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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Just like buying a new pair of shoes to revamp and old outfit, you can give a little pizzazz to your furniture by just swapping its legs with a set of these witty Prettypegs. They're ideal for adding a punch of color and personality to any sofa or bed that lacks a bit character. They come in an array of colors and silhouettes. These pretty legs will be an instant makeover that won't break the bank.

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Most times closet space doesn't come in abundance. I remember when we were searching for apartments, one of the first things we would look for was storage and closets. Unfortunately, here in New York City that is a commodity that's hard to find—I would say ninety percent of the places we saw had tiny ones or none at all. But guess what? That's part of living in the big city and we make do. I know people who in order to compensate for the lack of storage, buy metal racks to hang their clothes. So if you ever find yourself in that situation and would like put your skillful hands at work and make your own, I came across this pretty-easy-to-make and inexpensive coat rack in Weekday Carnival. The beauty of this rack is that you can customize it to a size that best works for you and paint to match your decor. All you need is a few copper pipes, six corner pieces and four T-connectors. Enssemble, polish, wipe, paint and voilá. You have a pretty industrial-chic rack that will look great either in your bedroom or foyer as a handy coat rack.

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Aren't you glad it's Friday!! I certainly am, my friends. It's been a week of running around, a great deal of subway rides and lots of back and forth making sure the final touches of my present project go as smoothly as possible (more details to come once I'm finished with it). This weekend I plan to relax and do close to nothing, except devour the new issue of Sweet Paul Magazine that's out and about. The Spring issue is chuck full of great decorating ideas, savory recipes and loads of DIY projects for the whole family. So set some time aside this weekend to take a peek and enjoy this very sweet treat. Thank you Paul for yet another gorgeous edition.

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Before I give you the juicy details on this wonderful DIY project, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your awesome support in Apartment Therapy's Homies contest. Even though TheDesignerPad didn't make it to the finals of this fierce competition (big sigh), it came in at a proud #8 on a list of hundreds. However, it was a very gratifying experience and an wonderful opportunity to discover cool and inspiring new blogs. So I encourage you to take a few minutes to browse through the list and vote for your other favorite blogs here. Okay, now back to this amazing and very easy project I came across in Briggs.

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Paper is a versatile material with many uses, but it's not limited to writing, printing, drawing or packaging. It can also be used to make beautiful things to decorate your home with. These lovely vignettes shot by talented Dutch photographer Hotze Eisma will give you a few clever ideas on how to give this ancient material alternative uses. For instance, you can create a one-of-a-kind pendant lamp for your dining room by applying torn sheets of white glossy paper on a wicker basket, and complete the whole story by using brown packing paper as a table runner.

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Cute As a Bunny

Decorating with taxidermy is a trend that's been buzzing for some time. There are plenty of options available to keep the spirit of this trend alive. I for one love this popular accessory and as a matter of fact have a couple of versions on my walls. I'm always fascinated by all the creative taxidermy interpretations designers come up with, like this adorable kit by French paper artist Chloe FleuryWith just a few folds and a bit of glue you can give dimension to this lovable rabbit head. Not in love with brown and beige? Not a problem. You can contact Chloe via email to request a kit in other colors.

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Hanger, Hanger on The Wall

Image via apartment therapy

Hanging artwork in your walls is never an easy task. First, you need to consider how to frame your art, which in its own can be pretty daunting and expensive. Then, you start debating where and how to display your pieces. But there are fun and inexpensive alternatives that you can do and still accomplish an impactful arrangement on your walls. One clever idea, is to use wooden or metal pant hangers to display your collection of prints and posters. This will give you the flexibility to arrange them on the wall without much hassle. Below are four suggestions for hangers you can use for this quick Saturday project. Have fun!! BTW, don't forget to enter this week's giveaway here where you can win a fabulous Judy Kaufmann print to add to your art collection.

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A Handmade Christmas

Image via Sweet Paul 

Written by guest blogger by Lauren Bailey

Most designers cringe when they think of holiday decor. They’re often garish and bright with a one-dimensional cartoony feel that seems only suited for elementary school classrooms. But believe it or not, tasteful and clean holiday decor does exist; you just have to look especially hard for it. But if you have trouble finding sophisticated holiday decorations, you can always make them yourself. Here are some clever ideas that will make your holiday decorating jolly and fun.

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