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A Mandarin in Barcelona

Walking on a chilly afternoon down Barcelona's famous boulevard Passeig de Gràcia was the perfect moment to find refuge from the elements inside the extremely chic Mandarin Oriental Hotel, designed by Patricia Urquiola. I had heard wonders about its design and impressive interiors, but there is nothing like experiencing it in person —trust me, it's gorgeous. The actual exterior of the building does't prepare your for the majestic atrium that opens up as you walk through a floating bridge that leads you to the lobby.

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Sleeping In The Forest

Who doesn‘t wish to sleep between the trees? This is in fact the theme of one of the nine rooms of the Forsthaus Hotel in Ramsen, Germany. This old forester house, in service for 150 years, is now converted into a very chic inn by Naumann Architektur. The project consisted of modernizing this old structure through the use of pop colors, clean lines and unexpected details, but keeping its history intact. They came up with the very interesting concept of telling the house's story through quotes printed on each of the nine guestroom doors — giving each room their own little story. Eight of the rooms are located in the main house, and the ninth is in the former wash-house for those who want to be a little more reclusive.

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Into the woods

If you're adventurous at heart and always wanted to know what it feels like to sleep in the middle of the woods, now you can head to Sweden's boreal forest and stay at the magical Treehotel. Inspired by the film documentary “Trädälskaren” (Treelover) by Jonas Selberg Augustsen, the seven room-size structures are if nothing works of art. They were built and are run daily with ecological values in mind. The Bird's Nest, one of my favorites, plays with the contrast of a rough exterior and a very slick modern interior. And if you're wondering, people can access it through a retractable staircase.

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Thank God is Friday (Next)

Before leaving to Amsterdam I had made a list of places I wanted to visit. Being my first time in the charming Dutch capital there were plenty of things I wanted to do and see. In my busy agenda I had a couple of design stores I had to stop by before coming back home. I had read about Friday Next, a new concept store that offers a surprising blend of furniture, fashion and delicious food. And since I'm a huge fan of all three, I HAD to go.

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A British head turner

After a two-hour train ride from Amsterdam we arrived in Antwerp, Belgium. This charming city has always been on my list of destinations since it's known to be a Mecca for up-and-coming fashion designers who are influencing the couture scene. While strolling down the cobblestone street near the Hotel Banks (where we're staying) I came across The MoMu, the Fashion Museum of Antwerp. Immediately I went in, and to my surprise they were hosting an exhibit of the largest collection of Stephen Jones' hats outside of his native Britain.

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When in Amsterdam: deliciously beautiful

I love to walk around the hotel where we stay in order to discover the little treats the area has to offer. This time was no exception. A couple of short blocks away from Hotel V, I noticed this impeccable place with minimal decor and good looking, mouth-watering food. I wasn't sure what to expect once I opened the door. But to my surprise, Uliveto, this very charming Italian delicatessen welcomed me in. A long communal table with a Carrera marble top, soaring stainless steel shelves, metal containers, glass jars with pickled vegetables and white tiles as background is all they used to adorn this very tall space. I think what made it work was the repetition of basic shapes and beautiful objects in a very mnimal way. Simply delicious!

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When in Amsterdam

I have finally arrived in the land of the tulips and windmills where I'll be staying for the next few days. After checking into the hip Hotel V, we hit the streets in order to stay awake and fight the jet lag and fatigue. Walking around a maze of canals, we found some amazing furniture and design stores that I'll be including in my list of favorite places to shop...stay tuned. I will do my best to give you daily updates of my travels and the beautiful things this part of the world has to offer. On today's agenda we'll be visiting a couple of famous museums in town, and later I'll be doing another of my favorite cultural activities, SHOPPING – or most likely window shopping. For now, I'll give you a peek of this cool hotel where we're staying. Off we go!

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Relax in ‘Classe’

In doing research for my upcoming trip to Amsterdam and Antwerp (leaving on Thursday), I came across this amazing old village school converted into this gorgeous four-star hotel in the heart of the most beautiful region of Belgium. The owners' concept for La Classe came from wanting to break away from the traditional idea of rustic group accomodations. It's obvious that the seven-rooms auberge was designed with comfort, relaxation and refinement in mind. From designer furniture to meticulously landscaped gardens, everything in this place reflects a high standard of taste. Even the dinnerware (left) was especially designed by a local potter. And what's most amazing is that you can still see some of the school's identity all around. Even the rooms are named after school subject

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