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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Entries from August 1, 2011 - August 31, 2011



This breathtaking loft is absolutely heavenly, a place to worship white and simplicity. Zen is the perfect word to describe the home of fashion designer Johanne Riis, who had the vision to transform a former warehouse into this incredible five-story multiple space where she now lives and works. The basement houses her atelier, the ground floor is where her shop and showroom are located, and the remaining three floors are dedicated to the living quarters. Without a doubt, there's a deep feeling of peace and serenity that surrounds all the areas, which are always changing thanks to the ingenious furniture solutions she created — like using ten individual tables to form one larger one for the dining room. Although most of the spaces are bathed in white, the sparce use of red and black tell the perfect story.

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Kidding Around

Thanks to Irene, I spent the weekend cooped up at home catching up with my favorite TV shows,  — of course in the company of yummy comfort food. One of the shows I enjoyed the most was HGTV's Home by Novograts, where design gurus Cortney and Robert took up the not-to-easy challenge of decorating a rather small room for triplets. Not having many opportunities of designing kids spaces, I forget what a blast it is to work on these kind of projects. So looking at how much fun they had, I got inspired to find these great images by Swedish photographer Pierre Wester and styled by the talented Camila Julner. Decorating for kids is all about letting the imagination run wild to reflect the kid's personality. There are so many great options to choose from that they sky is the limit. You can even splurge and give your kids a taste of the classics made for their scale. Remember, it needs to be a space they can call their own.

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Simple Ingenuity

I never get tired of seeing the creative approaches designers come up with when rethinking furniture, especially when the idea is simple, yet clever and imaginative. The Serpent modular shelving unit, by Polish designer Bashko Trybek, is all that and more. Besides being über minimalist and beautiful, it allows you to com­bine and arrange the shelves to fit vari­ous interi­ors and spaces. His simplistic concept goes as far as using the four basic colors in printing: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Pretty cool!

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A New Lease on Life

There's nothing like a great idea, especially when it comes to helping the environment. I just came across this genius credenza, in Recyclart, where colorful plastic crates were repurposed into a witty piece of furniture. Isn't crazy fun? Here are more wonderful ideas how to rehash old and found objects and give them unexpected uses for your home.


In Hurricane Style

Jeanne Blayau

Later today we're expecting a not-so-welcomed guest: Irene. For the last 24 hours, New Yorkers have been running around preparing for an event rarely seen in this neck of the woods. However, we are ready and able to weather this storm in style. So here's my checklist of cool must-haves to be prepared for the occasion. Unfortunately, we don't know what kind of company Irene will be, so please be safe!

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Through The Lense Of: Jonn Coolidge

Yesterday, I treated you to the wonderful tour of the home of interior and lifestyle photographer Jonn Coolidge, but today I thought it would only be fair to to share with you some of his dashing work. It was in the world of interior photography and design that he felt the perfect communication as a graphic designer and photographer. His clients include Tom Ford Internaitonal, Gucci Group and West Elm, among others, and his work has been published in shelter magazines like Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home and Veranda. So here's some eye candy I hope you enjoy :)

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Picture-Perfect Modernism

Interior photographers have a special way of capturing the essence and beauty of spaces, and adding their personal vision to every frame they take. Today, we're in luck. The New York Times is inviting us to take a peek inside the amazing home of one of these extremely gifted photographers. Jonn Coolidge, a 20th century design aficionado, recently moved from a suburban, three-bedroom house into a smaller, two-bedroom flat in Hollywood, California. His dilemma: fitting his extensive collection of 20th century modern furnishings and art into his new home. I guess that's when he applied his editing abilities to his own place. The result: a well-balanced and picture-perfect home that exhibits his impressive modern possessions, and makes you forget the original Mediterranean style of the apartment.

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Lofty Vision

What used to be cluttered with boxes, tools and metalware, is now an open and bright space that houses this gorgeous loft in the heart of Madrid. Interior designer and owner, Rocio Galatas transformed a former street-level hardware store into her dream home, maintaining the essence of the industrial feel she so wanted in her decor, by keeping the polished concrete floors and the exposed beams of the warehouse. Her rather distinct choice of furnishings makes her pad dynamic and interesting, especially with her clever mix of textures, artwork and exquisite accessorizing. What I love most, is the different seating vignettes Rocio created throughout the whole space. Although she used a diverse selection of seating —all very unique I might add— they all works great together.

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