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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Entries from January 1, 2011 - January 31, 2011


A Kid's Castle

Back in my childhood, I guess my love for home and design was starting to become noticeable. I remember pretending to build a makeshift house by hanging sheets over the dining room table in order to create my own private refuge. It used to be my sanctuary where I would play with my favorite toys, and maybe, invite a couple of my closest friends. But how times have changed! After drooling over these incredible kiddie cottages, my make-do tent house is put to shame. These über cool and fun structures, by SmartPlayouse, are authentic designer pieces inspired by contemporary architecture. Don't I wish they had existed back then!

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My Pad Has Been Crashed

I'm so excited that Sherry and John from Young House Love 
—one of my all time fave blogs— virtually crashed our small abode in New York City. I have no words to describe how honored I am by Sherry's insanely beautiful write up in their fabulous blog. She definitely has a way with words (doesn't she?). But you don't have to believe me. See the beautiful post here and judge for yourself. BTW, I also want to give a warm welcome to all the new fans that have found my blog through this House Crashing. Thanks for the love, YHL!

P.S. The response to their post has been enormous and everybody has been requesting to see a floor plan of the apartment and more details on our furnishings. Everyone is curious how we managed to include so many storage solutions in such a small place. So, not to panic. As a result, and by popular demand, I'll soon be starting a new series in my blog illustrating how to live in 500 sq. feet, and showing examples on how we did it. Stay tuned!


Birds of Many Feathers

This colorful and cheery print will make any rainy day a bit brighter — and even for us New Yorkers, it will make this snowy Friday a little less gloomy. These seducing Mid-century Modern posters, by painter/illustrator, interior and graphic designer, and overall design addict Dee Adams, are a must-have for us mod lovers. I'm so digging the fabulous patterns, geometric shapes and the color combo of the whole collection. If you're in the market for some great artwork to dress up your walls —and at a very accessible price— this is your ticket. So put everything down and go here to get your hands on one of these before they fly out the door.

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A Relaxing Haven

This must have been a dream come true for architect and designer Philippe Phi — converting an old provincial winery into his own boutique hotel in the south of France. All five rooms in La Maison Pujol are simply to die for. Phi used vintage letters as protagonists infusing them with modern classics and the right touch of rustic, creating a very plush and sensual setting. Plus, the simple palate he chose helped achieve this mellow and intimate haven. The charming essence of this magnificent inn was beautifully captured by photographer Manolo Yllera.

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Love is in The Air

I'm a big believer that home is where the heart is. I'm sure the creators behind these kooky pieces feel the same way. From fabulous sitting icons, to even a quirky heart-shaped sink, these adorable creations will definitely add some red-hot passion to your nest. Although “love is all we need,” owning any of them would be even sweeter. What can I say? I fell in love with all of them!

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Not Your Typical Hacienda

By looking at these pictures, you would never think this used to be an abandoned and ruined farmhouse in Ampurdan, Spain. But after the talented hands of interior designer Eva Martinez touched the property, it became the dream home the owners were longing for. “I had to start from scratch, but the best thing was they gave carte blanche to make all the decisions. The objectives? They wanted a family home with a smooth distribution that would also be comfortable,” explains Martinez. Despite being in the countryside, the owners wanted to get away from the traditional rustic style, going instead for simple aesthetic with a contemporary flair.

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A Note of Appreciation


I was happily surprised this morning when I was checking my tweets and saw this one: “@thedesignerpad There is a surprise for you on Urban Style Vibes* today..”. I clicked on the link and was excited to find out that fellow blogger Lisa M., from Urban Style Vibes, was awarded with two Stylish Blogger Awards. So let's all take a moment to congratulate her for the swell work she does with her wonderful blog. As part of the rules for accepting the awards, she had to pay it forward and give the award to her favorite blogs of the moment. And yes, that's where TheDesignerPad comes in. I'm humbled and honored to be #4 on her short list. Lisa, thanks a bunch for the kudos!!

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The Experts Have Spoken

With just a couple of weeks into 2011, the experts have started to spill the beans about what's going to be making an impact in the way we decorate our homes this year. The range is quite broad, but they all seem to agree on the fundamentals. According to them, the main design trends will derive from our need to re-evaluate they way we live, our longing for comfort, our interest for innovation and the urge of personifying our homes. Now that the design authority has spoken and given us its prediction, I believe these two trends will be the ones going strong

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