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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Entries from January 1, 2012 - January 31, 2012


An Australian Twist

Today you're in for a treat as the fourth issue of EST magazine is out. In case you're not familiar with this gorgeous webazine, it comes from our friends Down Under. EST is relaxed and stylish, is not self conscious and it does not take itself too seriously. Its editors describe it as loving the sun but also appreciating the seasons. It loves looking to the past but also likes shiny and new - this is what gives EST a fun Aussie twist. This edition is dedicated to Scandinavian design, which you know I have a major crush on. So sit back, enjoy and get ready to be inspired by all the eye candy that pops from its pages. Also, remember to enter this week's giveaway here to have chance to win a chic and trendy leather iPad case.

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How about starting your week on a happy note? That's right, today you'll be one step closer to winning this über chic iPad case by no other than our trend-setter sponsor D.SGNS. Why not walk around carrying your precious iPad in style with this durable and lightly padded case designed to protect it. It's made in a rich embossed crocodile texture and fully lined in velour for the scratch protection. The lucky winner will have two colors to choose from: Cognac or Kelly Green. So don't wait any longer and enter this giveaway so you can own a piece of D.SGNS' fabulous accessories collection. 

Congratulations Jessica!!
You're the owner of one of the fabulous iPad cases.
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There is a large variety of knots, each with properties that make it suitable for a range of tasks. But these Not Knots only job is to sit pretty in your couch or favorite chair and keep you confy. They come iin four different knot shapes. Two Chinese decorative knots: Round Brocade and Good luck, a scout knot: Turk's Head and a Flower Knot. They're machine knitted with soft the Icelandic wool called Einband.

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Styled to Perfection

It's been a while since I've featured the work of stylist, but when I came across these beautifully styled images by Finnish set designer/stylist Jenni Juurinen I knew it was time to do so. I simply couldn't resist since her work is so exquisite. Love, love, love the simplicity of her vignettes and how they tell a story without trying too hard. If you want to indulge yourself, I encourage you to browse through her magnificent portfolio and get ready to drool. Enjoy!!

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Mixing It All Up

By guest blogger Ellen Spencer

A lush room with intense decor commands attention easily. Many people prefer riveting and dazzling patterns over plain colors and a minimal decor. They have a love for interiors that look strong and sensational. Although one can pick out subtle patterns that are not too overpowering, these will also look a lot more prominent than plain colors or nominal patterns. Here is a guide to do up your home using bold and striking patterns:

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House of Blues

Today, we're taking a day trip to the south of Brazil to visit this stunning flat in the city of Curitiba tastefully designed by Studio Guilherme Torres. This 1,600 square-feet apartment is filled with impeccable details and unique pieces of furniture — some designed by the architect himself. “The base for the decoration was the fusion of polymer cement, minty and blue colors and the use of a whole wall covered in pinus, a wood that has virtually no commercial value in Brazil. Another high point of the project was to expose the structural column right in the entrance door, composing a beautiful set with the dinner table.” Torres' daring choice of textures and materials, combined with the soothing color palette, makes these interiors quite provocative. To keep it interesting, he saved most of the color for the living areas, while using black and white for the decor of the master suite. I'm always blown away by the work that comes out of this remarkable Studio. You might also remember this captivating bachelor pad by this same Studio I posted back in October.

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Heart to Heart

With only three weeks left to Valentine's Day, it's time to start making plans to celebrate this lovely day. Besides spending quality time with your sweetheart or dear friends, these hearty and affordable gifts ideas are a lovely way of showing them how much they mean to you.

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GIVEAWAY: Design Inspiration Book

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I'm always fascinated to know the inspiration behind the creation of things, particularly when it comes to design. Fortunately, the international creative firm Hangar Design Group has recently published a book showcasing a narrative in images of the creative process of the group's many design projects. "Ideas not Airships” opens a window onto the creative inspiration which has consistently inspired the studio’s thirty-year project. It is a bird’s eye view on their passion for design and for the freedom of the formal research that guides it. A representative view not so much of the many works generated – spanning the areas of graphics, architecture, web design and interior design – but of the creative process underlying each one of these. Today you're in luck. You can now win a copy of this phenomenal book by entering this giveaway sponsored by the Hangar Design Group. You'll have FOUR chances to enter by following the instructions after the jump. 

Congratulations to Katrien for being the lucky winner of this fantastic book. Enjoy!

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