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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Entries from February 1, 2012 - February 29, 2012



Do you often debate if and how to add color to your walls? Don't worry, you're not alone. This five-letter word can make some people queasy. When looking to revamp your home, color is always a great way of injecting character and personality to a rather dull interior. So dare to play the color game with these neat tricks and ideas that will help you add life, charm and drama to your decor. Come on, you know you can do it.

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Although I'm not an avid cook, I'm all for having my kitchen well equipped with all the necessary gadgets and tools for those rare case when I get into a cooking mood. As you know, New York kitchens are on the smaller side, and mine is no exemption. So whenever I come across dual purpose gadgets, like this cool utensil pod, I get beyond excited. The minimalist and space-saving Knife Pot is Normann Copenhagen's latest addition to their collection of housewares. The Pot is a simple knife block that features an built-in turntable with space for knives, whisks and wooden spoons. Its fabulous design allows for easy dismantling and cleaning and comes in five soft tones of black, white, grey, blue and nude. Isn't great to have all your utensils within reach when preparing your favorite dish? Well my friends, this will definitely do the trick.

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Home decorating doesn't need to be stressful or cost you your life savings. On the contrary, it should be great fun and can definitely be done on the cheap, trust me. All you need is a little imagination, patience and an adventurous spirit. This shabby but charming house in Borås, Sweden was a dream project for vintage-lover and interior stylist Johanna Flyckt. Together with her amateur carpenter husband, she was able to turn what once was an old and run-down house into a well-functioning family home. With lots of white, sheet metal and amazing finds she scored on her many trips to flea markets and vintage stores, she managed to created a delightful, warm and quirky haven for her kids. To add that personal touch, Johanna included old re-painted objects of great traditions, like metal letters, framed children's drawings and mementos from their travels. If you would like to know more about Johanna and be inspired by her style and love for vintage, you can read her lovely blog here.

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Yeap, the Homies are here again!! Apartment Therapy started their annual search for the crème de la crème of home blogs. Last year, you all made it possible for TheDesignerPad to reach number 11 on this coveted list... how awesome is that? It really showed me your love for my blog and made me out-of-this-world proud :) So how about helping TheDesignerPad make it into the top 10 this year? It would be crazy cool and pretty easy. All you have to do is go here, sign in, and vote for TheDesignerPad in the Best Home Design Blog category. The nomination process is open until this Friday, March 2 (midnight EST). Thanks soooo much for your great support, I really love you for it. xo, Eduardo



Inspired by the classic crystal chandelier, these funky pendants are designed by Czech design duo Peter Mikošek and Michael Vrátníková of BOA Design. The Neoline Collection of chandeliers is designed especially for hotel and restaurant interiors, spaces large enough to allow their avant-garde design to shine. The look of these lamps bears fluid lines with unconventional minimalism and simplicity.

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The modern traveler is always in search of stylish places to stay that offer a flexible and comfortable lifestyle without spending much. This is exactly what Vienna's Hotel Daniel is all about. They've come up with a concept they call "Smart Luxury", or contemporary hospitality with stylish minimalism. The heart and soul of the hotel is in the building it's situated in: the first building in Austria to be constructed using the revolutionary Curtain Wall technique (centrally located within walking distance to the city centre). Their interior design concept is the polar opposite of heavy and sedate. It's a seductive and effortless mix of styles with a dash of warmth that makes it quite homey. All 115 rooms look super comfy, especially the ones with a delish hammock in the middle of the room to relax in after a long day in town. I'll definitely keep The Daniel in mind when I go back to Vienna.

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We can easily recognize a Starbucks from miles away, especially here in New York where there is one in every corner. But not in this case. I'm loving the new vibe architect Kengo Kuma gave this Starbucks coffee house in Fukuoka, Japan. He definitely did away with the cookie-cutter shops they're known for. With simple wooden beams that extend from wall to ceiling, Kuma created a web-llke structure that gives an intriguing and magical feel to the space. I'm all for extending this far-out concept to other Starbucks around the world. I definitely see myself enjoying my double macchiato in a place like this.

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Besides being necessary and useful accessories in our homes, mirrors are great pieces that create the illusion of space and can make a wonderful statement in any interior. Whether ornate or minimalist, mirrors are must-have items in any decor. This simplistic collection of standing mirrors, designed by Spain-based La Mamba Design Studio, has everything going for it: great lines and a wonderful presence that will make anyone look good. The Mirrors were designed to lean against a wall, supported on long steel tubular legs with cork feet. They are available here in black, and three different styles: circular, vertical and horizontal. Which one is the fairest of them all?

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