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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Entries from September 1, 2010 - September 30, 2010


A sunny disposition

Image by Richard Powers

Rich, bright, sophisticated and warm. No, I'm not talking about the perfect soulmate, but the attributes that describe the versatility of this magnificent hue. Being one of the most popular choices when it comes to decorating, Golden Glow (my second choice from the Pantone Fall and Winter selection) is a mood lifter as it's said to help the brain work better. It comes in an array of tones, from an intense gold to softer all depends on your personality. Wherever you fall in the spectrum it will absolutely create a fresh and welcoming environment. It is definitely a fun color to live with and a ray of sunshine for your home – especially for those long and gloomy winter days we don't look forward to.

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Alphabet nook

Image by Mel Yates

Designers have always been inspired by everything around them, especially by the most ancient of things. The alphabet is no exception. Your ABCs and 123s have been, for the longest time, graphic shapes used as point of reference to create a vast amount of things, even soup – my favorite as a kid. Letters and numbers are designed with such precision and proportion that no matter how we use them, they will be a bold statement. Whether printed on paper, painted on a wall, silk screened on fabric or even made into furniture, these graphic representations can add an element of surprise and nostalgia. And what better example that this flavorful wood flooring (top) made from recycled whiskey barrel casks by McKay Flooring in the UK. Cheers! This fad of typographic decor won't be erased any time soon

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Tight space: big solutions

Living in snug quarters has its challenges, I can speak to that with authority – I reside in a 500 square-feet apartment. But to do it comfortably there are certain things we can't do without. The trick is to organize, organize and organize. There must be a place to conceal everything and you must own pieces of furniture and accessories that have dual functionality. For those compact dwellers my advice to you is to edit down your belongings and keep only what's most essential. But I know the hardest test of all is trying to fit all that you need (and want) without compromising style or comfort. These outstanding finds will help you conquer this battle. BTW, remember to use furniture proportional to your space, don't cram it in just because.

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Relax in ‘Classe’

In doing research for my upcoming trip to Amsterdam and Antwerp (leaving on Thursday), I came across this amazing old village school converted into this gorgeous four-star hotel in the heart of the most beautiful region of Belgium. The owners' concept for La Classe came from wanting to break away from the traditional idea of rustic group accomodations. It's obvious that the seven-rooms auberge was designed with comfort, relaxation and refinement in mind. From designer furniture to meticulously landscaped gardens, everything in this place reflects a high standard of taste. Even the dinnerware (left) was especially designed by a local potter. And what's most amazing is that you can still see some of the school's identity all around. Even the rooms are named after school subject

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My top 10: Dog beds

Yesterday's post was dedicated to bringing style to the little ones in your lives. But for those of us who don't have any kids, today I want to share with you my top selection of the most stylish pet furniture out there. I chose them mostly because of their design and the comfort they offer our furry friends. These sculptural pieces can seamlessly become part of your decor and at the same time serve as your pooch's own personal sanctuary, even though we know they'd rather curl up in bed with us.

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Petit classics

Why didn't anyone think of thesewhen I was growing up? Being a fan of mid-century classics, I would've given anything to have one, two, or three of these dreamy replicas for my room. They might not be for everyone, but for those who really go mad for this style it's an investment that your little ones can pass on to their own. I'm sure any of these mini-masterpieces will make your kid feel like a real grown up. And you know they'll love that. You can find them herehere and here.

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Extreme Makeover: ‘Buck’ edition

I've always felt our iconic Dollar bill is in major need of a makeover. Most foreign currencies are bold, colorful and modern, but ours is quiet, classic and boring – although they have tried to renew it by adding bits of color to the bills in the last couple of years. Now, the Dollar ReDe$ign Project is conducting a competition in search of a fresh new look for the US Dollar, and several interesting designs have been submitted. So hopefully we'll be putting some cool looking bills in our wallets pretty soon. This is very exciting.

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Eclectic elegance

Who knew that after spending many of his childhood days playing with colorful carpet remnants and arranging make-believe furniture, this talented Graphic Designer turned Interior Stylist, would evolve his early diversion into an amazing career. It is obvious that Graham Moss is a very creative self as you can see in this awesome five-story brownstone in Harlem, NY, which took him two months to design and two ”excruciating but rewarding” years to remodel – and I would say worth the time and sweat. It's simply stunning.

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