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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Rustic Modernismo

Some people are fortunate to find an old house close to ruins and have the vision to give it a new lease on life. That was the case for the owners of this gem in Segovia, Spain, who transformed this stone house into a stunning and eco-friendly country nest. Put into the hands of architect Ana Girod, the goal of the renovation was to maintain the old character of the structure and adapt it to their modern lifestyle. With the use of basic materials like wood and polished concrete for the floors, Girod accomplished simple yet striking interiors. Her use of streamlined furnishings mixed with rustic details creates the right balance between old and new. But for me, the room that takes my breath away is the kitchen for its unpredictable approach, specially for a country home. Love, love love!!

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A Wall Is Born

If you're looking to add instant pizzazz to your home, without breaking the bank, look what I got for you. These phenomenal sculptural wall tiles are your ticket to cover an existing wall, help disguise a not-so-smooth surface or add a modern pattern to any room setting. And what's even better is that no tree was harmed through the process since they're made from 100% bamboo pulp. You can create your own pattern by simply rotating them and they also can be painted to match your decor. I love them so, that I recently finished covering a brick wall in my pad with the Seesaw Wall Flats. It looks amazing! Stay tuned, I'll be posting about this DIY project with before, during and after picture for you to see. Aren't these cool?

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An Egg-cellent Habitat

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you're having a superb holiday. Look what I found on my Easter Egg Hunt: these adorable and stylish pods will offer your furry friends a safe and nurturing habitat to relax in. Why not add some pizzazz to Fido or Whiskers' life with a small sanctuary that reflects your personal style. You can customize their pEi Pod (Ei means egg in German) by selecting from charming pastel colors and fabrics. I'm sure that if Oliver saw these he would add one to his wish list.

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A Common Good

Let's start celebrating Earth Day by making your Spring cleaning a little greener using this line of biodegradable and refillable household cleaners by Brooklyn-based company Common Good. Created by former prop stylists, the brand was born of the idea that we were using too much plastic. With the help from specialists, they were able to develop products that were not only safe for people and the environment, but also didn't sacrifice cleaning power by using low toxic and plant-based ingredients.. The line offers laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, an all-purpose cleaner, soap bars, candles and 100% cotton flour sack dish cloths. Even the minimalist packaging design reflects their visionary concept. Common Good products can be found in select New York stores and of course online. By the way, don't miss our fabulous Earth Day Giveaway tomorrow!

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Home Contained

One of the most read and popular posts I've published so far is one about container living. As a matter of fact, it is one of my favorites since it shows how something so raw and unattractive as shipping containers can be transformed into beautiful living spaces. So when I spotted this amazing home I didn't think twice about sharing it with you. This beauty, in Kansas City, Missouri, is actually a prototype conceived and designed by former toy accessory designer Debbie Glassberg in hopes of making container houses an affordable alternative. The Contained Home was built mostly by putting together five metal containers, creating 2,600 square feet of unbelievable living and entertaining space.

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Literary Timepieces

I'm always on the lookout for cool and talented individuals in the blogosphere whose work inspires others (including myself). The other day I came across the fabulous blog of Swedish freelance photographer and graphic design student Hilda Grahnat. I instantly fell in love with the freshness and originality of her posts, particularly the gorgeous photographs she takes herself. While exploring her blog, I found her shop where she sells these nifty clocks she makes out of vintage books. Aren't they neat? I thought you would get a kick out of them. Actually all the wonderful goodies in her store are made by her very talented hands. So make sure you pay her blog a visit to treat yourself. Keep up the good work Hilda!

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Save It From A Rainy Day

As we get ready to enjoy our outdoor spaces and take care of our plants and blooms, it's important to be conscious about water conservation. To help us in this effort, young Dutch designer Bas van der Veer has created a rainwater collection system that plugs right into your downspouts, providing a watering can that fills up automatically when it rains. The Raindrop Mini, inspired by a drop of water, was designed specifically to be used on balconies and in small gardens. We all know recycling rainwater is a simple way of reducing household water consumption, so this genius system makes it easy for city dwellers to store and reuse rainwater in urban environments.

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Trendy Cardboard

Cardboard furniture and accessories have been in the eco-scene for some time, but it's now that this ecological trend is becoming more and more popular. The Valencia-based multidisciplinary design studio Sanserif Creatius —set up by the designer Ana Yago and journalist Jose Antonio Gimenez— specializes in the development of this kind of environment-friendly furniture and products. Their exclusive collection of 100% biodegradable corrugated cardboard pieces is very unique, drawing some inspiration from typography and Spain’s Moorish past, like their m-shaped “Mustafá” table (below).

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