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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Entries from September 1, 2011 - September 30, 2011


A Twisted Top

Who would've thought that a bottle stopper could become more than what it was intended to be? Of course, I would not expect any less from the revolutionary Italian brand Seletti, known for its innovative and whimsical take on everyday household objects. For instance, take Appo, this quirky and rather unusual bottle stopper designed by Carlo Trevisani with an enlarged cork platter that doubles as a tray and a great centerpiece. This is crazy cool. Happy Friday!!

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A Private Suite On Wheels

Talk about bringing camping into the 21st century. This luxurious take on the camper gives you the freedom to go, or stay, wherever you wish, while enjoying the outdoors in style. The Opera is a mobile holiday package combining tent accommodation, optimum travelling pleasure, convenience and comfort, and of course a modern look. This spectacular travel companion will open a world in which you can enjoy the luxuries of a comfortable boutique hotel against the backdrop of your favorite natural settings. The camper comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, two beds, a deck and plenty of storage to bring all that you need to have a memorable date with nature. Camping anyone?

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Mapping The Walls

It's not always easy finding great artwork for your walls, especially at prices accessible to everyone. But thanks to Jane Tobitt and David Wardle of design collective Bold and Noble, we can enjoy these fun and ingenious maps made up of typography. It's a way of having a piece of your favorite destination right at home. Besides adorning your walls, all their prints are friendly to the environment. They're all silk screened on 100% recycled paper and shipped on sustainable cardboard tubes. But if maps are not your cup of tea, you must take a look at their great collection of graphic prints and fun educational posters for kids. They're a visual treat!

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Getting In The Mood

A month from today, I'll be embarking on a two-week long trip to three of Europe's most fascinating cities: Budapest, Vienna and Prague. I have always heard wonders about all of them, so I'm really looking forward to exploring everything these capitals have to offer, especially all the great design I'm about to be exposed to. While doing my usual research for fun places to stay in, I came across this ultra cool hotel in Prague's city center. The creation of Czech designers Roman Vrtiska and Vladimir Zak, the Moods Hotel is designed to a T. Everything about it is simply magnificent. I can't stop drooling over the mix of textures, materials, colors and graphics they used throughout the 51-room hotel. From the moment you walk in, Moods offers a unique and welcoming experience to its guests. Their attention to details is just delightful. As part of the quirky design, they came up with the idea of displaying chapters of a famous Czech book everywhere. You can start reading them from the lobby all the way through your bedroom and even the bathroom. If you're lucky to stay in multiple rooms, you might be able to finish reading the whole book. Beautiful design and a love of literature – how cool! How clever is that?

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GIVEAWAY: Design Your Own Pillow

• Sorry, but entries for this giveaway are no longer accepted •

Sometimes it's hard finding accessories that we love when decorating our pads with a specific color palette. Or there are times when we do find that perfect piece but it doesn't come in the color range that we need. Isn't it frustrating? Well, now Inmod, recognized as a leader in personalized home decor, is changing all that. They have a great design tool called Design Studio that allows you to be your own designer and customize pillows and duvets from a variety of themed-patterns, embroidery colors and quality fabrics. So, you no longer have to settle for those 'off-the-shelf' pieces that everybody will have. To give you a shot at using this fun tool to and to step into the shoes of the designer, Inmod is offering TWO of our readers one 18” X 18” pillow that they can design and personalize to their heart's desire. How fun is that? 

Cogratulations Veronica and Jonn!!
You're the lucky winners of this giveaway. Enjoy :)

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Fishy never had it so good with this quirky fish bowl designed by Aruliden for Turkish design brand Gaia and Gino. The Fishscape is a 2.5 gallon handmade glass fish bowl with a textured interior landscape that gives its little dwellers a fun setting to swim around. And let's be honest, with or without little Nemo, the bowl is a gorgeous piece to showcase anywhere in your home. Its fresh concept reminds me of these other über cool fish habitats I shared with you a while back. Take a look here and here.


A Perfect Fusion


What do you get when two design industry giants team up? The answer: a limited edition series of 80 Eames wire-base tables (aka an LTR or Low Table Rod). The prolific type foundry House Industries and furniture powerhouse Herman Miller fused their talents to produce these fun and graphic side tables. Each tabletop is hand-printed with letters, numbers and ornaments from the Eames Century Modern font collection. However, there's one minor detail. If you're already envisioning one of these beauties in your living room, you might have to plan a quick trip to Japan where they'll be available on September 27 at the House Industries exhibition at the Herman Miller Tokyo Showroom. Bummer! As with most House Industries projects, this packaging is fantastic. Each tables is packaged in a wooden crate that's a cool piece on its own right.

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Room for Pampering

The bathroom tends to be the smallest room in the home, but one that is often neglected when it comes to creativity and design. Whether a powder room or a full bath, it should reflect who you are. Your bathroom should be a little oasis and room where to pamper yourself everyday, so why not make it special and heavenly. With the amount of fabulous fixtures, fun tiles and fantastic accessories choices at your reach, there's no reason why you can't have the bathroom you have always wanted. It's all about having fun and thinking out of the box, the sky is the limit. Here are some dreamy bathrooms for inspiration photographed by the talented Mel Yates. Happy Friday!

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