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Entries from July 1, 2012 - July 31, 2012



One of the things on my must-do list when traveling to a new city, is paying a visit to the local Modern Art Museum. So Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen wasn't going to be an exception. After a 40-minute train ride from Central Station, and a short walk through a beautiful suburban street, we arrived at the most stunning setting I've ever seen for a museum. Absolutely breathtaking. An amazing sculpture park faces the sea and the interaction between art, nature and the museum's architecture is quite unique. One of the largest museums in Scandinavia, its permanent collection includes over 3000 works from artists like Picasso, Giacometti, Yves Klein, Andy Warhol and Rauschenberg, among many others. Luckily, we were also able to see the New Nordic, a super cool exhibit that explores how ‘Nordic’ features are reflected in their architecture. Lousiana is truly a magical place. More than a museum, it's a great destination where we spent a glorious sunny Sunday enjoying art, strolling through splendid grounds, and eating delicious buffet spread with local fares in their Mid-Century decorated cafe. Most definitely, this is a museum you should add to your list of places to visit.

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Wall coverings have made a surprising come back and are a great and easy way of adding pizzazz to any room. But wait. You don't have to limit yourself to the inside of your home anymore as Italian home decor company Wall&Deco has recently come out with a fabulous collection of exterior wallpaper. The weatherproof wallpapers offer large geometric and whimsy designs that will make your outdoors sparkle . If you're worry about installation, don't. They're applied just like any traditional wallpaper. I wonder what's next.

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Symbolic of its name and minimalist decor, White 1921 is the first boutique hotel for the world's leading luxury brand Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy  Set in St. Tropez’s mythical place des Lices, the exclusive hotel offers a mere eight rooms and suites, each divinely decorated in a chic and modern style. A selection of eclectic objects and splashes of colour here and there give each chambre its unique personality. If you've fallen in love with the place and you're already planning your trip to St. Tropez, you better hurry and book soon as the luxe inn is only open through October 7th. How exclusive is that? BTW. I'll be going up to Boston this weekend to help my best friend decorate his newly rented pad. So if you want to take a peed of the progress, follow me in Instagram (@thedesignerpad). Have a designful weekend!

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Inspired by its past, the Box House is a blend of modern minimalism and history. Three hundred ballot boxes, and the unique vision of architects Alessandro Capellaro and Sabrina Bignami from b-arch, turn an ex-industrial space used for carpentry into a spacious and original loft in Firenze, Italy. They saw the potential of the space and took upon the challenge of transforming it into a modern home without compromising the charm of its historic essence. The memory of the old woodwork, however, is not betrayed, but it's indeed showcased in a new and original manner making it the true protagonist of the house. Even more fascinating is the contrast they created with the colorful accessories, vintage lamps and artwork they have been collecting through time. Most definitely, this is quite a unique dwelling.

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I was happily surprised to have stumbled upon one of the coolest home decor shops on my first day in Copenhagen. After visiting The Apartment, we headed over to the center of town to grab a bite when I suddenly saw HAY, the Danish home decor brand known for their strong commitment to good design and making it accessible to everyone. The moment you step into the building, you're welcomed by a wall lined with neon lights directing you to the elevator that takes you up to a design wonderland. The store has three floors of beautifully set vignettes displaying their gorgeous inventory. Besides their to-die-for furniture collection, HAY is also known for their stunning accessories, rugs, pillows, bedding and a wonderful collection of knick-knacks for every room of the home. Needless to say, I drooled my way around the whole store. Although I'd seen a few of their pieces here in New York, it wasn't the same as being surrounded by rooms filled with their brilliant design. Being a huge fan of HAY, I felt like a kid in a candy store.

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This charming, yet stunning boutique hotel is the perfect setting for a dreamy getaway. Part of the St. Micheles’ convent built in the XVII century, Capri Suite is a two-room inn located in the heart of the ancient village of Anacapri in the Italian paradise island of Capri. ZETASTUDIO Architects made some incredible design calls when putting together every single space in this lodge. A fresh and breezy color palette of blue and yellow pulls the whole seaside theme together deliciously. What about those modern and groovy furnishings in that old setting? It's over-the-moon fantastic. Capri is sounding really good right now!

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I knew visiting Scandinavia was going to be fantastic. But what I didn't know, although friends who had been there warned me about, was I would want to come with suitcases stuffed to the max with delicious home decor. They were right. Take for instance these phenomenal and unique toss pillows by Louise Roe Design Essentials, a Danish interior and design company with a commitment to best quality, aesthetic and functionality. Louise Roe is a qualified clothes designer and has worked for many years in the home furnishing and interior design business. Her mission is to revive Danish interior design and add an architectural touch by using the graphic lines in the city, the buildings and monuments as frames for inspiration. The ambition is to rethink the concept of interior design and functionality into one. I saw her pillows in several shops around Copenhagen and instantly fell in love with them, particularly one with a photo print of a stack of old books. I wanted it really bad, but after much deliberation, I knew it would take too much space in my bags. Oh well, maybe next time I should pack lighter so I can splurge on all the wonderful home goodies Scandinavians have to offer.

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Danish furniture and home decor company Normann Copenhagen has a thing for lamps. They have an amazing collection and just recently added this quirky Hello floor lamp to their lighting family. Designed by the Swedish designer Jonas Wagell, Hello adds light and character to its surroundings through its simple, clear and playful character. Its futuristic design combines a large shade with an acrylic diffuser to create soft and pleasant light with a simple rod of solid birch. Normann is not only known for great lighting. Their furniture and home accessories are also quite fantastic. Every time I walked into a store in Copenhagen, I would see their goodies and just wanted to buy them all—except my suitcase wasn't big enough :( Happy weekend!!

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