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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Pioneer chef and restauranteur Jamie Oliver has challenged a select group of artists and designers to lend their creativity and customize Arne Jacobsen's classic Ant chair. The one-of-a-kind designer chairs will be auctioned off to raise funds for his The Better Food Foundation which trains unemployed youngsters to become professional chefs. Designer like Paul Smith, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen and Christopher Bailey for Burberry are among the famed few invited to participate in The Big Chair Project. Each chair, like the ‘Truly Scrumptious’ by Julien McDonald, above, is quite unique in its own right. These are some of that caught my eye for their funkiness and creativity. You can take a peek at the rest of them here.

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I'm completely in tune with the aesthetics of this gorg place, home of designer/artist Morten Andersen Bøgh. His passion for black is present all throughout the space—beautifully paired with a palette of grays, white, wood and steel. The slate-covered fireplace in the living room gives the house an element of raw nature in the otherwise very sharp decor. His touch is not limited to the colors, but also to the modern couches of his own design and stunning artwork collection that adorns the walls. By painting black stripes on the bedroom wall, Morten gave an illusion of space and created a more dramatic canvas to one of his own paintings. It's not by coincidence that I often use Morten's color scheme in my own interiors. I'm simply crazy about it.

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Summer is all about relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, and this modern Danish cottage was conceived to do just that. Designed by architect Henriette Michaelsen for her sister, this lovely 940 square-feet home sets the stage for a wonderful and active life in the open. The floor-to-ceiling windows play an important role in its design by seamlessly connecting the beautiful grounds with the living space. But for me la pièce de résistance is the divine open shower in the back of the house—it's always a delicious (and romantic) feature to have in Summer place. I can definitely do some serious relaxing in this dreamy sanctuary. How about you? Happy weekend!!

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Decorating around a litter box is not an easy task. But Seattle-based artist Crystal Gregory has come up with this beautiful collection of stylish cabinets to help cat lovers camouflage the unwelcome eyesore. Owner of two Canadian Hairless cats and two Italian Greyhounds, Crystal understood the need to take pet furniture to another level by creating Modernist Cat. The Collection is modeled with Mid-Century design principles—with utility and durability in mind. The cabinets can be arranged in different configurations to disguise unsightly litter pans, reduce litter tracking or be used as a place for your modern cat or dog to play, perch or sleep without compromising your home's fab style. I don't know what's cuter, her cool cabinets or her adorable pets.

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Extreme light, high-quality materials and a casual organization are key design elements in this drool-worthy house in Madrid. The home is fiercely decorated with contemporary furniture peppered with numerous trendy vintage pieces—like those three 70s lounge chairs upholstered in brilliant jewel tones (which for me make the living room sparkle). But the key to the success of the decor, without a doubt, is the contrast of colors: a base of black and charcoal gray superimposed on bright colors. The owners chose the color palette based on the white walls, tables and carpets they already owned. Their goal was to create a harmonious environment with a current vibe. Mission accomplished!

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I'm so glad the weekend is only a day away, although I'll be spending it running around like crazy trying to finish a staging project I need to complete before I go on vacation next week. Instead, how I wish I was enjoying a couple of days in this soothing Swedish Summer lake house photographed by the talented London-based photographer Rachael Smith. It's the ideal retreat for a delicious weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The decor is done just right with enough furniture and beautiful details to create a comfy refuge to lounge in. I can just see myself killing time in that groovy white lounge chair by the fire indulging on a divine Summer cocktail (I guess it doesn't hurt to daydream). Cheers!... and enjoy whatever fabulous plans you have this weekend.

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As you might know by now, I'm a hopeless junkie for the simplistic beauty of Scandinavian style—the reason why I've always wanted to go to the place where it all started and experience first hand the coolness of Nordic design. So guess what? A week from today, my dream will come true as we cross the pond for a much anticipated visit to Copenhagen and Stockholm. Did I tell you I'm up in the clouds of excitement? While doing my homework of searching for neat places to stay, one that caught my eye was the stunning STAY Copenhagen. A former hub for the city's creative elite before the renovation, the Apartment Hotel offers 12 different spacious and fully-equipped apartments types designed with comfortable Scandinavian minimalism by Danish furniture company HAY. In all honesty, I wouldn't mind spending a few days in any of these dreamy and fantastic pads while in the Danish capital.

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There isn't a better place to find great inspiration for bedroom decor than beautifully designed boutique hotels. This recently opened gem in the center of Oslo, Norway, has plenty of eye candy to stimulate your senses. The interiors of the Hotel Grand Central are divinely designed by architects Lars Helling and Ajas Mellbye with murals by artist Ariel McMillion. The rooms in particular are brilliant. They're all spacious with lofty ceilings and decorated with lots of wit, style and a little rock-'n'-roll attitude. The designers conceived different themes for the guest rooms. Although they all enjoy that Scandinavian flair, each rooms has its own personality—some are whimsical and eclectic where others are more minimal and monochromatic. So take your pick. Which one better fits your style? I'm having a hard time choosing since all of them have plenty to love.

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