delicious marriage between the old and the new. The living area is perfectly designed literally around Family, a fun area rug that's part of the couple's first line of accessories. Taking advantage of the lofty ceilings, they created an oversized chandelier by grouping six Copper Shade pendants by Tom Dixon at different heights (one of my favorite pieces in this pad). The Novograts successfully put together a perfect mix of vintage and modern furniture, expensive and inexpensive pieces and colorful surrealist works of art, creating a timeless and glam atmosphere — a trait they're well-known for.

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