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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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For me, traveling is about expanding my horizons and experiencing other cultures and customs. It's about enjoying the city I'm visiting as much as the place I'm going to be staying in. That's why I'm a big fan of the Room Mate Hotels — a quite affordable hotel chain that's passionate about great and innovative design. Located just steps from Barcelona's Plaça de Catalunya, the Room Mate Pau is the latest addition to their family. The friendly hotel offers a unique cosmopolitan decor full of character and great sense of humor conceived by architect and interior designer Teresa Sapey. By using oversized graphic images throughout the hotel's public areas, she created unexpected and fun spaces for the guests. The dramatic design also extends to the rooms, where white and circles are protagonists. Super fun!

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I'm glad it's Friday! I know I shouldn't complaint since it was quite a short work week, but I guess some of us are still having the Holiday blues. So what better to lift the spirit than a couple of tablespoons interior tonic? Honestly? So sit back, relax and enjoy these fanstamical images from the portoflio of Australian photographer Toby Scott. I love his work. Happy weekend!

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Temperatures are starting to plunge in New York, quite soon for early November. Looking at how crazy and unpredictable the weather has been around here in the last couple of weeks, I have a gut feeling this Winter is going to be colder than usual. That's why I was so excited to find Toast's Autumn/Winter catalogue. Their new collection is chuck-full of fabby decor, bedding and accessories to make the home all cozy and comfy. These delicious snaps are just wonderful and just what I needed to start warming up. Here are some of my favorite picks from their online shop. Happy weekend!

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Behind the facades of four old town houses in the old part of Ljubljana city, Slovenia, lies the modern interiors of the Vander Urbani Resort. The hotel's design, by architects Sadar and Vuga, is based on a kaleidoscopic play of 3D patterns in different materials and reflections. All 16 rooms and suites are designed in soothing colors, soft lines, exquisite materials and custom-designed furniture pieces, creating an intimate atmosphere and a unique living environment for the stylish traveler. One of my favorite features is the mirror-encased bed in one of the suites and the unexpected play of textures and patterns that create a luxurious yet welcoming place to stay.

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A few weeks back a received a very delightful phone call from one of my dearest nieces (and avid reader of TheDesignerPad) to let me know she's was expecting. Believe me, I was thrilled beyond belief to hear the great news. Ever since, she's been begging me to dedicate one of my posts to kids rooms so she could draw some inspiration for the baby's nursery. Since she doesn't want to know the sex of the baby, it might be harder for her to decide on a concept, color palette and look. But I know these fun and beautiful rooms I found in Scandinavian Deko magazine will give her some sweet ideas to start decorating her little one's nest. I know it has taken me a while Keke, but I finally got around to doing it. Enjoy and happy baby decorating! xo

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Every so often, I'm delighted to come across original hotels where the design concept is for every space to look completely different from each other. Recently opened, the Modez Hotel in Arnhem, The Netherlands offers its guests a unique experience through its eclectic look. Located in the middle of the city's Fashion District, thirty plus Dutch fashion designers were invited to design all twenty rooms of the hotel, each bringing a surprising concept that characterizes their personal styles. Although they're all wonderful, I happen to love the guestroom designed by Caroline Evers with her fun and quirky use of knits throughout the guestroom—including lamps, curtain, decorations and even chairs fully covered with knitting. Wouldn't it be interesting to have the chance to sleep in all twenty rooms and be pampered with so many different styles?

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I'm not really feeling blue, but blue was the main color I chose when I started staging this apartment a couple of months age. It's important to narrow a color palette before starting any decorating project, whether it's renovating, staging or simply sprucing up a room. The challenge here was to make a few square feet look larger and welcoming within a tight budget. In this case, the living area was right next to the kitchen, so I needed to create a separation of both spaces. By painting the wall behind the couch but leaving a white border, I was able to create a visual separation for the living room—a trick that I often use and works wonders. I was lucky this place had somewhat high ceilings, which helped make the rooms appear larger. So I decided to take advantage of this and add some drama to the bedroom by using a tall tufted headboard. Since I couldn't find one tall enough, I created one by framing wallpaper with a tufted print to achieve the same look. It really came out great. Remember, keeping it simple and telling a visual story are two rules to keep in mind when working with smaller spaces.

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Written by guest blogger Lindsay Coleman. 

Coming home to a dull bedroom can be depressing, especially after a long and stressful day. There are many ways you can make your bedroom feel cozy and welcoming without the need of spending a fortune. Here are five easy design tips and DIY ideas that will help your turn your sleeping quarters into a five-star sanctuary while getting the biggest bang for your buck.

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