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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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“Your home defines who you are, and who you want to be,” proclaims fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. And I second that way of thinking. Through decor and artwork you can easily infuse your personality and style in your home. This Parisian flat is no exception to the rule. It's the striking artwork by young artists that provides a perfect framework for this eclectic home in the French capital. An open floor plan houses the kitchen, the dining room and lounge area, all surrounded by bold and fun pieces of art that most certainly make a statement about the owners. I truly belief artwork should reflect your spirit and not just something to fill your walls with. You honestly can do it without breaking the bank. All you need is a little imagination.

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Once a year, New York City welcomes furniture and home decor designers and manufactures from around the world to showcase their new creations at ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair). So yesterday afternoon I headed over to this great spectacle ready for a design overdose. My expectations were surpassed. I was excited to see a lot of new talent among the veteran design houses, especially in wall coverings. The variety of materials and interpretations in wallpapers, tiles and finishes was quite extensive—actually more than I've seen in previous years. Another biggie was lighting (or maybe it was just me since I have a weakness for everything that illuminates). But seriously, the array of alternatives and designs was glorious. Last but not least, I was very happy to see a great deal of attention paid to the outdoors with a gorgeous and stylish selection of furniture and accessories for the patio and backyard. Overall, I spent a delightful afternoon drooling over such wonderful and inspiring work, but the cherry on the cake was running into design guru Karim Rashid. The fair will be open until tomorrow, so if you happen to be in this part of town, I recommend you stop by and see for yourself what's new and happening in the world of design. If not, here are a few of the many things that really caught my eye. Enjoy!

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I'm a firm believer that one should do what makes us happy. One of the things that makes my world go round is to find out what's next and best in the world of furniture design. So today, I'll be going to ICFF (New York's International Contemporary Furniture Fair) to see all the new and cool stuff we'll be seeing in stores soon. I'll  be in the look out for new trends and hot decor designs, so don't miss tomorrow's post where I'll be sharing the ins and out of this much anticipated event. 



Everything great always starts with a vision, like this fantastic lofty home in San Francisco's Mission district. Originally a Lucky Strike cigarette warehouse, the 1925 concrete building was converted into this sweet nest for British-born electrical engineer Clive McCarthy and his wife. After seeing the potential of the structure, he decided to buy it with hopes of transforming it into the contemporary home it is now. The whole building was gutted to create spacious areas for each room of the house, leaving the rawness of the original architecture seep through the design. How's this for industrial chic? Happy weekend!

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Are you mad about color but find yourself doubting how to inject it to your living room? Well, doubt no more. Here's a quick guide from our friends at House to Home that will demystify color for you. If you're in a monochromatic mood, mix textures, patterns and different shades of the color of your choice to add interest to the room. Also, with the large variety of fun wallpapers available to us now, you can pick a feature wall in your living room and use a colorful wall covering to create a focal point. One last but important tip: don't be afraid to be bold as bold can be a good thing. Dare to use combinations of colors you might have never thought of using. Accent pieces are a great way to introduce this color-blocking concept. Are you feeling adventurous now?

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Once a cottage built in the 1860 by a local fisherman, this warm and cozy home is my dream of a house. I simply love everything about it. There is a certain spontaneity and free-style to its decor that's right up my alley. Located a few miles north of Copenhagen, this family abode is filled with charming details that makes me want to cuddle up on any of their cushy pieces of furniture. You can see more of their gorg house and read the complete story on the renovation here. Enjoy!

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Light, air and space are the main ingredients in the home of Danish interior designer Tina Offshore Wind. The result is this fresh and sun-drenched first floor apartment in a villa north of Copenhagen, which she shares with her husband, son and adorable pet rabbit Thumper. There is a simple aesthetic comfort to it that I simply love, particularly the subdued color palette that's very representative of her design style: earth tones, gray, white rose with wooden touches. And for course, her selective use of furniture is perfect. Everything is carefully selected and placed so that each piece of furniture has enough breathing room around it, creating a very relaxing ambiance.

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Let's be inspired today by the beautiful work of the truly talented Danish photographer Heide Lerkenfeldt. I'm so into her delightful compositions and sense of serenity she captures in every frame. Her versatility as a photographer is amazing. Not only does she shoot amazing spaces and products, but she also does a masterful job with fashion, food and people. But don't take my word for it. Please, go browse through her portfolio and see for yourself. You will love her work as much as I do.

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