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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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New York Design Week: ICFF

Last Saturday I spent most of the afternoon strolling through New York Design Week's main event. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair, or ICFF, brings together designers from around the world to showcase their new products and connect with fellow creative minds. It's the perfect place to find newcomers as well as the more established names in the furnishings design universe. While browsing through the exhibit, I was thrilled to see, and touch, many of the pieces already showcased here in TheDesignerPad. There was plenty of eye candy everywhere, but one of the things that caught my eye was the amount of new and innovative lighting made with unexpected materials in very creative ways. It was definitely exhilarating to see new and young talent jumping on the design bandwagon with a different and fresh approach. Here's a taste of the things I loved most in the show.

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Floating Globes

I'm always fascinated to learn how designers find their calling to do what they do. For Lindsey Adelman inspiration came when watching an industrial designer at the Smithsonian Institution carve French fries for a show. Right there and then, she knew industrial design was her thing. Her ongoing interest in combining the hand-crafted with the machine-made, the sensual with the practical, and the feminine with the masculine is a consistent trademark of her work. After years of working in mass production, Adelman decided to go back toward having a direct hand in the work and create a more exclusive product, hence giving life to her signature lighting collection featuring hand-blown glass globes and custom plated hardware. Crafted and assembled in her New York City studio, the Bubble Series includes two styles of chandeliers with either branching or stacking hardware, a sconce, and a floor light. I'm finding the whole collection unbelievably stunning, and the fact they're custom-made makes the design possibilities endless.

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A Classic With a Twist

Reminiscent of classic industrial metal lamps from the 20th century, the Batucada table task lamp is designed by Brazilian designer Brunno Jahara and produced by Vialight. The lamp is a continuation of the Batucada Collection, where the designer hammers and smashes objects such as centerpieces, vases and lamps. It uses LED technology and is made of low impact materials such as aluminum, which is 100% recyclable. Even though every lamp is unique, the hammered surfaces reflect the light and lend character to the lamps. As part of the Miami Design Week, the Batucada lamp will be displayed at Ornare showroom in the Design District starting tomorrow November 29. I think it's a great addition to the collection!

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Tin beauties

Batucada, the percussion beat used in Brazilian carnival parties, is the name given to this beautiful collection of vases, hanging lamps and trays made out of recycled aluminum by Jahara Studio. The process used to create these vibrant pieces highlights the imperfections of the objects. In Brazil 98% of the aluminum used is recycled, putting them on the top of the list of countries that recycle this metal. The designers used rhythm as the main inspiration for this collection by hammering and leaving unique markings in every piece. The combination of their simplicity and electrifying colors makes these beauties hit a high note. 

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Seasoned lamps

Images courtesy of Inhabitat.comAfter ten relaxing days of traveling, eating yummy food and discovering wonderful things in Amsterdam and Antwerp, I'm home in the process of getting back in the groove of things. Once I'm done with the unpacking (not my favorite thing to do), I will go through all my photos and material I collected along the way in order to start sharing with you the many cool things I came across in my trip.
   But in the meantime let me show you how you can add a pinch of flavor to your decor with these delicious lamps made of salt. Yes, you heard right, salt. Designed by Roberto Tweraser, the SALT lamps made their debut at this year's London Design Festival and are great pieces that will season any bland space. How savory are they?

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Twisted lights

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I'm all for being nice to the planet and conserving energy by using low energy bulbs in your home. But let's be honest, the light that some of this bulbs radiates can be, with exception of some, a little too institutional – plus they're not that pretty to look at. Thankfully, the new Plumen fluorescent bulb has arrived. The new model aims to show off its very unique coil rather than hide it like the traditional design and the light seems to be much warmer. How twisted is that?


Illuminating birds

If you're on a budget and don't want to lose your feathers buying the original La Grande Voliere Shade Pendant lamp, you can now get this less expensive, but still very cute version at Urban Outfitters.

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