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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Entries from October 1, 2011 - October 31, 2011


Merging Sensibilities

Yesterday, was a day for walking and more walking. It was about exploring Budapest's many gorgeous neighborhoods and attractions. While strolling through one of trendiest parts of town, I spotted Menza, an úber cool and modish restaurant frequented by a young and hip crowd (and apparently the place to see and be seen). Although its name refers to canteens from the Socialist era, its interior design and cuisine provides a more sophisticated take on the past, fine tuned to match contemporary sensibilities by merging the savoir vivre of modern downtown restaurants with the relaxed atmosphere of Budapest's 1960s coffee bars. The fare was delicious, but the decor and ambiance even more so. It was a mix of 1970's chic with a casual contemporary flair.

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Steaming Beauty

As the air inside our homes starts getting drier, it is time to take the humidifier out of storage to ease the lack of moisture in the environment and provide much needed reilef. But if you feel it's time for a new one, you must consider this beauty designed by South Korean designer Minwoo Lee. Inspired by the mysterious look of an allien robot, the Alianoid is the most unique and funky humidifier I've ever seen. The soft mist is released through two vents at the top, while the circle in the control panel indicates the level of water in the tank. Although it's not available yet, I can't wait to get my hands on one of them.

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Off To New Horizons

It's official, I'm finally on vacation mode!! After being submerged in projects for the last six months, this evening I'll be embarking on a much anticipated two-week long trip to Easter Europe. I'm crazy excited to be exploring brand new territory and tour three amazingly gorgeous cities like, Budapest, Vienna and Prague. But of course, on our way back we'll be making a mandatory stop in my ultimate favorite European city, Paris, to celebrate the birthday of our dearest friend Josefa. I can't wait to discover all the beautiful and designy treats these places have to offer, and of course, gather plenty of inspiration to share with you. Don't worry, I won't leave you hanging for the next two weeks. I'll be posting as much as I can during the trip, plus I'll be Twittering my way through so you can follow my whereabouts. xo 


A Model of Duplicity

This beautiful house is chock full of clever details and tailor-made solutions. Located in Trondheim, Norway, the pad is home to architect Ingrid Habberstad, her husband and her four children. In order to make the space work for her family, Ingrid went for a simple, yet functional decor as she believes that every interior should be practical and inviting. She's all for using pieces that can have double functionality, like the gorgeous wood burner that serves as a room divider between the living and dining areas. With this idea of duplicity in mind, and a few planks of rescued wood, Ingrid built several benches and coffee tables that she uses interchangeably. The quiet palette of black, white and grays gives the space a balanced and serene feeling, ideal for her simple design philosophy.

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Sweet Joy

I have to confess I'm one with a sweet tooth, and cupcakes are one of my ultimate weaknesses. There's something luscious and alluring about them that make my mouth water. I'm not surprised Mim Design got inspired by their delicious beauty to create this sweet cupcake store in Melbourne, Australia. “Joy Cupcakes prides itself on using all natural ingredients, and in turn the interior design reflects that ‘natural’ feel using warm timbers, soft colors and hand crafted materials. The product was to take centre stage, with the interior as a complementary backdrop to the product and the ‘Joy Cupcakes’ brand. The store, like the project objective, was to install a sense of joy and happiness,” explains the design firm. To enforce the product and the brand of the decor, they had most of the furnishings custom-made, including the fun cupcake-shaped pendant lamps, stools and tables. What a lovely placee to indulge your eyes and palette.

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Memories Keeper

Whether a skull lover or not, you have to admit this little guy is adorable. Kranium is a cute wooden memory box perfect to store precious keepsakes. It's Acne JR's fun and decorative take on what sometimes can be a little creepy. It comes packed in cardboard box with a graphic Kranium print. I so want one!

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Handmade With Love

Wood keeps us connected with nature and the feeling for a simpler, slower life in this hurly burly world, while iron gives it a bit of industrial look and feel. Dutch company Slowwood combines both of this fine materials in this lovely collection of tables and desks. The Mun Collection offers a family of pieces that relate to each other, allowing you to mix and match. Slowwod's philosophy is to create timeless pieces of quality furniture with a raw natural elegance and a low impact on the planet. Honest tactile products that are made to last and fit in your home easily. Each piece is handmade with love and attention by local craftsmen in Fryslan —a province in the north of the Netherlands— using solid wood, 100% natural finishes and mineral paint. I'm in love with the simplicity and streamlined look of their pieces, but mostly the gorgeously staged images by photographer and stylist team Ben Lambers and Tatjana Quax.

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You've Got Mail

I love how form and function come together in this amazingly adorable mailbox conceived by Spanish designer Marcial Ahsayane. His Brussel-based design house, Ahsayane Studio, is all about creating solutions through provocative and innovative designs. That's exactly what he did with the Green Mailbox, which not only holds your daily mail, but also houses a small potted plant. Its slanted top guides rain water directly into the plant to keep it nice and green. What a cute idea. Have a designful Friday!

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