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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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I just got back from my Scandinavian vacation, and after ten glorious days of exploring the beautiful cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm, I've returned full of new ideas and with an overdose of wonderful design. Before leaving on my trip, I made sure to jot down a list of places to visit and must-do things while there. One of the places on the top of my list was The Apartment, a stunning gallery-like space showcasing a unique collection of design objects, furniture, antiques and art in the elegant setting of an apartment in the heart of Copenhagen. After checking into the lovely Andersen Hotel, we took a long stroll in search of what I had read was the most amazing setting located on the second floor of a beautiful ochre Danish building. We were pleasantly greeted by the charming Co-founder and Creative Director of The Apartment, Tina Seidenfaden Busck. I was in awe the moment I walked in—it was truly one of the most beautiful set ups I've ever seen. Every single room of this spacious flat was decorated with pieces they had carefully selected to create an exquisite living space. The Apartment is used mostly as a showroom to display their beautifully-curated furniture installations that they change as new pieces come in. “We hope that The Apartment will become more interesting as time passes. That we establish a place for beautiful design and art that surprises each and every visitor – a place people come back to again and again for inspiration and for exciting design,” she explains. Of course, I wanted to grab everything and bring it back home, as everything they showcase is for sale to the public. You must check their dreamy inventory here. Definitely, this is a place you must visit when in the Danish capital.

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Extreme light, high-quality materials and a casual organization are key design elements in this drool-worthy house in Madrid. The home is fiercely decorated with contemporary furniture peppered with numerous trendy vintage pieces—like those three 70s lounge chairs upholstered in brilliant jewel tones (which for me make the living room sparkle). But the key to the success of the decor, without a doubt, is the contrast of colors: a base of black and charcoal gray superimposed on bright colors. The owners chose the color palette based on the white walls, tables and carpets they already owned. Their goal was to create a harmonious environment with a current vibe. Mission accomplished!

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Having lots of art around never hurt anyone, especially when it's as fabulous and affordable as these prints by Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd, founders of Australian studio Inaluxe. Their design philosophy is simple: “Make it beautiful, use the best materials possible and be responsible and sustainable in production practice.” Their print motifs have a vintage mood reminiscent of the 50s and 60s with the coolest color palette that I love. Kristina and Jason show pride in their artwork by using only the best archival fine art paper available and first-class giclee reproduction technology. Besides their mod-themed collection, they have a great series Of Botany & Birds largely inspired by the native Australian woods and birds. I can easily picture them hanging in Don Draper's fabulous New York City pad in Mad Men. Don't you? Happy weekend!!!

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Inspiration often comes from the simplest things. In this case, typography is what sparked the ideas for these ingenious conceptual posters by graphic designer Tom Davie. I can't get over how fun these are. I mean, really. His take on the various font names and juxtaposition of images is beyond clever. The print above “is meant to reference the clean look of modern design, while also utilizing the Modern serif typeface, Modern No. 20. The chair is a molded plastic design from the 1970s, with the “Modern” type drawn and painted onto it by hand,” he explains. All the prints are amazing, but his creative process behind each of the them is quite fantastic as well. So I you want to see more of his work (or buy his prints) and learn how they came to live, you must visit his site here.

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I love everything typography. Letter shapes are so beautiful and graphic that they make great artwork on their own. I guess that's why Swedish art director Therese Sennerholt creates these popular graphic prints with quotations and sayings, some she has found and others of her own creation. Today, she's unveiling her new collection of prints, which by the way is beyond awesome. Also cool are the rustic vignettes styled by none other than Swedish interior-styling authority Lotta Agaton and photographed by Henrik Bonnevier. Have a swell weekend :)

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When I think of Tasmania, the first thing that comes to mind is the infamous Looney Tunes character, the Tasmanian Devil. But know, I'm glad to have found these gorgeous giclée prints by Tasmania-born graphic designer Ken Lawson to have a new reference to Australia's favorite vacation island. Based on the surf coast of Victoria, Australia, Ken created a limited and open edition of graphic prints under the name Elroy Ink. “Whilst Elroy Ink aims to express something that is quintessentially me, it's also important to me that my work is accessible enough to find a place in other people's hearts,” he explains. The whole collection is pretty great and is available on his online store. Do you have a fave?

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Who says dismantling old household objects can't be an artform? For Canadian photographer Todd Mcllellan, this has become the inspiration for his latest project he calls “Disassembly”. He has taken apart vintage artifacts like a wind-up clock, an old camera, a flip clock and even an old-fashioned push lawn mower and arranged every single component into these intricate compositions. They are quite beautiful and I'm sure it took him lot of patience and dedication to create this captivating series.

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There's nothing like creating art for your own home, but this London-born artist has taken this idea a step further. Well, actually, several walls further. Shantell Martin has made it a project to cover the whole top floor a Brooklyn brownstone with her whimsical line drawings. When she first moved in, her intention was to limit her drawings to parts of a wall in her room, but inch by inch her art spontaneously took over her office and laundry room walls. Apparently, she draws on everything that comes her way, which explains her crazy fun refuge. She's even taken bottles she found on the street as canvas to display her freestyle drawings. I wonder if her mom ever let her paint on the walls when she was little. She's definitely getting away with it now. And I'm glad she is, since I'm really digging her style. Have a designful and relaxing Holiday weekend!

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