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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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How would you like to take a day trip to Copenhagen today? Come on, let's go and swing by the beautiful home of accessories designer Yvonne Koné for a quick tour. As a designer, Yvonne is attracted to craftsmanship and to a simple, almost primitive sense of aesthetics—traits she easily translated into the fine mix of old and new in her decor. “People often ask me what inspires me. I find it hard to define. I know for sure that the used, industrial, raw and the metallic look, is very compelling to me and a consistent theme in my collections,” she explains. I'm feeling a sense of timelessness by looking at this gorgeous pictures by Line Klein, particularly by the calm and mininalist approach Yvonne used to decorate such a stunner.

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Talk about making the most out of a small space. Interior designer Jimmy Schönning knocked down some walls and reconfigure the layout of his tiny 376 square-foot studio to better fit his needs. By converting what used to be the old kitchen into a small bedroom and moving the kitchen to the hallway, Jimmy was able to create a more convenient flow for his charming pad. He was also smart to preserve the old kitchen cabinets and use them as extra storage above his custom-designed headboard. And of course, the space also benefited by the use of white and mirrors, giving the apartment a bright and airy feeling. Another clever solution to making a small home seem larger, is to keep the color palette to a minimum—something he achieved beautifully by only using white, black and wood accents. Here's yet another proof that style also comes in small packages.

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I always enjoy taking a peek inside a designer's private space, like the extraordinary studio/shop of Danish interior designer Oliver Gustav in the heart of Copenhagen. The industrial flair in his mix of furnishings and accessories is making me green with envy, especially his beautiful displays of black apotheke-inspired bottles. He has created a beautiful balance between rough and sleek, making his atelier remarkably dreamy.

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Once you fall head-over-heels in love with color, there's no going back. At least that's the case for design-centric Bradford Shellhammer, founder and chief designer of His upstate New York weekend home is a Technicolor projection of his ardent passion for a bright color palette. This fun-filled early 1960's country house is the perfect getaway from his busy online retail job. His wonderful collection of mid-century furniture, artwork and chachkies come mostly from his own You can say he is a very satisfied customer.

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A while back I was happy to feature the stunning house of Swedish stylist Marie Olsson. I remember being mesmerized by its eclectic beauty the moment I stumbled upon it. Her delicious blend of antiques and flea-market finds gives her place a unique, warm feeling. This time around, her house is being displayed as the perfect backdrop for a Danish catalogue photo shoot. Here are a few of the lovely images shot by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from Norm Architects and perfectly styled by Wendy West—I felt they were a nice treat to start the week off. Happy Monday!

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I just got back from my Scandinavian vacation, and after ten glorious days of exploring the beautiful cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm, I've returned full of new ideas and with an overdose of wonderful design. Before leaving on my trip, I made sure to jot down a list of places to visit and must-do things while there. One of the places on the top of my list was The Apartment, a stunning gallery-like space showcasing a unique collection of design objects, furniture, antiques and art in the elegant setting of an apartment in the heart of Copenhagen. After checking into the lovely Andersen Hotel, we took a long stroll in search of what I had read was the most amazing setting located on the second floor of a beautiful ochre Danish building. We were pleasantly greeted by the charming Co-founder and Creative Director of The Apartment, Tina Seidenfaden Busck. I was in awe the moment I walked in—it was truly one of the most beautiful set ups I've ever seen. Every single room of this spacious flat was decorated with pieces they had carefully selected to create an exquisite living space. The Apartment is used mostly as a showroom to display their beautifully-curated furniture installations that they change as new pieces come in. “We hope that The Apartment will become more interesting as time passes. That we establish a place for beautiful design and art that surprises each and every visitor – a place people come back to again and again for inspiration and for exciting design,” she explains. Of course, I wanted to grab everything and bring it back home, as everything they showcase is for sale to the public. You must check their dreamy inventory here. Definitely, this is a place you must visit when in the Danish capital.

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• Written by guest blogger Margaret Jules

Your level of indulgence in luxuries is decided by your budget, and giving a new look to your home could be one of those luxuries. Whether an internal or an external makeover, the project might range from painting the walls of your house, to new flooring, and even buying new furniture for your dining room or living room. So if hiring an interior designer is your splurge of choice, then you must take a closer look at your budget so you can get what you need from your designer. However, there are various factors which could help you define your budget. Here are a few tips that will help you get there.

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These exceptional rooms are simply to die for. They're part of the impressive body of work of French architect and designer Joseph Dirand, famous for his minimalist designs and restrained color palette. By using simple yet strong lines and as few as three colors (black, gray and white), Dirand is a genius at creating powerful design stories in his spaces. There is no need to say much more, just take in the dignified beauty of these habitats.

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