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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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As the proud owner of a prop house for the filming industry, Alketas Pazis has one of the most amazing collections of mid-century modern and industrial antiques ranging from the 1900‘s to the 1950’s. Having one of the most extensive collections in Greece, he focuses on a more exclusive European segment of the avant-garde modern movement. The eclecticism of his pieces is what makes his collection so unique. Can you imagine living surrounded by these fabulous treasures? Well, as a matter of fact, this is how he lives, in this residence/showroom that houses his remarkable compilation inspired by public spaces of the past. This is just a sampling of his extensive collection to whet your appetite, so don't hesitate to go here to see more.

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This incredibly fun lamp combines the functional elements of a sconce and a table giving the illusion of floating. Illusion Half, the wall version of the original Illusion lamp, is created by the Nordic company Northern Lighting in collaboration with Hareide Design. It's their way of merging two common pieces of furniture in one with an unexpected magical twist. The lamp is a perfect mood maker that works great in an entryway as well as in the bedroom as a night stand. Clever, right?

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When I saw these adorable floor lamps I simply had to smile. Faces (that's their name) are designed by interior designers Isabelle Gilles and Yann Poncelet of Colonel. I love how simply their design is. The lamps consists of tripod-like base made in solid beech and a shade covered in felt, where they decided to add the right touch of color. Even the fabric that covers the wire matches the color of the shade — how cute is that? The shades can also be tilted to redirect the light to your needs. Happy Saturday!!

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Paper is a versatile material with many uses, but it's not limited to writing, printing, drawing or packaging. It can also be used to make beautiful things to decorate your home with. These lovely vignettes shot by talented Dutch photographer Hotze Eisma will give you a few clever ideas on how to give this ancient material alternative uses. For instance, you can create a one-of-a-kind pendant lamp for your dining room by applying torn sheets of white glossy paper on a wicker basket, and complete the whole story by using brown packing paper as a table runner.

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Lighting Creatures

Recognized as one of the most stylish and influential interior designers today, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz is known for his seductive and at times whimsical interiors. BNO Design, his New York based design studio, has now come out with these playful and one-of-a-kind lighting creatures made with old upcycled bottles. They're amusing and would make any room in your home sparkle with laughter, especially your kids'.

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Pendant Constellations 

Lighting is paramount when setting the mood in a home. With the huge variety available to us, sometimes it's hard to choose the perfect lighting fixture to fit our style. But I'm all for being creative and using different and unique lamps whenever possible. For instance, these quirky Antlers Lamps, by designer Volker Haug, are all that and more and will definitely make a statement above any dining room table or wherever a fanciful touch is needed. These constellation-like lamps are beautifully handcrafted in porcelain components glazed in brown or white. He get his inspiration by “shopping at places like fishing shops, Asian kitchenware stores, salvage yards, junk shops and leather wholesalers, just to name a few. It’s not uncommon to see on his studio a new design being created from a range of unusual materials such as plumbing joints, tea strainers, woven electrical wire and Japanese calligraphy brushes. His unusual creations can be found in bars, restaurants, cafes or even at your aunty's home. His diverse yet minimalist style can transform any space.”

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Relighting The Past

If you're into revitalizing old and forgotten treasures, you're going to love these phenomenal lamps by Ursula. Her unique boutique EarthSeaWarrior by Ursula specializes in the reconstruction of artifacts and industrial relics. She's really into using “specimens left behind by nature and/or machine and uses them to redesign whatchamacallits for the neo-nostalgic collector.” I'm smitten by her witty mix of color cloth cords with the distressed look of the vintage lamp parts. One of my faves is the one below where the base and mirror were upcycled from an old car lamp. Here's to another another fine example of repurposing someone else's trash into one-of-a-kind gems. Two thumbs up for Ursula!

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My Cup of  Tea

Simplicity is a great thing. There's no need to over decorate a space when you have the right concept in mind. This was true for architect Alan Chu who used color as inspiration for The Gourme Tea, a fun tea room in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This flawless space is basically a stark-white box with just the right punch of colors and very simple furnishings. I love how something as simple as the color of tea canisters can spark an idea to create such a unique place. Everything fits just right, especially the delicious pendant lamps he used to emphasize their product. Tea anyone?

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