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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Bold and Daring

I consider myself a designer who likes to take chances and create out-of-the-box interiors. That's why I have a crush on this home that appeared in the Swedish edition of Elle Interior. Although they used bold colors and very graphic elements throughout, the whole feeling of the home is quite serene, mostly due to the perfect balance between all the visual components and the way they are used. I'm all for using different approaches when it comes to wall art, but this funky mural really does it for me — it's what first caught my eye when I was drooling over this family's pad. And how about those blue kitchen cabinets? How many people you know would go for such a bold statement? I definitely think it's what makes this space a head turner. So my friends, this proves that being daring when decorating your home is a good thing. The smart and unexpected use of color and surprising elements can make any room quite special.

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Signature Starck

While looking for a place to ring in the New Year, the hotel's concierge gave us a list of cool places in Madrid where to celebrate the big night. Among them was Ramses, a fabulous club designed by renowned design guru Philippe Starck — and one of the “it” places in the Spanish capital. Knowing Starck's imaginative style, we immediately put it on top of the list. So we took a stroll to the famous Puerta de Alcala, where it is located, to take a peek before making a decision. The multi-level restaurant/bar/lounge was everything I was expecting, and more. The place has several dining rooms, lounge areas and a club, each more stunning and eccentric than the other.

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Ready for Midnight

Today starts the final countdown to 2011. Everyone is ready to say goodbye to 2010 and welcome a new decade. I'm a firm believer that the way you start a new year will set the tone for the rest of it. So my dear friends, start celebrating with lots of good will and a fabulous attitude. And since I'm in Madrid I have to do as Spaniards do: twelve grapes and a chilled glass of cava on hand to cheer the eminent arrival. Wishing you all a magnificent and designful New Year and the best of the best for 2011. Salud!!

images by Lokal 54


Winter Whiter-land

Wintertime has officially made its grand entrance! By now, our homes are filled with shaggylicious textures, fluffy throws and soft down pillows to make our pads toasty and comfortable. But what a better way to embrace those long and cold days of the season than with warm winter whites. They're a great way of lifting up our spirit and help us enjoy this beautiful and peaceful time of year. Happy Winter!

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A Touch of Imperfection

I'm a big promoter of mixing styles when decorating a home. Combining antique or vintage pieces with your modern ones always adds character and personality to any room. You don't want your pad to look like it came out of a catalogue, that's why it's important to add a piece, or two, that show their age. So don't be afraid to integrate a piece from a different era or origin, it will only give your home a touch of history and individuality. Flea markets are a great source for finding these treasures at a more affordable price. Remember, it's all about having fun!

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Industrial Chic

Being the heart of a home, the kitchen must be a welcoming space since it's the place where everyone ends up congregating. The Studio Kitchen, shot by Danish photographer Stuart McIntyre, is for sure a place that I would love spending some time in — plus the beautiful way it was photographed makes me even drool about it. The most fascinating aspect of this room is the random mix of styles, although very successfully put together. The unexpected use of elements and odd accessories is very smart. From the china, old utensils, the blend of furniture to the mind-blowing yellow car suspended above the working area, this kitchen goes beyond traditional. And what's most amazing is that the uniqueness doesn't stop there, it spreads all the way through the sitting area where a very slick metallic silver couch awaits for someone to lounge on. This is the complete package and an absolute winner on my book.

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Wish You Were Here

Christmas in New York is one of the most especial in the world as the city transforms into a Winter Wonderland every year. Right before Thanksgiving you start feeling the festive air in every corner of town. But for me, one of the staples of the Season is the famous Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows on the Fifth Avenue block between 57th and 58th streets . Ever since I moved to Manhattan, I look forward, with anxious anticipation, to the reveal of these magical and inspiring displays. This year, Linda Fargo and David Hoey, heads of the store's presentation team, were inspired by fantasy travel to faraway places. Hoey describes them as as a mix of unexpected arrivals and departures influenced by Roman mythology and the movies — the reason for their name "Wish You Were Here."

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