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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Entries from July 1, 2011 - July 31, 2011


An Eye On Design

Isn't this the coolest? l'm so very happy I came across this neat Eye Exam digital print by Joel Pirela, founder of Blue Ant Studio. I think it's a fun twist on the eye chart we all have come to know. The print is hand signed and dated by the artist. He has also designed other mod prints inspired by mid-century designers like Aalto, Saarinen and Eames. And if you think you're interested in getting your hands on one of his prints, you can get a random poster with your purchase — a limited time offer!


From Shabby to Chic

I always find satisfaction when I'm able to give something old and shabby my own touch and turn it into something unique. Julia Jeuvell and Tom Budding have beautifully done just that in this loft-like space in Paris. The whole place is decorated with second-hand pieces they have bought in flea markets or just found on the streets. The couple believes everything looks good in white, that's why their palette is mostly white and beige. Even their books are covered with brown wrapping paper so they blend in with their decor. It might seem like they spent a lot of money in their lighting fixtures, but in all honesty they were purchased in Paris's Chinatown. So why break the bank when you can create a super chic environment with a little imagination and a couple of gallons of white paint? Avoir un grand week-end!

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My Cup of  Tea

Simplicity is a great thing. There's no need to over decorate a space when you have the right concept in mind. This was true for architect Alan Chu who used color as inspiration for The Gourme Tea, a fun tea room in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This flawless space is basically a stark-white box with just the right punch of colors and very simple furnishings. I love how something as simple as the color of tea canisters can spark an idea to create such a unique place. Everything fits just right, especially the delicious pendant lamps he used to emphasize their product. Tea anyone?

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Basket Case

I'm all for keeping things neat and organized, and more often than not, made fun off for my conviction. I just feel we can lead better lives when things are in their right place. There are many ways of organizing a household, but baskets have been a staple of tidiness. Unfortunately, it's hard finding cool and out-of-the-ordinary baskets that are easy to the eye. But browsing through the latest issue of Wallpaper magazine, I found the neatest-looking line of baskets by Sebastian Herkner. His Bask collection is the perfect hybrid between the traditional weaved baskets and the metal frame versions. The idea came to him after visiting a company producing paper yarn in Spain. Together with a Bavarian basket maker and the paper company, Sebastian developed a technique that allowed him use the yarns for three-dimensional objects, hence giving birth to these gorgeous pieces.

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Minimal Splendor

Continuing with my fascination for Scandinavian aesthetics, how about this striking penthouse in Copenhagen by NORM Architects? NORM is a Danish multidisciplinary design studio whose primary goal is to create useful products, appealing design, and architecture that captures and inspires life. They tend to work with a very simple and sophisticated color palette of black, white and gray, which to me works exquisitely in these minimalist interiors. And those squeaky-clean white floors are killing me. I want them so bad!

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Swedish Delight

I've always loved the Scandinavian design sensibility. It has an unparalleled eye for simplicity and composition that's unique. So let's start this last week of July with a little eye candy from Swedish photographer Karl Anderson. His jaw-dropping images capture the quintessential Scandinavian spirit I'm talking about. Droll, drool, drool!

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Newborn Style

Designing spaces for the little ones is a lot of fun, the only limit is your own imagination. It's all about creating a fantasy world to be enjoyed by everyone, not only the kids. So why not start with unpredictable pieces like this adorable cradle by Portuguese company Murmur, who are known for their beautiful and flawless craftsmanship. You're probably wondering if the crooked legs are stable enough for a cradle, but its design meets the safety standards in Portugal. Their Cabaninha line also comes with a changing table that you turn into a bookcase later on. Sweet!

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Instant Impressions

There's no excuse to live with boring empty walls, especially with all the hassle-free products available that add instant coolness to them. Blik, the world’s first removable wall graphic company, produces really unique, different, and a lot less permanent solutions than wallpaper or paint. Their latest ones are these self-adhesive fabric tiles that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. You can choose from a variety of patterns, but if you decide you want to create your own, they can easily reproduce it for you. You can also check their amazing line of wall decals here.

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