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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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A simple solution

This clever and super functional wall rack is a very easy solution to store your bike and still make it look good. The Cycloc, designed by Andrew Lang, was the winner of the Consumer Product Design of the Year award. The intelligent design allows you to store your bike either vertically or horizontally and gives you four colors to choose from. And I love the fact that it's made out of 100% recycled post-industrial plastic. It's perfect for small pads. 


Warming Trends

Everyone dreams to have the picture-perfect home with a beautiful fireplace in every room, especially when wintery days are almost knocking at our door. But don't feel blue if you don't happen to have that fireplace that you've been longing for. Now you have the option to bring some warmth and ambiance into your abode with these very stylish portable fireplaces. There is plenty where to choose from — some more affordable than others. But the best part of it is that they're vent-free, smokeless and the majority of them are fueled by bioethanol — a wholly renewable source of energy made from sugar, potatoes, beets, corn or other agricultural products (very cool).

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Tin beauties

Batucada, the percussion beat used in Brazilian carnival parties, is the name given to this beautiful collection of vases, hanging lamps and trays made out of recycled aluminum by Jahara Studio. The process used to create these vibrant pieces highlights the imperfections of the objects. In Brazil 98% of the aluminum used is recycled, putting them on the top of the list of countries that recycle this metal. The designers used rhythm as the main inspiration for this collection by hammering and leaving unique markings in every piece. The combination of their simplicity and electrifying colors makes these beauties hit a high note. 

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The folding game

Folding furniture has been around for ages, but with new technology and very innovative designers those institutional-looking chairs and tables we once knew are a thing of the past – thank God. The modern take are sculptural objects of outstanding aesthetic value, whether folded or open. And if you live in a tight space these could be a very practical solution, as some fold so flat they can be stored under a bed or in a closet. Besides saving some valuable floor space, folding furniture is also easily portable. The One Shot stool opens up with a simple twist, and the help of gravity, to become a very sturdy seat. Inspired by a folding basket found in a Bulgarian market, The Clip (below) is a stunning and very comfortable lounge chair designed by Blasius Osko and Oliver Deichmann for Moooi, my ultimate favorite!

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Riding with a conscience

Nowadays, bicycles come in all shapes and colors but this one is unique. Although not the first of it's kind (see history here) , the Bamboocycle was designed with sustainability and responsibility in mind. Created by 24 year-old Mexican industrial designer Diego Cárdenas, this bike is known for its lightness, strength and flexibility. The bamboo used to make this bicycle is grown in Veracruz, Mexico and is treated to maximize sturdiness and endurance. I so want one.

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One crate idea

I'm the kind of person who loves transforming old things and give them a new lease on life. But why didn't I think of this one? Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba has recycled this world-traveled shipping crate and made it into a piece of furniture fit for any home. By just adding nice looking legs and a hinge he has adapted something that would have probably ended up in a dumpster into a treasure.

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