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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Whether granite countertops, a custom kitchen island, or built-in wine storage are new kitchen musts, discover thousands of kitchen designs to help make your dream come true.
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I can't get over how gorgeous this renovation by Gundry & Ducker Architects turned out. They've beautifully transformed a formerly dark and narrow kitchen area into a light-filled kitchen and an informal family room with direct access to the garden. By using a monochromatic color palette in the new addition of the house they've created a lovely contrast with the Edwardian colors already used in the existing London home. A double sigh and a round of applause for such a stunning space.

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No matter which home decorating style you fancy, it's all about how much of YOU is reflected in your nest. Undoubtedly, this 900 square-feet home shows lots of special touches from owner Benedikte Ugland. Her passion for photography and interior design is present in every nook as lovely details that exude personality. I'm particularly crushing on the impromptu chandelier in the kitchen, made with six different hanging bulbs wrapped around a pole she commissioned to a blacksmith. The mix of concrete, industrial accessories and flea market finds gives this home a lived-in feel that's really charming and inviting.

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Organization has always been my weakness, well more like my obsession. That's why when I saw these neatly arranged kitchen drawers I felt in heaven. Undoubtedly, these are drawers for any design lover. The color-coordinated drawers display utensils from Normann Copenhagen's Fall line of kitchen gadgets, known for their great balance between form and function. I've always been a huge fan of their products, more so after visiting their flagship store in Copenhagen—it was like walking into a design paradise.

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The first thing I do when getting up every morning is pouring a cup of joe to get the day going. And how much brighter my day would be with one of these colorful Geo thermoses by Normann Copenhagen. It's great how they've fused its minimalist yet stylish design with such wonderfully bright and fashion-inspired color combinations. “My idea behind Geo was to make a thermos that has character. I have worked with the various lines, circles and forms of the thermos to create a geometric harmony and to give the flask weight and stability. Its shape is what gives Geo a sharp and graphic expression, and the masculine design perfectly counterbalances the lively color combinations,” explains the designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen. They're all so so wonderful I would have a hard time picking a favorite, even though the black and gray combo will look amazing in my kitchen.

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If you still haven't gotten into recycling, these crazy fun trash containers by Hong Kong-based retailers Goodss Passion, will for sure motivate you to get into the habit. The lids for each container are topped with whimsical sculptures of a bottle, a can and a carton to make it easier to recognize each recycling group—and to make recycling fun and convenient for everyone. I'm really fancying these wonderful bins, but sadly my tiny kitchen doesn't have the room to enjoy them. Oh well... maybe yours can.

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I'm not fond of weighing everything I eat, but this mechanical kitchen scale by Bengt Ek Design might tempt me to start. It has that Scandinavian design I adore with a classic retro feel, plus it has a clock in the back side with ultimate Swiss precision. This object of beauty would look gorg in my kitchen counter since hiding it is not an option. Papa likes!

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I'm in the middle of decking my kitchen with new Silestone countertops. And of course, as it always happens when you embark in any kind of home improvement project, other unexpected things started to happen. I'm telling you, it never fails. This time, my adored Morrison Coffee Maker broke and my heart with it too (double sigh). So I knew my hunt for another stylish one was not going to be easy. But to my surprise, I came across the new Krups Silver Art Collection and I immediately fell in love with its sleek look. It was everything I was looking for: modern, compact and chic. The line also includes an espresso machine, a tea kettle, a toaster and a juicer—all in shiny stainless steel, chrome and wood detailing. I'm beyond excited with this new addition to my kitchen. It's going to look fab on the new white countertopd which should be installed next week. Thumb up to Krups for giving us this fantastic treat.

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If you have a sweet tooth like me and an adoration for beautiful photography, you're going to fall head over heels in love with these delicious Pantone Tarts by French artistic director Emilie de Morello. Her passion for food, color and photography inspired her to create Griottes, an amazing blog where she shares her recipes and other things from around the kitchen with the most original and creative images. As we all know, the first thing that attracts us to food is the way it looks and is presented, and Emily truly masters this special craft. I absolutely enjoyed browsing through her amazing work, and I'm positive you will too.

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