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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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I've fallen madly in love with this charming farmhouse in Rhinebeck, NY. Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown of TsAO & McKOWN Architects took on the renovation of a former tenant farmer's cottage and extended it with a screened porch to turn it into their 1200 square-feet weekend retreat. It truly came out beautifully. I applaud their decision to paint the interiors of the house, including the floors, in a creamy white— with the exception of a couple of walls in the foyer which they painted  pea-green for contrast and interest. The simplicity of the original architecture plays wonderfully with the rustic and mid-century modern furnishings and their collection of eclectic flea market finds. If you ask me what my favorite feature of the house is, I'd have to say the dark gray they picked to paint the exterior. It's simply perfect.

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Most people often perceive minimalist spaces as stark and cold. But in reality there are many interpretation of this great style. Minimalist spaces can also be welcoming and warm, it all depends on the colors, materials and textures used in the decor. Take for instance this stunning Parisian flat featured in the September issue of Maison Française magazine fully redesigned by French interior designer Frederic Sicard in a neo-minimalist style. He beautifully transformed it into a luxurious, functional yet warm and inviting pied-a-terre by working with wood, rich hues and an amazing mix of furniture styles. This home is perfectly styled with just the right amount of pieces and accessories—proving my all time favorite expression ‘less is more’. Happy weekend!

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Large rooms, lots of light and especially a great location are some of the features that closed the deal on this dreamy old brick home north of Copenhagen. Although aesthetics are paramount in this 2000 square-feet apartment, the home was designed with function in mind, particularly cozy gatherings and everyday family life. One of the ideas behind the decor was to harmoniously mix different materials and styles along with the fabulous collection of posters from Parisian flea markets. Overall, it's a lovely nest packed with personality and Scandinavian charm and a beautiful place to come home to.

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I can't get over how gorgeous this renovation by Gundry & Ducker Architects turned out. They've beautifully transformed a formerly dark and narrow kitchen area into a light-filled kitchen and an informal family room with direct access to the garden. By using a monochromatic color palette in the new addition of the house they've created a lovely contrast with the Edwardian colors already used in the existing London home. A double sigh and a round of applause for such a stunning space.

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Sometimes the simplest things are the most lasting and memorable. Originally designed for the Hotel Astoria in Trondheim, Norway, the Topan pendant is a brilliant example of such simplicity. It was the first mass produced lamp by Verner Panton, later to be followed by the Flower Pot. Whether in its own or hung on a cluster, the Topan's classic coolness can be easily added to any decor to make a lasting impression.

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There are still a couple of weeks left of Summer, so let's enjoy them as much as we can before the crisp air of Autumn descends upon us. This stunner of a beach house in Huentelauquen, Chile would be the perfect spot to relax and catch some rays. Wouldn't you agree? The minimalist retreat was strategically designed by architectural firm 01Arq to take advantage of the beautiful setting by creating an open space layout that would make it easier to take in the breathtaking ocean views.

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Once you fall head-over-heels in love with color, there's no going back. At least that's the case for design-centric Bradford Shellhammer, founder and chief designer of His upstate New York weekend home is a Technicolor projection of his ardent passion for a bright color palette. This fun-filled early 1960's country house is the perfect getaway from his busy online retail job. His wonderful collection of mid-century furniture, artwork and chachkies come mostly from his own You can say he is a very satisfied customer.

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If there's one thing I'm guilty about, it's not getting around to sharing my travel pictures soon after my trips. It usually takes me a few weeks to actually sit down and go through all my photos. It's not because I don't want to, but mostly because of the lack of time. Between my projects and my everyday errands, I barely have time left in the day to getting around to do it. So after threats from my friends and family, I felt the need to carve a few minutes off my weekend and edit. Here is a small sampling of some of my favorite shots of my Copenhagen visit. From a stunning boutique dressing room (above) to unexpected furniture finds, the Danish capital is full of beautiful vignettes worth a snapshot. Enjoy!

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